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Back from the dead!
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Gypsy Vanner


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Gypsy Vanner


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Suiyex Orohito-Commission


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I Will Always Love You Zeita


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Dark and Aiya colored

Nightingale's Song

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I Was Wrong

You tell me you want me But all I see is disdain You say you love me But all I see is a cold hearted man You deceived me I believed you were different But, I was wrong You are like every other man I believed this would last But, I was wrong A coward, afraid of commitment I gave you my all But you, you did nothing You coward behind a mask Giving me lies and bull shit excuses A horrid mask, cold and distant I am wonderful without you I have no care for the things done I am strong and able I was wrong about you But, I hold no scorn for what has been done Only the reasons why


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Go Go Dancer Costume 1

Fashion Design

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Simba and Timon

TLK and TLK Style

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Don't Know Yet


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