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“T’was the night before Hell Week in the Theta Nu House,
Not a pledge pig was stirring, thanks to fully gagged mouths.

The pledges were hung by the rafters with rope,
Their chance for a bid was a cold, heartless “NOPE!”

Not intended to be a holiday picture but it’s that time of year.  Wishing everyone a safe holiday and a great 2019!
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Nice work!
yamibanner's avatar
The gal on the bottom left lifting that one gal's mom has to be a body builder. Just holdin that fat udder over twice as big as her head like a carton of milk.
renderedspeechless's avatar
Haha!  A workout indeed!  If any gym had such a lifting program, I'd sign a lifetime contract on the spot!  :)
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arsenedaubrecqHobbyist Digital Artist
Surpassing yourself here, if that means anything! Love it!
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thank you very much, that means a great deal!  Glad to see you around.
dvp9591's avatar
a masterpiece!
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thank you very much!  :)
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I'll take the two babes on the right smashed together. Two is better than one. I always say.
renderedspeechless's avatar
I completely agree!  I had a fun challenge trying to draw their boobs pressed together.  I need to draw that type of duo more often!!
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ForcedlactationloverHobbyist Writer
Nice when the sorority manages to own a spare warehouse. I like the gal on the upper left! 
renderedspeechless's avatar
Haha!  Indeed!  
enigmawild's avatar
I love how they all look so helpless
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thanks, me too!  I really wanted that aspect to come across in the drawing, so I am glad to read your comment!  
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That middle hanging babe is so hot... would love more of her or more like her. Bondage, eating, whatever.
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thanks, I was happy with how her skin looked against her ropes.  Some time soon, I should do another force-feeding pic, then I can incorporate bondage and eating!  :)
nodspy's avatar
Ever think of creating a before and after of these larger gals getting revenge on the sorority gals by plumping them up? I mean they have more weight behind them.
renderedspeechless's avatar
I've done a few pics in the past with the pledges gaining the upper hand, but I put them in dA storage because I was unhappy with how the drawings aged.  It always fun to do those drawings, so maybe some time soon I will try it again!
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lovely to see you posting again, gotta ask , that one on the far right looks familiar
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thanks!  A large breasted redhead?  Hmmm.... :)
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CD-B2Hobbyist Writer
This is so amazing! I love this with my whole fetishistic heart!

Suddenly I wish this was an animated scene, complete with audio of the moans and groans and the laughter and taunts.
renderedspeechless's avatar
Ahh!  My fetishistic heart appreciates it and thanks you!  I too wish it were animated.  I agree, the sound effects would be wonderful to hear... especially all together, at once, in a big empty space echoing and maginfying their helpless predicament!  If this were a weekly animated series, I'd want to watch it!!  :)
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There are so many awesome details in this, I'm totally in awe! Absolutely amazing work!
renderedspeechless's avatar
Thank you kindly, I really appreciate hearing that!  :)
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