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Braeburn and Star

By RenaTamer
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    This just popped into my head one night and inspired the drawing above.

    We invite you all to join in on the misadventures of Red Star (Star for short) and Braeburn the securitron. Together they will journey across the badlands of Equestria in search of fame, fortune, and a little bit of romance, all while seeking to help the citizens of Appleloosa rebuild. Together they will travel to the ruins of Dodge City, visit the gleaming remnants of New Pegasus, and stumble onto the battlefront that is Hoofer Damn. Along the way friends will be made, as well as enemies.  Join our heroes as they get swept into an ongoing war between Caesar’s Minotaur Empire, and the NCR: New Canterlot Republic, while the reclusive Mrs. House vies for her own mad grab for power over the Badlands.

   Will Star and Braeburn be able to stand up to the challenges and dangers of the badlands or will they succumb to the temptations of Mrs. House’s mind games.

    Tune in and find out...

    This had been a DJ PON3 radio production.

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Very neat concept, well-executed, rather fascinating.
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Holy shit, you're alive?
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because of a long-ago misunderstanding, i don't post adult or commissioned (payed for work) here, instead i post my own personal stuff... the stuff that i don't mine being out there in the net. that being said, i have a tune of old and new art, but no computer of my own computer to scan and fix them up.

so... it means that new stuff will be few and far between until i get a computer of my own.  
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Well if you get a gallery for more adult stuff let us know please.