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Aster, The Road Less Traveled Ch.11DIGIVICES These are small, handheld devices which hold tremendous power. They appear to be gifted to certain humans once they've bonded with a Digimon. This allows Digimon to Digivolve into more powerful forms. The process which creates a Digivice is unknown. It appears that a bond is needed. But the nature of that bond is always different. For some it is friendship. For others it is a common goal. And for appears when love blossoms. Equally mysterious are the inner workings of the device, such as how it is able to cause Digimon to Digivolve. Various attempts have been made to replicate it. But it seems like growth and data absorbtion is required to evolve without one. Then there is the topic of whether a Digimon could use a Digivice without a human partner...Encyclopedia Digimonica, RK Aster and Terra slumbered peacefully through the night together, the Renamon completely unaware that the innocent young Agumon had snuggled up to her side for comfort. The morning light gradually crept its way through the window, illuminating the room in a warm glow that caused the Renamon to stir. Feeling a warm body pressed again her fur, Aster opened her blurry eyes hoping to see that it was Silas resting beside her, that the last year or so had been nothing but a dream.But when Aster’s eyes sharpened and she saw that it was young Terra beside her, the sting of reality and what had been lost came back to her. Biting her lip in annoyance, Aster started to nudge Terra out of her bed with her thigh before using her foot to push him over the edge.The orange lizard flopped onto the floor, taking Aster’s blanket with him before thrashing about for a moment in confusion. “I-I’m up I’m up!” he shouted, as he struggled with the blanket that enveloped him before his head popped out from amidst the fabric with an embarrassed guilty expression. Aster unflinchingly stared at the young Agumon for a moment before a smirk broke her cold demeanor along with a small chuckle. “Serves you right for not listening to me! What were you doing in my bed anyways?” she inquired with a small tilt of her head before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. “S-sorry,” apologized the orange dinosaur meekly, his eyes meeting Aster’s for a moment before returning to the floor. “I was having trouble sleeping and you’ve made me feel so safe so I climbed into bed with you,” admitted Terra with a small nod before he untangled himself from his blanket. “Just don’t do it again, all right?” sighed Aster in reply, giving Terra a small smile to let him know that no hard had been done. The tall vixen then headed to the bathroom to commence her morning hygiene routine, brushing her teeth, grooming her fur, and other small maintenance activities. Once she was finished, she returned to the bedroom area where Terra was doing his best to remake the beds, even if the sheets were a bit wrinkled. After a quick communal breakfast with some of the other Digimon who were lodging at the inn, Aster and Terra traveled to the Brave Guard spire where Morrow and Rem were waiting for them in their office. Even though the morning was still young, Morrow’s inbox was already slightly overflowing with files, reports, and forms. And the young man’s face was all the worse for wear because of it. “Good to see you again Morrow, Rem. Are you two always this busy?” inquired Aster with a bit of concern as she entered the office, Terra trailing a few steps behind her. “I’m afraid so, Aster,” spoke up Rem from his smaller desk right next to Morrow’s, the Gazimon giving them a friendly smile as his paws continued to type on his miniaturized computer. “Ever since Capacitor City became a hub for refugees, we’ve been buried in paperwork from all the complaints and increase in crime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the refugees or the residents, but Digimon weren’t made to live this long in such close proximity to each other. The Brave Guard has been able to keep the peace so far, but we’re stretched pretty thin as it is and more people keep arriving every day,” informed Rem with a weak smile, his words making Aster realize that the situation was worse than she had thought it was. “Is there anything Terra and I can do to help lighten the load? I had no idea things were that bad,” offered Aster before shifting her glance to Morrow who returned her gaze. Morrow gave his head a quick dismissive shake before speaking, “As much as we could use the extra help, Aster, what we really need is for things to return to normal so people can return to their homes and rebuild. Even with the largest and best trained police force in Folder, there’s only so much we can do when the food and water runs out,” sighed Morrow before resting his forehead against his knuckles. “That’s