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Hi everyone.  Since I cannot create polls, I ask: Would you consider supporting me on Patreon?

I've been thinking of starting a Patreon account for a webcomic based on my early BBW sorority hazing art, and I'm trying to gauge interest.  If you would be interested, what price points/tiers would you consider?  And what sorts of rewards would you expect?

If I did this, I'm thinking 3 or 4 tiers at $1 - 10.  I have many ideas for rewards, but I don't know enough about the Patreon platform to know what is or is not possible.  At this point, I'd just appreciate hearing your thoughts on the idea.  Thanks!
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Hi everyone,

First, if you haven't checked out my DiD Chronicles page, please be sure to take a look.  :iconthedidchronicles:  If you like damsel-in-distress scenes or have ever been a scene collector or tape trader, you might really enjoy it!

Second, it is that time of year when we celebrate our blessings and take time to appreciate the good in our lives, what we have accomplished, and what we are looking forward to in the new year.  It is also a time when people feel isolated and depressed.  I want to let all my dA friends know that even though I don't post new art, I am on here almost every day, enjoying other people's art, and looking for cool new stuff to enjoy.

If you are feeling lonely, anxious, or just want to get something off your chest, please know I am here, I can listen, and I can remind you we are not alone.  We are people who think differently, support each other, and welcome challenges and diversity with open arms, and accepting hearts!

I wish everybody a safe Thanksgiving!  
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Anyone else excited about the Mae Young Classic on WWE Network next Monday?  I know it's already taken place, but I have resisted spoilers and am looking forward to watching it.  I am not familiar with many of the athletes, but I really like Kairi Sane and Piper Niven (look them up and you might understand why Love ).  Anyone else have any favorites, or thoughts on the tournament and the future of women's wrestling in WWE?

Edit:  Forgot to add I might do a drawing of some of my favorites.  So your input could help me choose the ladies who get the full treatment!  ;) (Wink) 
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So, I created a contest a few months ago and only received 2 entries.  I was told the entry period was too short.

So I am asking two questions:  1. If I do another contest, how long should I run it? 2 weeks, a month, 6 weeks?

And 2. What sort of prize would you like to see?  I inadvertently made some Twitch emotes for a Twitter friend the other day and really enjoyed the experience.  I'm thinking I might offer to create up to 5 custom emotes, or a series of Twitch badges, or Cheermotes?  I'd really love to know what you guys think!
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Edited 5/6/2017:

The Hazing Drawing Contest is officially closed, as of 11:59PM, May 5th.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed that only 2 people actually entered.  However, since there were only 2 entrants, I have decided to delare co-winners, and draw their pictures in order of submission.  I will be contacting both winners shortly.  I thank those two entrants and look forward to working with them on their prizes!  :)



If you've Watched me for some time, you know I like to draw sorority hazing pictures like this: 

No Fun by renderedspeechless

And perhaps you've thought, "I wish instead of BBWs, he'd draw the pledge as (this, that, or the other thing).“  Well, your time has come!

I am going to hold a contest where the winner gets to pick the pledge in my next sorority hazing drawing.

Of course, there are some rules, so here we go:

Bullet; Red  The "pledge" you suggest can be anything or anybody. A celebrity crush, your original character, your partner, yourself, a toaster oven with eyes, whomever, whatever... you want a one eyed Latina with robotic legs and batwings?  I can do that.

Bullet; Red  For this contest only, I am willing to draw a man or male character as the pledge.

Bullet; Red  If you suggest an OC, it must be yours, and I expect you to be able to prove it.  If the OC is not yours, I do not care if you have the creator’s permission, I won’t draw it.

Bullet; Red  I am ok with celebrity likenesses, and better-known characters (eg: A DC or Marvel character, your favorite anime character, etc.) because I believe it falls in the realm of public domain.  

Bullet; Red  If your submission has no visual reference (eg: your OC is described in your story, you are not comfortable sharing a photo with me, etc.) it is your responsibility to provide me with an accurate description.  I will work with you within reason, but it shouldn’t take more than a dA Note or two and 1 or 2 rough sketches to capture a likeness.

Bullet; Red  If it violates dA’s terms, I will not draw it.  See: FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be? or FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?
    Point Right Suffice to say, I will not draw sexual penetration or rape, blood, or violence that results in death (like hanging, decapitation, etc.)

