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[DL] [SFM/GMOD] Colgate V.2



Exactly as the title states.

Okay, so this is one of my best works yet, if I say so myself! It's about time somepony did her justice! And that somepony was me!

Download to the right:

                    ==========>                           -------------------->

Model Details

:bulletgreen: Jiggle bones, lots of them! ^^

:bulletgreen: Completely custom mane and tail.

:bulletgreen: Way better than the original! ;)

:bulletgreen: Tested to work in sfm and gmod.

:bulletyellow: :iconponinnahka:'s Pony Overhaul pack is needed for this model to work correctly.
Specifically the "common" folder.

:bulletred: Toothbrushes and other dental equipment including the entire dentist office are not included.
Actually, they were doctor's office stuff, just borrowed to be used for this purpose.

:bulletred: Like it says in the pic, "Terrified Rainbow Dash not included". Sorry! ;)

Model Credits

:iconrenderingbytes: For making the custom mane/tail, custom rigging and jiggle bone rigging (which was kinda hard to get the hang of). And of course for the awesome preview pic ;)

:iconponinnahka: For pony overhaul assets.

:icondracagon: For the doctor's (no, not Dr. Who) office and assorted props.

:iconrina-chan: For bringing Colgate to life w/ her wonderful voice.

Hasbro, DHX, Lauren Faust and the original designer of Minuette/Colgate.

And of course the wonderful fans and awesome community like yourselves! And ofc viewers like you!
Thank you! ^^ I couldn't have done it without you guys! You know I do it all for you!

Anyways, this model was pretty hard to get to work so well. I really love what I did. I mean, it's no masterpiece, but it's good. So, I hope you all enjoy using her as much as I enjoyed making her.

Credit is not needed, but would be very muchly appreciated. This one is special to me, so I'd appreciate it, and I'd also appreciate it if you didn't do anything bad to it. I mean, if you wanna edit anything, please note me about it and I'll give you an answer. Plain and simple as that.

Anyways, same as always, thanks guys! And see ya next time!


*Edit: Lemme know if it doesn't have all the vn flexes. It should though. Other flexes will be added later. Be assured, this model will be updated, just not anymore at the moment ^^;

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Hello hello renderingbytes I just downloaded this model and I seen like I hit into a bit of a weird an odd problem with the texture an I know I put them in right files. Now problem I'm having is saying it's missing texture but the texture is there and the body is fine just the mane, tail and horn texture is having this problem if you like I can make fast picture for you to see to know what I'm talking about.