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12/22/2012: This contest is officially closed.  No more entries will be accepted.

If you like my art or appreciate my drawing style, I have a unique contest for you.

Simply write me a "Note" on deviantART with the subject line "Contest".  List 5 "elements" you would like to see in a drawing by me.  The winner will win a drawing by me of my :star:interpretation:star: of their 5 "elements".

For example, an appropriate entry might read:
01. Woman
02. Huge breasts
03. Ballgagged
04. Hogtied
05. Bare feet

An ineligible entry might look like this:
01. Hot redhead with huge tits
02. Tied up tight with rope and handcuffs
03. Red ball gag with drool everywhere
04. Hogtied with a rope pulling her pony tail to her ankles
05. Maybe she's barefoot with dirty socks laying around her

This list could possibly be disqualified because the entrant has grouped too many elements together.  An "element" should only describe the most important, basic aspect of what you would like to see in a drawing.  I imagine most "elements" would be one or two words, in adjective/noun or adverb/verb combinations.  That said, I know this may seem confusing to some, so I am ready to offer a fairly wide margin of error in the entries.

That's it.  Obviously it is a bit risky: there is no guarantee you will get the drawing you are imagining, but if you select the right "elements" I might come very close to creating the drawing you want.  This is hopefully the fun part of the contest for you and me.  And now some rules:

-I must receive your entry by the end of Friday, December 21, 2012 (as dated by dA, so time zones should not be an issue).
-I will not answer any questions about this contest.
-Only one entry per dA account.
-Any entry I deem ineligible will be disqualified.  I will not notify disqualified entrants.
-I will draw a random winner from all eligible entries on Saturday Dec. 22, 2012.  I can only promise the drawing will be done fairly and impartially.  I will announce the winner in this journal entry and send the deviant notification via dA "Note".
-There is nothing further the winner will need to do to "claim" their prize.
-The finished drawing will not be shared on my dA account, and I will make every effort to complete the winning drawing before February 1, 2013.  A file of the drawing will be emailed to the winner unless other arrangements are requested.
-The finished drawing is only guaranteed to feature all 5 "elements" in the drawing.  There is no guarantee it will satisfy the entrant.  I make no guarantees regarding the drawing's quality, media, style, or dimensions.  
-That said, I will make every effort to respect the winning entry's list and create a suitable drawing with no other intention but to satisfy the winner's implied tastes.

Please note that the finished artwork will not be shared with anyone but the winner, who is free to display or share the work as they see fit.  Therefore, I will be far more lenient regarding subject matter.  The only two things I will absolutely NOT draw are:
:bulletred:Minors or adults portraying minors (ie: No school girl outfits, no adult actresses who portray minors, no popular Manga characters, etc.) andů
:bulletred:Actual violence (ie: :bulletgreen:Woman held at knifepoint or positioned in guillotine acceptable, :bulletred:woman being stabbed in neck or decapitated unacceptable).

:star:Whew!  That was a lot to read, I know.  Just trying to cover all the bases so no one gets disappointed.  This contest isn't for everyone, but if you want to try and win a free drawing from me, this is your chance.  Good luck and have fun!  Again, the contest closes Friday, December 21, and the winner will be contacted and announced in this journal entry on Saturday, December 22!
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