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Awesome design!

This really fits in the coming MAKS-2021 airshow.

Surprisingly accurate to what the Russians just unveiled.

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I know this is older, but Love the design!
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Thank's! Funny that it is an old work. I'm planning to reveal an updated version soon enought :)
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Awesome futuristic mig 21 mate....
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A very interesting set of specs. Nicely done, but the cannon could use more ammunition. 110 rounds is very low. (The F-22 Raptor has 480 rounds for example)
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Yes it was my mistake) It will be 150 rounds as on MiG-29 and Sukhoi fighters when i will finish the new version of that plane :)
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this concept is easly one of the best i've ever seen. i want to model it Too =D
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Your comment is one of the best i've seen :D. Seriously thanx. The MiG-41M version is almost ready :)  
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  love the background; of the concept.
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Awesome details.
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This one for Locheed Martin and Sukhoi ))
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Looks like there's a new king of the skies :D
Awesome I need some rendering like this for my website pages of my new release RC edf models.
Can you do Luft 46 WWII Jet types and aerospace missles plus waveriders......?

If so message me and lets get started.
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Few questions if you don't mind checking and/or answering:
1. Rate of Climb should be depended on payload. So that >320m/s RoC, is it when no payload is included and w/ max fuel?
2. Why 800 KM at ground level? Couldn't it be longer than that?
3. A gun w/ only 110 rounds? It must be insanely accurate and/or extremely long range-self guided shells?!!!

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1. The rate of climb always means max rate of climb) So it is with minimum fuel and w/out of payload) Mig-29 now has the rate of 330 m/s and it is maximum for a combat aircraft. So i decided that it will be ok for a single engine fighter

2. fuel consumption on the ground level always is very high. This is one of the reasons airliners fly that high

3. It will be ok for a highly accurate future gun. 4-5 shells are enought for GSh-30 to destroy a fighter plane :)
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Hmm, thanks for the info. Forgot about the rate of climb. Been playing DCS A10C but forgot to brush up on the technical terms lately. Gotta go back to basics for a refresh course I guess. :D
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