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Storm Sisters

By RenaTamer
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Long long ago, 1993 to be more precise, one of my table top gaming crew discovered the ROBOTECH/MACROSS role-playing game by PALLADIUM. He had found the six dog-eared books in the half price bin at our favorite gaming shop and wanted to try it out (my own copy only cost me $4 bucks and I still have it to this day). There was only one problem, of the 6 people in our group, only 3 were anime fans… me being one of them. No one else wanted to play in a verse that they had little understanding of, regardless of the giant transforming robots…

Yet it was the transforming robots that gave our Game Master an idea. We were all children of the 80’s and had grown up with cartoons like G.I.Joe, Thunder Cats, Kid-Video, the Real Ghostbusters… and Transformers G1! And the neat thing about the robotech game, was that you could build your own mech. Needless to say, we all loved the Transformers and soon got to work building our own Player Character or OC as it’s called today. 

Soon other gamers discovered what we were doing in the back room of our favorite gaming shop, and quickly our little Saturday troop swelled to 11 members… and since I was going to an art collage at the time, I was chosen to do the art for each OC in the game.

Recently I was going through some old boxes and rediscovered some of the old TF OC’s and just had to clean them up. 

I would like to thank Ice Storm for letting me use her computer to scan and color the drawings.         

Above is Team Valkyrie, the quintuplet Storm sisters. Not only do they share the same body frame, and a split-spark bond… they share the same taste in mech. If you’re lucky to date one, you have to date all. 

1 Fire Storm: leader of team valkyrie and their heavy weapons expert (she likes making things go boom). As her name suggests, she has a fiery temper and is quick to react to any situation, usually with high explosives.  

2 Thunder Storm: SIC, she is the team’s infiltration and stealth expert and good with blades. This ninja seeker uses her level-headed-ness to advise and keep her leader from blowing up everything in sight. 

3 Ice Storm: Team’s sniper; Cold, calculating, and ever vigilant, Ice’s name fits her like a glove. While she maybe a frozen bitch on the battlefield, like the rest of her sisters she warms up when off duty, and can quite passionate towards the right mech.    

  4 Sand Storm: Team’s field medic; though this femm has seen the truly ugly side of battle, she has somehow kept hold of her childlike innocence. Even in the face of death, she can’t help but crack playful jokes or dreadful puns. Sand was the last of her sisters to on-line and is therefore treated as the youngest. 
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great to see you posting again, but....ah, quintuplet means five. i think you meant to put quadruplets?
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slagging auto-correct... i hate Vista

thanks KGT, you're very right about that.