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Shipwreck in Antartica


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Viewer Response Critique:
About this "Shipwreck in Antartica," I had different feelings when looking at this image multiple times.

First, this scene let me associate with that famous, epic scenario of "Titanic", but furthermore, there are some settings that would never happen natually: certainlly, there are penguins in Antartica, but in reality, it makes no sense that there are also corals and underwater plants. So I assume the author tried to put some materials to create an atmosphere of hopeless, scare, and danger, though these things can never be in the same place at the same time, these look well to give me the feeling, and the superb drawing skill makes the image better.

Also, a "photomanipulating" tag can also explain how can these thing take place: it is a surreal concept rather than an image depiting a real thing, and it does give me impact. Thanks for for sharing this excellent work.

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Thanks so much for your critique.:)
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Believe it or not, I actually know that specific shipwreck. It's the Peter Iredale, a British bark, grounded in Clatsop Beach, Oregon, United States, on October 25, 1906. I've visited its resting site several times.
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 very, very good
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wow i love this is like story on picture:heart:
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A nagy fehér mindjárt bekapja a szegény kis pingvint!Már csak át kell törnie a jeget!Nagyon jó!:hug:
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Fantastic work :clap:
I wouldn't jump if I were her :D
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Thanks a bunch!Yeah,I wouldn't either...:D
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You are very welcome :glomp:
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Wonderful work Petras! :)
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You're welcome. :)
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Great work and concept :)
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Thank you so much!:heart:
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My pleasure, Renata :hug:
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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat 

                                 Smiley Dork Smiley Dance Waving Smiley Smiley Girl Grin
Beautiful representation in this manipulation !!!!
We see a female protagonist at the top of the job
and a very feared submarine protagonist: the Shark !!!!!
Throughout the work reigns the blue and dark violet tones.
There we can observe a scene with a mixture of fantasy and realism.
Excellent digital description of the seafloor contrasting with the line
visual air ...! Both situations are very successful !!!
The use of many resources is appreciated  ; they are excellently located.
The red hair of the lady stands out remarkably
We admire your work!!!!!!  Daisy thank youfor sharing it in this Group of :deviants: !!!!!!          
                                                       Excellent by KmyGraphic
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Thank you so much!:happybounce: :heart:
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Wow this is beautiful I like the shades of blue
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