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  • Aug 3, 1996
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My Bio
Yo what's up guys! I'm Render! Welcome to my Deviantart page! I'm an intermediate sfm modeler/texturer. And if you couldn't tell already, I'm a Brony and proud of it. And I consider myself an artist. I hope to make a good impression on the community. Peace out!

Favourite Visual Artist
BeardedDoomGuy, CreatorOfPony, Argodaemon, Ferexes, OC1024, Litronom, Myself ;)
Favourite Movies
Any movies with animation, or action.
Favourite TV Shows
Obviously My Little Pony, Dan Vs. (cancelled), lots of animes.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, FFDP, Nothing More, All That Remains
Favourite Books
The Hunger Games Trilogy, Maze Runner series, The Journal of The Two Sisters, Manga
Favourite Writers
The people who wrote those books obviously :P
Favourite Games
Legend of Dragoon (ps1), Crash Bandicoot Series (besides the new ones), Halo Series (again except the new ones), Payday 2, TF2, Gmod
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PC (favorite ;) )
Tools of the Trade
Source Filmmaker, Blender, Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Professional
Other Interests
Ponies, SFM Ponies, Video games, friends, music
Please everyone give my friend a little help. He's in a bad situation and needs some financial help. He's one of my best friends and I really wanna help him. And I would myself but I don't have much money either. So please if you could help him. He's good for it too. Thank you all for reading. And I myself have actually been fairly busy too. But rest assured I'm also furthering my skills. I will have those long awaited assets out soon. Thanks all! Until next time! Link for my friend's commission journal:
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Not the end

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Hello everyone. I have decided luckily not to leave. A great friend of mine helped to convince me otherwise. But instead, I will be taking a hiatus to get my life back on track. In the meantime I will work on what I can and I will happily try to finish the commissions I have as well. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive. I hope that things can go back to the way they were originally. Hey, the world may be going nuts but it doesn't mean I have to. And neither do you. And that is my lesson to you and myself as well. Thank you all again and I hope to see you soon! -Render
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That's it. I've made my decision. I'm giving up. I'm leaving the fandom altogether and going off the grid. My irl life has gotten to be too much and I hate to say it but I don't like who I've become. I'm treating my friends terribly and I'm only bringing everyone down. I've made promises I haven't kept. To those I have commissions from, even tho I'm leaving I will finish them and get them to you in time. I may be a jerk but I'm trying to keep my promise at least commissions before I completely leave. Anyone who thinks I should stay, please try and convince me otherwise. But if no one thinks I should, then I'll take my leave. I can tell when I
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Hey, this might be a stupid question, but if I use one of your models, do I have to credit you?
Happy birthday ^^
Happy birthday ^^
Thanks so much! ^^
You're welcome ^^
Hey Either if you Have Steam I Would Enjoy Became and either because i want talk about some things i have in mind :3
Sounds good! I unfortunately only have a private steam account ATM but I'll note you my discord ID so we can talk there if you have it. Same goes for any of my other fans/friends/watchers/anyone interested in giving me any feedback. Just ask and ye shall receive. By that I mean I'll try and get back to you when I can ^^;