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TF Reaper

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I unfortunately went through several OCs over the cores of the TF game, yet this one stands out the most… Meet Reaper, a seeker with a secret past. While Reaper may share the same frame type as the Storm Sisters, she is shorter and older then Team Valkyrie. In point of fact, Reaper’s frame designation is 000-A, showing that she has a prototype Seeker Dera-frame.

This fact alone nearly gave Ratchet a permanent processor glitch. 

Long before TF Prime or Bay-vers, Reaper was one of the few TFs to have her weapons able to retract into her arms, instead of being subspaced. Kinda neat if you ask me. And as for her original symbol, it was a human skull with crossed bones… something that always bothered me. That was until the movie Planes came out and I found the perfect icon for this long retired character.         

Her deep secret: Reaper was a dyeing organic (human) who Primus itself gave a second chance at life. Her soul was plucked from time and infused with a small bit of Primus’ spark, all the while building her a unique VF1 Star Seeker frame. Then he placed her in a stasis pod until her time came to join Optimus Prime in battle.         


She never truly joined the Autobots, and kept her unique symbol until long after the end of the war.

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