Bullet; Red  You pick the pledge, but the sorority members are chosen by me, and will be similar to the women I typically draw in such scenarios (see my gallery or the drawing linked above for examples).  I am willing to work with you on small details, like hair styles, or outfits, but it will be at my discretion based on difficulty and time.

Bullet; Red  This is a contest: it should be fun for you and me.  If you are, or become, rude or abusive I will stop working with you and select a new winner.

One last thing, and it is a biggie:

Bullet; Red  You don’t just pick the pledge, you pick the hazing ritual.  I’d love if bondage and gags were involved but maybe your hazing involves quicksand, head shaving, diapers, spanking, tickling… again, as long as it doesn’t violate dA’s terms, I’ll do my best to accommodate the winner.

So, enter by leaving a comment here or sending me a Note with “Hazing Contest” as the subject.

Bullet; Black Name your “pledge” and a basic description of what you’d like to see (eg: “My pledge is my OC Ultra Badgirl, and I’d like to see her hazed with an atomic wedgie.” or “Someone who resembles the main female character in Rogue One, hogtied, while the other girls smash pies in her face.” )

Bullet; Black I will accept all entries until the end of the day Friday, May 5th, 11:59PM EST.  I will collect all entries and literally draw a random entry from a hat and announce the winner Saturday, May 6th (I will also send the winner a Note here on dA).

Bullet; Black Once finished, I will post the final drawing in my deviantART gallery and on my social media accounts.

Bullet; Black If you win, we can work out all the kinky details thereafter.  I will do my best to finish the prize drawing within 2-4 weeks from confirming all drawing details.

That’s it.  Good luck, and I look forward to reading all your awesome entries.
(If you have any questions, leave a comment here or Note me!)

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Hi everyone,

It has been far too long since I posted anything new on deviantART, and I am truly sad about that.  Sad because I love to draw and create, I love to tell stories, and I love deviantART and the communities of incredible people I have met here.  I made a lot of friends on dA who generously shared their thoughts, fantasies, and ideas; I do not take this lightly, and I am sorry I disappeared for so long.  I will not bore any of you with the reasons why I was gone, I just wanted to update my journal and let you know I am back.  A few things:

- With the exception of comments and Notes, I was not so great keeping up with the rest of my activity on this account while I was away.  If you are an artist Watching me and would appreciate a reciprocal Watch, let me know via Profile comment or Note.  I would be happy to return the favor.

- If I promised you a drawing long ago I have probably forgotten about it, and there is a good chance I won’t be able to draw it any time soon.  I apologize.  With the exception of a friend I promised some story illustrations to, I do not have the time to make free artwork for anyone.  On that note:

- I cannot take paid commissions or art trades at this time.  My schedule is too crazy.

[edit] Oops, I almost forgot: I have no plans to restore any deviations currently in storage.

I am uncertain how this run will go, but I am optimistic and in a better place, and I look forward to reconnecting with everyone here.  Peace, friends.

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A few years have gone by since I spent any serious time on dA. This was due to many, many reasons; Some good, others bad, but mainly due to burn-out.  I have never stopped drawing or dreaming.  I have never stopped feeling grateful and appreciative for the many kind, like-minded friends I have met here on dA.  This is a fun place to share and discuss things which we may not be as open about in our every day conversations.

Lately, I have been drawing a great deal, and I am doing more "vanilla" artwork and comics. I would like to slowly build a portfolio of work which I could use to get paid, freelance work, and build a strong web presence with an original webcomic.  Perhaps more than that, I would like to self-print/publish my own comic fanzine and mail (YES! USPS mail!!) it to people like we did before the Internet.

Just want my friends to know I am still here, and no matter what I wind up doing, I will still be drawing fetish and bondage art. Perhaps 2015 will be the year I start posting again? Anyway, thank you to those of you who have stuck by me and checked in on me or still visit my page or drop me a line. It means a great deal. Thank you. See you soon!
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I haven't been on dA in a while. Used to log in several times a day, now I barely care to sign on, if at all. It had been over a week since my last visit, I think. Not sure what is wrong, it is not this site, but my interests are elsewhere at this time. I haven't been interested in art in a very long time. Apologies to all. I don't know when I will be back, if at all. I can't promise anything any more. I hope you all understand.
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Hello.  Apologies for my absence.  This has been a difficult year for me.  For all of you who have asked about me or checked in, I truly appreciate your support.  Here's what I have been/am working on:

01. Work for :iconelijahpink: and :iconangel-cross:.  Poor ElijahPink has been waiting YEARS for my part of our trade... so long he has probably forgotten.  All I can do is apologize and hope once I finish it, he will enjoy it.  If I talked with you about a project or a trade, drop me a "Note", because I have probably forgotten.  