why we need as much information about what is going on with Cerberus Forces and with Coal. Frankly Aster, the information you are uncovering while tracking down Terra’s tamer is more valuable than having another officer patrolling the streets. That’s another reason we need you to check out the Digivice scholar out in Gnarl Vine Village, any information he could provide could potentially give us a fighting advantage in addition to helping you figure out your new Digivolution abilities.” “But we’re going to rescue Roy before we visit the forest place right? We need to rescue him as soon as we can!” protested Terra in earnest, his attention rapidly shifting back and forth between Aster and Morrow. Taking a deep breath as she weighed her options, Aster returned her attention back to Terra who was tugging on her cloth gauntlets before replying. “I promised that I would help you save Roy as soon as possible and I intend to keep that promise. That being said, I also know that neither of us is nearly strong enough if we run into problems like that Devidramon. Even with my armor evolution that fight was way too close for comfort. And the odds are that the Cerberus Forces have even stronger Digimon than that Devidramon working for them," reasoned Aster audibly, her words making sense to Terra even if he didn’t like them. “We need to be smart about this.” “I know this isn’t easy for you Terra and that you’re concerned about your friend, but Aster is right,” comforted Rem with a friendly smile, getting up from his desk before giving the young Agumon a hug which the orange lizard happily accepted. “Don’t worry Terra, Roy is going to be alright.” “O-okay, if you say so Rem,” sniffled back Terra in reply, feeling more secure that everything would work out fine in the end. As Rem continued to comfort Terra, Morrow handed Aster a small flash drive to connect to her Digivice. “Here, this should have the coordinates for Gnarl Vines Village along with my personal number in case you need to reach me. We also managed to attach a sidecar to your motorcycle so Terra can ride with you easier and you can carry more supplies. It's not very pretty, but it should serve you well.” “Thanks Morrow, I appreciate all the help you’re giving despite the difficulty. You’re a true friend,” smiled Aster warmly, getting up from the small folding office chair so she could give her old companion a hug. “Take care of yourself, alright?” “Thanks fluff ball, I’ll do my best. You do the same now you hear? Try and keep out of trouble,” replied the young man as he exchanged a casual embrace with the soft vixen which reminded them both of better times. “Hey now, it’s not like I’m actively looking for trouble. It just keeps finding me!” laughed Aster in playful protest, giving her old friend one last smile before heading to the door.The two duos then said their goodbyes before Aster and Terra headed out towards the courtyard where her motorcycle was waiting for them. Sure enough, a simple aged sidecar had been attached to the right side of her motorcycle along with a few extra storage boxes. “Morrow wasn’t lying when he said it's not pretty,” she sighed, the drab brown sidecar obtrusively standing out from the shiny chrome of her sleek motorcycle. “All right Terra, hop in,” she instructed before inserting the flash drive into her Digivice and double-checking the coordinates. As the Digivice pulled up a holographic map, Aster slowly scrolled towards the new area. And a new way marker appeared showing the way to Gnarl Vine village. “What’s that dot over there for?” asked Terra, his voice full of curiosity as he attempted to maneuver himself to a comfortable position in the sidecar, finding his tail to be a bit of an annoyance. “That doesn’t look like the village to me.” “O-oh that? It's not important. Right now we need to get to Gnarl Vine village and find that scholar so we can rescue Roy and put a stop to Cerberus Forces,” redirected Aster, not wanting to break her focus by discussing a sensitive matter. Instead, she ignored the old way point, creating a new one at the village before deftly slinging a digigrade leg over the seat of her bike. Terra remained silent as Aster ran though her mental checklist for her motorcycle, making sure that everything was working properly and that the sidecar wouldn’t break off half way through the next leg of their journey. Once she was satisfied, Aster started her bike before carefully navigating the busy courtyard and streets to the city gates. Unlike the busy lines for entrance into Capacitor City, the exit lines were almost empty of travelers and extremely understaffed. As they exited from the looming walls and the security of the city, an ocean of sand and jutting stones greeted them along with the scorching breath of the desert wind. Dimming her visor, Aster turned her bike towards the village