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Private Pie

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Private Pinkamena Diane Pie

This pict was inspired by Oplindenfep's fan-fic The Forgemaster Chap 17.

If anyone knows Oplindenfep, please let him/her/them know this is here and i give permission for them to link, reuse, or what ever.

thanks for making me LMAF :)
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Funny thing is, in the TF2 Analysis Anarchy video series over on Youtube, they have Jasper Pie (a fan OC related to Pinkie) as the Soldier for the Blue team.

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kinda wish i could send it to them as a recuting poster to use.
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Just saw this one over on Derpibooru. She's cute. Can't help but think she might throw the pin instead of the grenade, though.
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With a grunt, Pinkie pulls out a grenade that for some reason she has panted to look like a pineapple, "Oh yeah, well I'll show them... I'll show them all," she cries out through a fit of overzealous laughter. following the ways of the Duke (John Wayne)she grips the pin in her teeth and pulls. "BOOM BABY!!!" is her battle cry as she heaves the grenade into the center of Ponyvill...

With a thunderous !!SPLAT!! all of... most of... well, a good section of town is suddenly covered in banana cream.

"What, you think I crazy or something," Pinkie can't help but giggle, "I only use joke grenades... dah!"
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Joke grenades, party cannons, and assault cakes. "I love the smell of frosting in the morning. Smells like...a party."
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Very nice detail!
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