02. Writing story ideas for a Curvy Kelli Chestbaum series.  Debating if I should do a comic, a series of short stories (obviously with illustrations!), or a combo of both.

03. In an effort to improve my drawing tablet skills, I am soliciting sketch ideas.  I will draw your idea in Black & White, using my Wacom tablet, with 5-10 minutes for each sketch.  I will draw each idea, in the order received, as time permits indefinitely.  Obviously, I won't draw anything violating dA's policies; Also, if you ask me to draw a pregnant woman in bondage it might have a bit more style than if you request a chimera piloting a helicopter.  If your idea is too ambitious (ie: draw a line of SSBBWs stuffing themselves at a buffet) I will only draw what I can within the 5-10 timelimit.

:bulletred: WARNING: These sketches will be terrible.  I am not comfortable using my tablet for drawing, which is the entire point of this exercise.  So do not expect any of these sketches to look as accomplished as any of the line art in my gallery.  I am just hoping this might be a fun way to get some practice in, and thank my Watchers during my spell of inactivity.  You have been warned!!

Again, thanks for still checking in and supporting my gallery.  The truth is dA is a fun place for me to come and enjoy and combine art and my fetishes.  When it stops being fun, I tend to withdraw.  This is what has been happening over the past 2 years.  It feels like a job sometimes.  A job with no pay.  I am trying hard to keep this fun for me, and make it interesting and still create work people want to see and art I believe in.  But this can be challenging as a procrastinator and my own worst critic.  Thanks for bearing with me and tolerating my extended breaks.  And if you're brave enough, toss me your weirdest sketch idea.  Because, trust me, I need the practice!!  :)

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I had been watching "Under the Dome": excited by the premiere but less enthused with each new episode.  Last week's opening minutes ensured I would stop watching when they introduced a new character inside the dome by explaining she had been trapped under the dome the entire time but was just hiding!!!???  Lame.  Even if, after I stopped watching, the character turned out to be a dream or hallucination: LAME!!

I had not read the book the show is based on, so since I will not be watching anymore, i decided to spoil myself and read a synopsis of the novel on Wikipedia to find out what caused the dome and why.  The answer is horribly predictable and disapointing.  

If I had actually watched the show and discovered the cause of the dome after weeks (seasons?) of watching, I would've truly been let down.  I would advise anyone who has also become bored with the show  to absolutely stop wasting your time with it anymore.  Especially if you do not know the cause of the dome.  I guarantee you will be let down.  

I hate to dump on a show like this, especially when it features actors I really enjoy watching.  There is some nice chemistry between many of the roles, and the entire concept of the show/book is intriguing (which is a hallmark of Stephen King's writing), but the ending (from the summary I read) was disappointing.  Am I wrong?  For those who are watching or for those who have read the book: what do you think?  

Maybe I should stop watching bad TV and spend more time on my artwork.

FYI: dA has removed my drawing "Punished and Humiliated Pledge" for "explicit pornography".  For those familiar with my work, this was the picture featuring a BBW pledge bound and gagged, with dildoes tied and hanging from her helpless body.  At this time I do not have plans to edit and repost the picture.  I have also taken this opportunity to move some of my work into "Storage" for various reasons.  In the next few weeks, I will probably try to move more deviations into "Storage", again, for a variety of reasons.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.
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Hi All,

Been having some personal issues of late, and have not been doing much art. áI also haven't been keeping up with my dA Favs & Watches, and I have several hundred piled up in my messages. áI simply do not have the time to write a personal "Thank You" to each deviant, so I am extending my sincerest appreciation for your support here and now: "Thank you so much, it is truly appreciated!" áAs always, if you leave me a Note or comment I will respond, but for now I cannot reply to every Fav and Watch. áHope everyone understands; Nothing personal, just slowly losing my mind, horribly depressed, work, life, etc.

