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❁ February's Challenge at :iconda-lovers:

I'm happy to anounce our fifth contest! :happybounce:

Since Valentines Day is coming,I've thought about giving you a perfect theme for it.;)

The tale of Cupid!

:bulletgreen:Our fifth challenge will be about Cupid!

:bulletred:This is what you will have to do:

:bulletyellow:Your artwork must contain lovers,goddessess or someone holding an arrow,depends how you want to interpret the story bellow

:bulletblue: It doesn't have to be specifically romantic!THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! It could have a dramatic ending like in Romeo and Juliet.

:bulletorange:Please describe shortly your artwork in the description.

:bulletgreen:Here you can read the story of Cupid and Psyche:

:bulletblue:English version:

Cupid and Psyche's narrative begins as most modern fairy tales do: with a kingdom, a daughter with an insurmountable burden over her head, a trial, and a subsequent moral.  It is as follows: a king and queen give birth to three daughters, but only the third possesses unearthly beauty.  Apuleius' text claimed that her beauty was so astounding the "poverty of language is unable to express its due praise."  Rumors spread of this girl, Psyche's, astounding loveliness, eventually reaching the ears of the Roman goddess Venus.  Angry that so many mortals were comparing Psyche's beauty to her own—and in many ways claiming that the mortal surpassed her—Venus calls upon her son Cupid to demand that he use one of his arrows of desire to ensure Psyche fall in love with a human monster.

Obedient as always to his mother, Cupid then descends to the earthly plane to do as she wishes.  Yet he was so astonished himself by the mortal princess' beauty that he mistakenly shot himself.  From that moment, Cupid was irrevocably in love with the princess.  Around this time, it became evident to her parents that Psyche's attractiveness had angered the gods, as no mortal man would take her hand in marriage.  Imploring the temple of Apollo, they learn that Psyche is destined for a much worse fate than celibacy: "The virgin is destined for the bride of no mortal lover.  Her future husband awaits her on the top of the mountain.  He is a monster whom neither gods nor men can resist."  Psyche, conscious of the mistakes of her mortal kingdom for praising her so highly, is content to follow the oracle's advice.

From the top of the highest cliff, dressed in funerary garbs, Psyche is swept away by the west wind, Zephyr.  She is brought to a striking valley, in the center of which stands a palace so magnificent it could not have been built by any hands other than the gods'.  Surrounded by luscious trees with a crystalline fountain at its heart, Psyche soon comes to the conclusion that this golden hall is her new home, further reiterated by the voice of her new husband echoing through the halls.  This faceless stranger begins to visit her in the night, every night, to make love to her in the darkness.  But despite his nighttime tenderness, Psyche is haunted by the oracle's claim that he was a monster.

When allowing her two sisters to visit, they are jealous of her beautiful home and insist that Psyche's husband really is a monster and she owes it to herself to find out.  So Psyche is convinced to break her husband's only request of allowing his face to remain a secret and look upon him in the night.  In doing so, she damns their relationship.

A single drop of oil falls from the candle Psyche lights to gaze at his face, waking him, and Cupid, in all his majestic beauty, flees their home, distressed by her betrayal.   Distraught, Psyche goes in search of her husband, traveling for many days, until she comes to the temple of Ceres, the motherly goddess of grain. 

Ceres instructs Psyche to surrender herself to Venus and take whatever ill will the goddess throws at her.  Obeying Ceres' advice, Psyche is thus given three seemingly impossible tasks to complete. First, the princess has to separate the grains of Venus' temple's storehouse into piles of barley, millet, beans, etc. Second, Psyche has to steal golden wool from a herd of sheep; third and finally, Psyche is ordered to travel into the underworld and request from Queen Proserpina a little of her beauty to pass along to the goddess of love. This task, however, demands a further challenge: that Psyche keeps the box in which the beauty is placed tightly closed, for fear of terrible repercussions.  

Unknown to Psyche, throughout these trails, Cupid is constantly at her aid.  He instructs ants to help her sort the grains; and then the river god offers her instructions of how to steal the prize fleece from the shepherd. Finally, Psyche is given divine advice on how to surpass the dangers of Hades.

