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❁ May's Challenge at :iconda-lovers:

I'm happy to anounce our eighth contest! :happybounce:

This time I come up with something that's perfect for the upcoming summer!:D

The Flower of my Heart!Sunflower Base Heart Test 

:bulletgreen:Our eighth challenge will be about SUNFLOWERS!
Icon - Sunflower 
:bulletred:This is what you will have to do:

:bulletyellow:Your artwork must contain a SUNFLOWER!The flower must be big and noticable!

:bulletblue: It can be fantasy,dark,emotional,even horror,but it MUST have a sunflower in it.

:bulletorange:Please describe shortly your artwork in the description.

:bulletgreen:Here you can read about the meaning of sunflowers.

:bulletblue:English version:

While they are stunningly beautiful, they also are rich in history and meaning. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself.

They are unique in their ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrance, an attribute which mirrors the sun and the energy provided by its heat and light.

Artists throughout history loved the sunflower’s unique splendor—those of the Impressionist era were especially fixated on the flower. The use of sunflower images as religious symbols has also been documented in some native societies.

Wild sunflowers are often photographed with their tall stalks and bright petals stretched towards the sun. This interesting behavior, known as phototropism, inspired a motif that has appeared in many ancient works.

Today, sunflowers remain a highly recognized flower, admired for its sunny charm and delightful disposition. These beauties are also still sourced for their seeds, as well as oils used for cooking and skin emollients. For a flower that reflects so many of the sun’s positive characteristics, it isn’t surprising that people enjoy basking in the sunflower’s warming glow so much.


:bulletred:Spanish version:

Este es un símbolo de la fe espiritual, y la adoración porque seguimos nuestro sistema de creencias como el girasol se mueve para hacer frente a los rayos vivificantes del sol. De color amarillo significa la vitalidad e inteligencia. Es un símbolo de la felicidad también.

Girasol: "Eres preciosa". En el lenguaje de las flores el girasol significa: "te admiro". El amarillo significa "eres mi sol. Solo tengo ojos para ti, y como el girasol, yo me giraré siempre hacia ti" y el naranja es la fidelidad en el amor junto con la admiración.

El girasol se mueve en la posición más directa frente al sol para que pueda obtener los máximos rayos de sol.

El girasol como símbolo también puede representar la fe inquebrantable que guía al alma a la más alta sintonía espiritual. También son un símbolo de buena suerte, riqueza y ambición.

Como es una flor amarilla, el girasol se puede comparar con el chakra del plexo solar (Manipura). Este chakra (y su color) gobierna el intelecto, y es una fuerza central de la percepción y conciencia de sí mismo y la evolución personal. El girasol podría ser un símbolo útil en la meditación como un medio para reforzar la seguridad y la confianza

Dar girasoles para alguien que está trabajando en conseguir una meta y necesita una gran oportunidad en su vida.

Son también un excelente regalo de inauguración con el que el receptor abraza nuevas oportunidades en forma de casa y hogar.


:bulletred:You must be a member to :iconda-lovers: to participate.Join us!

:bulletblue:Media:We accept Photomanipulations,Digital Art or even Traditional Art.

:bulletgreen:Your artwork must be new and created specially for this contest.

:bulletorange:All entries must include a link to this journal and the group icon in the description.

:bulletyellow:Entries are limited to 2 submissions per artist but only ONE entry can win.

:bulletred:No excessive violence, racism, gore etc. Nudity and dark art are welcome, as long as your artwork is made with good artistic taste.

:bulletblue:Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock.

:bulletorange:All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources.

:bulletyellow:No DA watermark, just your little signature.


:bulletgreen:Levels: Beginner:your just starting out and you still have problems with things like depth of field and even shadows. You see yourself as having a ways to go before becoming comfortable with what you are doing.

:bulletred:Intermediate:you are more comfortable with your programs but are still learning the ropes. things are coming easier and you are not to the point where you consider yourself a pro.

:bulletpurple:Advanced:You are more sure of your skills and things come easy to you. You haven't mastered it all but you are confident and thing don't take as long as they once did.

:bulletred:If you are not sure of your skills level,I will gladly help you to choose the right one for you.

:bulletblue:Submit your entries to the

:bulletred:We reserve the right to decline any work with too poor quality, or if it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and doesn't fit its theme.


:bulletblue:From 3rd of May to 28th of June!


If anyone can donate any:


:bulletred:exclusive/premium stocks/llamas


let me know in the comments bellow or send me a note.

You can donate points here

Point Donators

:iconaguranata: :iconmagicalflowerbomb: :icontheartfulconnor:
:iconlora-vysotskaya: :iconpanjoool: :iconbestartchoice:


Exclusive Stocks:

:iconrenata-s-art: :iconamaranta-g: :iconmshellee: 


:bulletred:We will have 3 winners,one in each category!