Take care, hopefully I will find some "art time" soon (part of why I am going crazy). áThanks!!
I am very excited to say I will be doing upcoming illustrations for ~GlassDaemon's new "Vovin" series; Check out her first two installments below:

The Vovin: Prologue
The Vovin: Part One
The Vovin: Part Two
The Vovin: Part Three

If you are not familiar with ~GlassDaemon's writing you should definitely visit her gallery and take a look at her amazing stories!  And if you are familiar with my art and like what I typically draw then you absolutely must check out Part One of this story.  Then you will understand why I am so excited to be drawing pictures to accompany this incredible work.  Visit her here: :iconglassdaemon:
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A huge thank you to :iconmri3yter: for generously gifting me a 12-month dA membership!!  I am humbled and overjoyed by this generosity and kindness.  One of the most gratifying things about this is mri3yter's an amazing photographer who takes some of the most beautiful, arresting images I have seen (fetish and non-fetish work)... Just a few examples from my Faves:

Mature Content

Lulu.2 by MrI3yter

Mature Content

Lulu.1 by MrI3yter

Mature Content

Muse.L reclining 2 by MrI3yter

Again, my heart felt thanks, you have truly rendered me speechless.  

Update: 12/26/2012:
I just learned I won Arsene Daubrecq's coloring contest!  :iconarsenedaubrecq:  I am thrilled and honored.  Part of the first place prize was a 3-month dA membership; Thank you Arsene for awarding me with such a wonderful prize!  There were many great entries in his contest, so I am quite proud to be acknowledged with such a generous gift.  Thank you Arsene!!

To mri3yter, Arsene, and all my dA friends, Happy New Year's!!
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The winner of my contest (view here: is :iconjustinbieberisgay:!  Congrats to the winner!

For the record, I only had 13 entries in the contest.  Every entry was accepted, not a single entry was disqualified.  Each entry name with their "5 elements" was recorded on a slip of paper, and placed in a box to be pulled for my blind drawing.  A big thank you to all who participated.  I will be holding more contests in the coming months, and while I cannot say too much about the details now, every person who entered this contest will be very happy they did in a few months.  Again, thank you for your support, and congrats to "justinbieberisgay"!
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12/22/2012: This contest is officially closed.  No more entries will be accepted.

If you like my art or appreciate my drawing style, I have a unique contest for you.

Simply write me a "Note" on deviantART with the subject line "Contest".  List 5 "elements" you would like to see in a drawing by me.  The winner will win a drawing by me of my :star:interpretation:star: of their 5 "elements".

For example, an appropriate entry might read:
01. Woman
02. Huge breasts
03. Ballgagged
04. Hogtied
05. Bare feet

An ineligible entry might look like this:
01. Hot redhead with huge tits
02. Tied up tight with rope and handcuffs
03. Red ball gag with drool everywhere
04. Hogtied with a rope pulling her pony tail to her ankles
05. Maybe she's barefoot with dirty socks laying around her

This list could possibly be disqualified because the entrant has grouped too many elements together.  An "element" should only describe the most important, basic aspect of what you would like to see in a drawing.  I imagine most "elements" would be one or two words, in adjective/noun or adverb/verb combinations.  That said, I know this may seem confusing to some, so I am ready to offer a fairly wide margin of error in the entries.

That's it.  Obviously it is a bit risky: there is no guarantee you will get the drawing you are imagining, but if you select the right "elements" I might come very close to creating the drawing you want.  This is hopefully the fun part of the contest for you and me.  And now some rules:

-I must receive your entry by the end of Friday, December 21, 2012 (as dated by dA, so time zones should not be an issue).
-I will not answer any questions about this contest.
-Only one entry per dA account.
-Any entry I deem ineligible will be disqualified.  I will not notify disqualified entrants.
-I will draw a random winner from all eligible entries on Saturday Dec. 22, 2012.  I can only promise the drawing will be done fairly and impartially.  I will announce the winner in this journal entry and send the deviant notification via dA "Note".
-There is nothing further the winner will need to do to "claim" their prize.
-The finished drawing will not be shared on my dA account, and I will make every effort to complete the winning drawing before February 1, 2013.  A file of the drawing will be emailed to the winner unless other arrangements are requested.
-The finished drawing is only guaranteed to feature all 5 "elements" in the drawing.  There is no guarantee it will satisfy the entrant.  I make no guarantees regarding the drawing's quality, media, style, or dimensions.  
-That said, I will make every effort to respect the winning entry's list and create a suitable drawing with no other intention but to satisfy the winner's implied tastes.

