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Who are Contributors?
The contributors are the various artists that make up the collective here on Renderfist and have art on display in the galleries. They are professional artists active in the industry as well as the dA community.
The contributors are not only here to share their art with an audience but participate, offering tips and advice along the way.

Who can be a Contributor?
Contributors are here by invitation only.

Who are Members?
Members are anyone, young or young at heart, aspiring or seasoned artists, or simply art appreciators. They are here to keep up with the latest artwork and news of Renderfist. Members also receive special privileges above watchers and regular dA account holders such as submissions for Q&As with the Contributors, giveaways and contests to name a few.

Who can be a Member?
Anyone! All you need is a dA account to join. Simply click the join button on the left margin of the homepage and voila! You're a welcomed member of the Renderfist community!

We hope this clarifies things a bit, thanks for your support!

Gallery Folders

The Kirin Prophecy - hardcover edition by TedKimArt
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast - Warrior by TedKimArt
Trick or Treat? by Loopydave
Trinquette Challenge by Loopydave
Charlene Chua
WW by sygnin
Cris Peter
Glimmer Society on PATREON! by plaidklaus
The Glimmer Society - Issue01 - Page 03 Colors by plaidklaus
Arachna-Bat... by tnperkins
Arachna-bat... by tnperkins
Daniel Araya
Adolescence! by DanielAraya
MOAR HOMEWORK by DanielAraya
Marvel Super Hero Squad Cards by DanielAraya
Environment Practice by DanielAraya
Enrique Rivera
Bulbasaur by 3nrique
Charmander 00 by 3nrique
Mewtwo by 3nrique
XANGER by 3nrique
Jeff Wamester
Lilly by jeffwamester
Commission Are Open! by jeffwamester
Electropunk Wallpaper! by jeffwamester
ElectroPunk001 pg014 by jeffwamester
Van Gogh ... again by Loopydave
Nanny Ogg Granny Weatherwax by Loopydave
Susan Sto Helit by Loopydave
Leonard de Quirm by Loopydave
Matt Kaufenberg
I'll be back... back to the future by Loopydave
Attitude birds by Loopydave
Erwin Schrodinger by Loopydave
Finished poster! by Loopydave
Klaus Shmidheiser
Space Road Trip Story by plaidklaus

Mature Content

Samurai by plaidklaus
Commission: Monica Red by plaidklaus
Knights and Raptos by plaidklaus
Micah Gunnell
Snowfall by MicahJGunnell
R fighting stance by MicahJGunnell
Old Guy Study by MicahJGunnell
X-Men: Apocolypse - Storm by MicahJGunnell
Mike Henry
Crooked by Zatransis
Ted Kim
The Kirin Prophecy - cover by TedKimArt
Thomas Perkins
Streaming In the multiverse somewhere... by tnperkins
Vince Chui
Fishyfish by kidchuckle
Wade Furlong
Dental Arachnid by WadeFurlong

FAQ #2

What is the purpose of Renderfist?
This group is not simply a showcase for artists but a social hub for encouraging interaction between the Contributors, Members and the dA community at large.

How are Contributors chosen?
Talent and skill are not the only factors considered when inviting artists to become a Contributor. Some other considerations are:

1) Is he/she an artist by trade or hobbyist? We want to help promote these artists, bills to pay after all!
2) Is the artist an active member of the dA community?
3) Is the artist an active member of the Contributors’ network? And if so, are they a good fit; is there a spirit of camaraderie?

Keep in mind; it's not a rigid review process. It's not even a review (rolls eyes). In some cases, artists are known to each other for years and in other cases they are recently introduced. Some artists accept invitations and some choose not to (which is absolutely fine, there's no place for ill will here). We try not to take ourselves too seriously but we view each artist with respect and genuine interest and all have a passion for art and the pursuit of artistic growth. The intention of this group is to create a fun and social way to share art, inspiration, aspiration and experience.








In this episode I talk about the misconceptions and the importance of networking to build your art career.

In this episode I discuss the pros & cons of art school and whether or not one should even go!

More Journal Entries



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