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Not long ago I lost my mother to cancer, and more recently my middle brother to drink. The job he worked at most of his life saw fit to fire him 2 months before he would receive retirement benefits, and on trumped up charges of sexual harassment to boot. With the betrayal from those he worked for loyally for 19 years and the harassment on his work record, he crawled into a bottle of Everclear and refused to leave. One night he died in his sleep, leaving me to discover his body. He was 42.

It was traumatizing to say the least.

Currently I sit here with my loving cat asleep in my lap, in a house that is not my own, with many an odd thought running through my head. One of the things I've been thinking about is what would become of my art when it's finally my time to go... Now I'm not considering self-harm, more of how old I am and that several doctors have made it clear that I'm not in the best of health.

So I have come to a decision. Right here and now, I open my art to FAIR-USE... Any and all who wish to use, color, or reproduce my work, are aloud to. My only request is that you give my handle “RenaTamer” or my Deviant Art page some love as to where you got it from.


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I love your work and it was the first story Axel and Rena that truly brought me into the fandom and will forever love this story with all my heart. I was always hoping the story would continue but I am glad to finally have some closure as to what is going on. I wish you all the best.

a long term fan.

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I'm more then happy to share zip files of Axel/Rena, and or GINOA/Johnnie stories i have, some are still unedited

just send me a personal note.
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FibrielHobbyist Digital Artist

This does not constitute legal advice. Get a lawyer if you need legal advice.

The proper term for this is public domain.

Please look over the means of formally surrendering your copyrights to public domain, and the pros and cons of tools like Creative Commons CC0, to ensure there are no challenges or headaches due to legal technicalities or mistakes in wording.

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You have my deepest condolences for the losses you have suffered.
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bIG-O666Professional Digital Artist
man, reading this, makes me feel so sad... its always the wrong persons who hits it... also, your art back then, was one of those that set my rails on what i am now.

i really really hope the best for you and a lot of strength.

i really loved and enjoyed what you did, and hope you can get through everything.

sincerely, a huge fan of your arts, and renamon. may she always be with you my friend.

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thanks... Renamon floof hugs for everyone
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bIG-O666Professional Digital Artist
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Our condolences from the Digiartist Domain. We still think about you and we're all wishing you well.
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KaitoukitsuneHobbyist Digital Artist
Peace and wellness friend!
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I'm sorry for your loss. We seem to be losing a lot of people these days
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thanks, and I mean that
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inkdrgnHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i still hold hope you'll make your way back and finish axel & renamon's story even if you dont it's good to know that you don't mind us sharing it.
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i'm looking for it and i'm having a hard time finding its parts. could you help. 
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inkdrgnHobbyist Artisan Crafter

sorry it took so long DA didn't make it clear I had a reply, but here is my copy stored on google drive. If anyone has more then this please send me a message.


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Sting-raptorHobbyist Artist
Will do my friend, with the hope that that is a long time from now.
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warfaremachineHobbyist General Artist
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LordzBaconHobbyist Filmographer
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