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Note: I do not do or support NFTs.

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VexDraconis and myself collaborate on all our projects, and combine forces for supporters (above), find him here:


20+ year veteran of 3d

14+ years of DAZ Studio experience

4+ years of working at DAZ3D

SIGGRAPH attendee

Over 3,500 images shared over 6+ years, and 10,000+ lifetime created

Community leader, supporter, and influencer.

Published writer.

"The Butt Master"

My Gear

* DELL Workstations and Alienware PCs (sponsor me!)

* NVIDIA GeForce 3090 and 2080Ti

* ViewSonic and DELL monitors

* 3d Connexion Space Mice

* Logitech and Razer Mice and Keyboards



My Stories

Retro sci-fi, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, cross genre, and modern-day stories. I am known for the Survivor series, Galaxie, Unit 1721, and Space Explorer Derica.


"You and your team do incredible work and I enjoy it immensely."

"So much content - you should all be proud!"

"God Bless you and your artwork!"

"Man, I just got to say I fucking love your channel/artwork and you are an amazing artist! Keep up the good work and don't ever change!!💗💗💞💞💕💕🤘🤘🤩🤩🤟🤟😍😍♥️♥️🔥🔥💎💎🤘💍🎆🎆🥳🥳👍👍😎😎"

"I really like your artwork and find it to be one of the best in industry - hi-def & amazing character physiques."

"Great job! Your comics are great works of art"

"As someone just starting out in 3d webcomics and working with Daz, I must say your work is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing all this..."

"I want said a big bravo because all your pictures and stories are awesome!"

"You were very good before, but I think you've become a master."

"You are the Stanley Kubrick of 3d. An unmatched auteur. Hands down."

"Dude, this is a cluster f*** of biblical proportions! I love it!"

"You guys provide a ton of content!"

"I really love your images, keep it up! :)"

"The work is wonderful, and your ladies are gorgeous. The art shows erotic with the focus mostly on story and the eroticism as pin-up style."

"This series would make legendary anime if Netflix or Amazon would pick it up."

"I never thought I'd ever see Hollywood-level images made like this. I'm overwhelmed by your innate skill and talent." "I can't decide if you're the second coming of Robert Heinlein or Harlan Ellison or J. Michael Straczynski incognito."

"I don't always comment, but I do daily read your work - there is nothing else like it anywhere. On one level it's a throwback to when comics/graphic novels told good stories (The Killing Joke, Demon in a Bottle, Maus, et cetera); but on another it's art as well composed as anything by Frank Miller or Todd McFarland."

It honestly and truly baffles me you haven't been picked up by a comics studio. I know Marvel wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole given it's current direction, but IDW, Boom! and the like should be flooding your inbox. Don't know what you do to keep body and soul together, but it SHOULD be this!

In any event, you are the sole reason checking DA daily is part of my routine. "

"DC and Marvel versus Ren? Movie quality work. Detroit, meet Japan."


"He's the Bob Ross and Bob Guccione of 3d."

" Oh. My. God. It has been a rough day, but this picture and the accompanying story has just completely flipped that around. "

"I just wanted to say I absolutely love your work."

"I know you say you're not. But there's no way your not J. Michael Straczynski! No one can maintain a 2 year storyline!"

"Keep up the great work!!!"

"Yet another piece of true Ren Magic."

"Unafraid. The future of comics."

"Powerfully sexy artwork."

"Fun stuff!"

"If Robert Heinlein were alive today, this is the kind of stuff he'd be doing. Bravo!"

"Are you J. Michael Straczynski?"

"I know you deny it, but at times I still think you're J. Michael Straczynski."

"James is a BOSS. My evil hero."

"This is seriously not good!"

"You use images to tell stories in ways no one in DA can."

"Scary good!"

"You are a Digital Renaissance Man"

" have a rare genius akin to Swift or Twain"

"I NEVER underestimate you. I just expect to be stunned all the time."

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Favourite Visual Artist
Pixar, Bob Ross, Thomas Kinkade, Greek and Roman Sculpture
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Journey, Gloria Trevi, ELO, Lorie, Elton John
Favourite Games
Tabletop Gaming
Favourite Gaming Platform
my mind, PC
Tools of the Trade
Vue, Poser, DAZ Studio

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Notable Series

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Et-Tu: E-On Vue

1 min read
Well, the owners of Vue have decided to no longer support the software anymore, but they are giving everyone free access to the full versions. This was a super-expensive software package, and for however longer it stays stable and working, it is a great tool for your art. A lot of my early pictures were based on the Vue renderer and the Poser imports for materials. These days you will need to hack materials in Vue to get them to work correctly, and for DAZ figures (even Collada imports), are still a laborious process involving knowing what dozens of confusingly-organized materials in the Vue interface mean and how to set them correctly. Still, this is a great piece of software for natural environments and backdrops, and now that it is free, it is still an amazing tool. You can also render HDR files from environments, which is very useful for DAZ. I get the feeling this is being rapidly replaced by AI tools where you say, "create a tropical beach background" instead of having to
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DAZ EULA Changes, if DAZ Connect not working, read/accept new EULA:
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Thank you so much for stopping by and deciding to take a little bit of a watch😘

Why is inbetween 4k 1141 the same as inbetween 4k 1144 and why is inbetween 4k 1143 the same as inbetween 4k 1145

Spotted the error, thanks for the report, all new images created to replace the dups. The software exported the same images twice.


Checking with Vex on this, will have an update soon.


Could you tell me the chronology of your comics

Hello friend! rendercomics

I sent you a note. please answer me when you have time!

Thank you so much in advance!

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