Her failure—foretold by Venus herself—comes when Psyche, greatly upset by the trials she had to overcome, opens the box and is overcome by the Stygian sleep, a sleep so strong she is considered the living dead.  By that point, Cupid has had enough of his separation from his wife, and he flies to her rescue, lifting her sleeping form to the heavens, and pleading with the great god Jupiter to talk sense into his mother.  Venus lifts her terrible curse from the girl, and once Psyche is awake, she is transformed into an immortal, and is properly wed to the young god of desire."



:bulletred:You must be a member to :iconda-lovers: to participate.Join us!

:bulletblue:Media:We accept Photomanipulations,Digital Art or even Traditional Art.

:bulletgreen:Your artwork must be new and created specially for this contest.

:bulletorange:All entries must include a link to this journal and the group icon in the description.

:bulletyellow:Entries are limited to 2 submissions per artist but only ONE entry can win.

:bulletred:No excessive violence, racism, gore etc. Nudity and dark art are welcome, as long as your artwork is made with good artistic taste.

:bulletblue:Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock.

:bulletorange:All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources.

:bulletyellow:No DA watermark, just your little signature.


:bulletgreen:Levels: Beginner:your just starting out and you still have problems with things like depth of field and even shadows. You see yourself as having a ways to go before becoming comfortable with what you are doing.

:bulletred:Intermediate:you are more comfortable with your programs but are still learning the ropes. things are coming easier and you are not to the point where you consider yourself a pro.

:bulletpurple:Advanced:You are more sure of your skills and things come easy to you. You haven't mastered it all but you are confident and thing don't take as long as they once did.

:bulletred:If you are not sure of your skills level,I will gladly help you to choose the right one for you.

:bulletblue:Submit your entries to the

:bulletred:We reserve the right to decline any work with too poor quality, or if it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and doesn't fit its theme.


:bulletblue:From 2nd of February to 25th of February


If anyone can donate any:


:bulletred:exclusive/premium stocks


let me know in the comments bellow or send me a note.

You can donate points here

Point Donators

:iconwhimsicalblue: :iconlora-vysotskaya: Mariaelisabetta :iconmalkavianone:  :iconmoonfairy82:

Exclusive Stocks:

:iconrenata-s-art: :iconamaranta-g:


:bulletred:We will have 3 winners,one in each category!

:bulletorange:1'st place(Advanced level)- 550 :points:

:bulletpurple:2nd place(Intermediate level)-480 :points:

:bulletyellow:3rd place(Beginners level)-350 :points:

:bulletpurple:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconrenata-s-art:

:bulletgreen:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconamaranta-g:

:bulletblue:All winners will receive 1 exclusive background stock from:iconmoonfairy82:
:bulletred:All the winners will receive a feature from :icontheallex:

:iconlora-vysotskaya: jiajenn 

:bulletblue: All the winners will receive llamas from :iconwhimsicalblue: jiajenn 

Our Judges!:heart:

:iconlora-vysotskaya: :iconraine17: :iconwhimsicalblue: :icondani-owergoor:

:iconmr-ripley: :iconrowye:

You have 3 weeks to participate!Good luck!:heart:

:bulletred:And please, add this journal to your favorites,so that other people can see it.We will appreciate it!:heart:

Our entries:


Mature Content

love by rocheleheart10

Mature Content

couple in love by rocheleheart10

Psyche and Eros by MalkavianOne

Forever by KarmaRae


fallen cupid by kavouranny

Valentine Mercy by Ksulolka

Amore E Psiche by Scarletmcd

'Come back, Cupid, or I'll shoot!' by Pissenlit00

Surreal Valentine Dance by MARCO-E

. . . The way to my heart . . . by ChIandra4U

The arrow woman by annemaria48

Green arrow by annemaria48


Sprite Ranger by John-Stone-Art

From Cupid With Love by JayGraphixx

Stupid Cupid by Amaranta-G

Elf Warrior by mshellee

Cupid love arrows by Julianez

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For the future I can donate stocks... ;)
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thanks for mention :) 
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i can donate one premade background of my gallery. accept my request of donation?
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Yes,of course.Thank you!:hug:
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Great theme. I try to create artwork for this contest.
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Glad you like it!:D
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Oooooh, I love the theme here.  *happy squeaks*  I'm still sad that stress and a general inability to pull together the piece for the last one but this one is one of my favorite stories of the Gods.  :heart:
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Glad you like it!Hope to see your entry soon!:D
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Wonderful theme and good luck dear:heart:
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I can offer feature and llamas for all the winners!
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Anytime my friend:)
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