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Absolutely breathtaking scene and work! I love the lighting and the imagery and it gets the wheels turning in your mind.... fantastic!!!!
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Stunning masterpiece
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this is really exceptional work!
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Beautifully done! :iconcoolplz:
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Wow, fantastic collaboration, good job both of you:clap:
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I really love the amount of detailes you pu on here. The light that comes from the triangle part is so beautiful it perfectly collaborates with stunning sky you drew. Also the girl with metal tentacles is scary and seems to be concerned at the same time. It is really beautiful, great job here!
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Stunning work! :)
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Ai facut a piesa minunata cu o artista foarte talentata!:love:
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collaboration from two great artists really produced spectacular works, impressive compositions and framing, the lighting in chain  and fragments of rock really impressed me, the depth that you created makes a different atmosphere, love the concept and different version of mars ,there are no other words besides perfect and successful collaborationClap
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You both did an amazing work here!! :clap:
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It has been fun to work with you and fast oO(Where the hell is my favorite icon ...) tic-tac... Time to haul ass out of here!:D  
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yeah, sorry about that :D I'll try to work Gary the Snail  next time :)
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Nah .. the speed is appreciated :D 
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