:bulletorange:1'st place(Advanced level)- 320 :points:

100 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletpurple:2nd place(Intermediate level)- 250 :points:

75 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletyellow:3rd place(Beginners level)- 170 :points:

50 :points: from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletpurple:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconrenata-s-art:

:bulletgreen:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconamaranta-g:

:bulletyellow:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconmshellee:

:bulletblue:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconflowerpowerstock:

:bulletred:All winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconhermitcrabstock:

:bulletred:All the winners will receive a feature from
:iconannewipf: :iconhermitcrabstock:


:bulletred:There are 8 judges in total.

:bulletblue:Each of them gives one vote for the best entry in each category,based on quality and creativity.

:bulletgreen: The entry that receives the most votes wins.

:bulletyellow:If there is a tie in the voting in the same category,we proceed to use the public poll votation.

Our Judges!:heart:

:iconlora-vysotskaya: :iconpanjoool: :iconwhimsicalblue: :icondani-owergoor:

:iconmr-ripley: :iconrowye:
:iconkarinclaessonart:  :iconannewipf:

You have 4 weeks to participate!Good luck!:heart:

:bulletred:And please, add this journal to your favorites,so that other people can see it.We will appreciate it!:heart:

Our entries:


1. goddess by rocheleheart10

2. sun beauty by rocheleheart10

3.He's my Sun by AniXxAnics

4.Girasoles by NUBES112




1.Walking on Sunshine by Branka-Artz

2.May's Challenge - Long for the Sun by TiBiArt

3.Golden Sunflower Eyes by AliDee33

4.The sunflower lady by annemaria48


6.happy sunflowers by AguraNata

7.The sunflower by annemaria48

8.The Sunflower Princess by PsdDude


10.SunFLowers Life by MikhaelPacheco

11.sunflower fairy by kavouranny

12.Sunflowers by lapaowan

13.Did you enjoy the sun? by Aya-DNA

14.Sunflower Fairy by morosity

15.Summergems by EnchantedHawke

16.Sunflower by vagabond-mm

17.the Land of Sunflowers by Libra-Heart

18.<da:deviaTHE GIRL AND THE SUNFLOWER by CatyRuiz3

19.<da:deviaDaughter of the Sun by Asterielly


1.My pure flower by ThunderMadArts14

2.Girasoles by maiarcita


4.Country girl by ULarka

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Asterielly's avatar
I want to enter so bad, but have trouble deciding my level xD
I hope i can finish the piece today to be able to join.
Renata-s-art's avatar
If not,you can still submit it tommorow,the deadline ends on the 28th.I will help decide your level,don't worry.:)
Asterielly's avatar
Thanks! Just uploaded my entry, I need to put my level before I upload it to the contest folder? because I need a little help with that  Sweating a little... 
Renata-s-art's avatar
You can upload it now to the folder and how do you feel about going into intermediate level?You're work is gorgeous but I think it would go better there than in advanced.:)
Asterielly's avatar
Yeah, I think intermediate is the best option, let me add it and upload the image to the folder ^^
BestArtChoice's avatar
Hold on, I am going to paint. :) 
rocheleheart10's avatar
Hi it rocheleheart10. Renata. Im gonna try to vote when it starts but I'm on cell now it dont work all tje time ok ill try.
Renata-s-art's avatar
Hi,dear.I'm sorry but you can't vote since you're not a judge and you participate in the contests.
rocheleheart10's avatar
Oh i guess i thought it was public vote im sorry that s evenb bete
Renata-s-art's avatar
We only use public poll vote when it's a tie.No problem.:)
rocheleheart10's avatar
FlyingGinger's avatar
God damnit I was rushing my entry than saw the extension. 
Want me to submit to advance instead? 
Renata-s-art's avatar
Yes,you can submit to advanced if you like to.Take your time,you don't need to rush now.:)
AniXxAnics's avatar
I've already passed my work.
Tho i'm not really sure if someone saw my work 😂
Renata-s-art's avatar
Yes,I got it!But you forgot to add the group's icon,your level and the link of the contest journal.I wrote you a reply on your submission explaning how to do this,didn't you get it?
AniXxAnics's avatar
Sorry. I wasn't able to read it. Since our wifi conection is unstable.
Renata-s-art's avatar
AniXxAnics's avatar
I already editted it miss. Tnx for the help
Renata-s-art's avatar
annewipf's avatar
Don't forget: I may offer a premade background to all the winners from… to all the winners and a feature in the journal of my 2 accounts, as usually (you do not need to ask).
Renata-s-art's avatar
Thank you so much!I will add you as a regular donator then!:D :hug:
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