Please note that the finished artwork will not be shared with anyone but the winner, who is free to display or share the work as they see fit.  Therefore, I will be far more lenient regarding subject matter.  The only two things I will absolutely NOT draw are:
:bulletred:Minors or adults portraying minors (ie: No school girl outfits, no adult actresses who portray minors, no popular Manga characters, etc.) andů
:bulletred:Actual violence (ie: :bulletgreen:Woman held at knifepoint or positioned in guillotine acceptable, :bulletred:woman being stabbed in neck or decapitated unacceptable).

:star:Whew!  That was a lot to read, I know.  Just trying to cover all the bases so no one gets disappointed.  This contest isn't for everyone, but if you want to try and win a free drawing from me, this is your chance.  Good luck and have fun!  Again, the contest closes Friday, December 21, and the winner will be contacted and announced in this journal entry on Saturday, December 22!
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Sorry for the lack of art lately.  I am still around, but haven't been inspired at all.  Haven't been very inspired for about a year or so.  There are certainly lots of things I want to do, and I have been given many great ideas and requests from my friends, but I guess I have been going through a phase where nothing I do seems good enough.  Not looking for pity or compliments, just letting you know where my head has been.

I have no clue why, but ever since I opened this account, I have been looking forward to 175,000 pageviews.  In my mind, for some bizarre reason, this was the goal number.  It seemed far away but attainable.  Like so many other milestone numbers it has come and gone and I haven't created a piece of art to commemorate the occassion or thank all of you for making it happen.  So, thank you to everyone who checks out my gallery, big thanks to my Watchers, and special gratitude to everyone who shares comments and opinions!  

Part of the reason I don't draw much is because I don't get blocks of time to spend drawing any more... it is more like half an hour here, 10 minutes there, etc. I don't want to use this gallery to upload sketches or unfinished work.  I am thinking of a creating a blog on Google to share quick sketches, and give myself a more casual platform to show what I am working on, post weird ideas, feature older art work, plus try my hand at other things I might not be comfortable using this dA account for, like photo manips, writing/fiction, D.I.D. screen caps, old mainstream scans, etc.  If anyone has an experience, good or bad using Blogspot (or similar sites), I'd love to hear it.

One last thing: dA's chat rooms won't open for me (they haven't worked for me in quite some time).  I'm running Mac OS 10.6.8 & Safari 5.1.7.  If anyone has any advice to fix this, I'd appreciate the help.

Thanks as always.  I will try to work on some new art soon!
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Hi.  Still working on the same pieces for the same people.  I suck.  I took a bit of a break from dA for about a week and a half.  I will admit I am getting a bit burned out with dA.  Part of the problem (most of the problem) is that I have a hard time saying "No", and I have a horrible desire to want to please everyone.  I make so many promises, I wind up pleasing no one, then I get depressed, feel like a failure, and repeat the pattern over and over.  

So here's what I am going to do.  I am going to finish my piece for my friend ElijahPink, which by now, will be soooo anti-climatic all I can do at this point is apologize in advance.  Next I will work on more drawings for my friend Arsene featuring his Laura Mischief O.C.  Then I am going to draw and post a lot of BBW hazing stuff.  My goal, as it has been for the past three years, is to create a BBW hazing comic series, following the cruel and humiliating hazing of a group of plump women pledging an elite college sorority.  

Part of me foolishly thinks if I write this it will happen.  We'll see.  Anyway, you've been warned.  If you think my last BBW hazing picture was cruel (thumbnail below), you ain't seen nothin' yet!!


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Someone generously gave me a premium membership: Whomever you are, a heartfelt thank-you, I am grateful and appreciate your kindness.  I have not had any time to create new art, but will do my best to come up with some new work soon.  Again, thank you to the anonymous friend for the gift!  :)
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Hi guys,

Still responding to comments, and Fav'ing but simply no time to create new art.  Managed to post some new scans of older drawings, and haven't forgotten about the trades I owe to my friends.  Thanks for everyone's patience, and if I don't write another journal entry, I wish all of you a safe holiday season!!
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