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My Memory Sucks

By renatalmar
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It’s amazing the kinds of things I actually do remember..
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izbianHobbyist Traditional Artist
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snowflake-chuHobbyist Digital Artist
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My memory isn't the greatest thing in the world.
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cocoamarshmellowHobbyist Digital Artist
exactly me.......
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I always forget street names.
And TV.
And the reason for why I enter a room.
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Can't remember what happened last week but I can remember my exact thoughts as I left Spanish class 2 years ago.
Pix-Cali-Tropic's avatar
Well, sometimes...but not all the time.
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Had a car accident when I was 16, and it pretty much screwed up my mind to the point that my memory doesn't perform to factory specs. I get by, but I hate not being able to recall things that I need to when I should be able to. Then when I don't have a need for that info, it flows real freely. Yep, like Dory, my memory sucks!
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february-6555Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah. When I was watching tv and the commercial was there, I asked my sister,
What were we watching?

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Dory: Wait, what?
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Alice319Student Digital Artist
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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer
....When it comes to definitions. Especially deviation submission. :stare: I forget everything.
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C4STL3-CR4SH3RSHobbyist Digital Artist
using XD
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When it comes to praying before bed, I always forget what I was going to say😢
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
....When it comes to definitions. x_x
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Reitanna-SeishinHobbyist General Artist
I don't remember favoriting this....

just kidding.
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erinrockslikerokHobbyist General Artist
Ya know dory so does mi......what were we talkin about again?
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Gonna use.... Wait wat? :O
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betterhitrotoProfessional Artist
And my memory slawolls xD
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Silky-MilkHobbyist Digital Artist
Dory! XD
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sometimes my memory goes kaplooy
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NeonVoltageStudent General Artist
I regularly freak out in my own house (that I've lived in for three years) not realizing its my own and wondering how the hell I  got here and who owns this place and where are they and where am I.... Then I realize that its mine... 
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ninjagofangirl95 Digital Artist
LOL yes!

Today I was going to get something from my backyard and there's 2 doors to lead to my backyard and one of them also lead to the laundry and I was going to go back inside and I thought I came through the main door to my backyard and I thought I locked myself out beacuse it was locked and I began to panic but I just realised I came from the other door that leads to the laundry and it was freaking opened! xD
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