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The Aftermath

object 279 heavy tank in ice)
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Cant believe that this thing cant be knocked over by a Nuke XD!
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Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath?
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Yes, one of my favourite games :)
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Вроде бы на Рендере встречал...)
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That a Shtora jammer next to the main gun?
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No) That's "Luna" IR Projector
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Four sets of tracks... because no one likes getting tracked.
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Sadly, the Soviet Union only built on of these. 
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Daaayuuum! Now THAT is a tier 13 tank equal to the Ratte!
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Убертанк - это про него.
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а помню на 3д центре его мучал
looks devil, but would suck in combat, as the tracks are too exposed and the side armor also looks thin...nice art anyway..
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The body of the tank inside a thin anti-cumulative screens. His armor at the time of occurrence was the most powerful in the world - up to 270 mm front and 305 mm shell forehead tower. No one has a goal to protect tracks anyway. Thin screens that are mounted on modern tanks are to protect the side armor from cumulative shells. On the contrary - the caterpillars and the chassis side have to defend the case. The main disadvantages of this tank - high altitude, high cost and complexity...
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The armour is OK, it was designed to prevent the tank from overturning in case of nuclear shockwave incoming. Agree with the tracks, though the designers made it able to continue rolling on two remaining tracks in case the rest was destroyed.
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Инет оказывается тесен. :)
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