waypoint before accelerating as Terra ducked behind the small glass shield of the sidecar for cover. But the further they got from Capacitor city the more the terrain mellowed out, with sand giving way to dirt as shrubs morphed slowly into stumpy and eventually much larger greenery. As they got closer to their destination, they entered into an expansive forest with a canopy that filtered light onto the dirt path which they traveled. The duo eventually reached the small hamlet of Gnarl Vine village, the architecture seemed carved out of the forest itself as trees, ginormous roots, and even some larger branches had windows and doors constructed into them. There also seemed to be levels within the village that mirrored the canopy of the forest itself, with plant-like Digimon dwelling close to the bottom and avian-like Digimon dwelling higher up. “Quaint,” thought Aster to herself as they casually coasted through the town, her metallic bike seeming very out of place with both the architecture and the Digimon around her. Similar to the small towns they had passed through previously, the Renamon and Agumon stood out like a sore thumb, even more so now thanks to the disproportionate vehicle they were riding. Aster putted through town for a few minutes and getting a lay of the land. She looked over the shops and other useful tidbits of information that occasionally became important. But as they made their way around a second time, Terra noticed some movement between several tall hallowed out trees, prompting him to grab Aster’s attention. “Over there! It looks like someone’s being attacked!” he squeaked out in concern, directing the Renamon’s attention with a curved claw. Sure enough, an Ogremon and a Fugamon were picking on a Wizardmon behind the cover of the trees, shoving the smaller Digimon around as he desperately clung onto a large book buried in the security of his arms. But rather than waiting for Aster to stop the motorcycle, Terra leapt out of the sidecar and headed directly towards the small clearing behind the trees, letting off several small pepper breath attacks as he went. “H-hey! Damn it Terra, what do you think you’re doing!” shouted Aster, bringing the bike to a safe stop as quickly as she could while Terra’s orange figure disappeared into the trees and foliage. “Of course he had to pick a fight with two champion level Digimon,” she thought to herself, turning off the ignition before pulling the key out. “I just hope no one steals our supplies while I’m rescuing his ass,” grunted Aster before rapidly dismounting from her bike and sprinting towards the gap between the trees. Just as she expected, Terra was growling and holding his ground between the Wizardmon and his attackers, only concerned with doing what he felt was right rather than worrying about his own safety. But despite Terra’s aggressive confidence, the Ogremon and the brownish-red Fugamon seemed un-phased as they continued to close in. “We won’t stand a chance in a straight up fight, I need to draw them back to my bike so I can fuse with it,” planned Aster as she paused for a moment, sizing up the situation before the Ogremon and Fugamon noticed her. Deciding it wise to keep her distance, Aster made her presence known by unleashing a flurry of sharp crystals using her Diamond Storm attack. Even though the attack did little to weaken her new targets, it certainly drew their attention.Utilizing Aster’s distraction, Terra grabbed the Wizardmon by the arm, half leading and half dragging him back to the dirt roadway as the twin attackers went after the daring Renamon without a second thought. Not letting up, Aster continued the pressure as she retreated through the woods, occasionally flinging shards to keep her targets interested. But with her attention focused behind her, Aster failed to see the low hanging branch in her path before it was too late. With a loud “SMACK!” Aster’s head impacted with the unexpected obstacle, which promptly sent her tumbling to the ground in a stunned daze. Her vision swirled before her as feelings of nausea and an incapacitating ringing noise assaulted her senses. Her entire body feeling dazed, Aster barely had enough consciousness to roll out of the way as the Ogremon slammed his club into the ground where her body had been. Staggering back to her feet, Aster could feel fear creeping into her heart, making each pounding beat throb in her ears. She needed to make it back to her motorcycle. Willing herself forward, Aster broke out in a dead sprint as her pursuers gave chase. She could hear them behind her, each thump of their large bare feet and each labored breath which caused her ruffled fur to stand on end. Rounding the corner, Aster broke through the tree line and sprang herself towards her motorcycle. However, instead of following behind had Terra led his new Wizardmon companion on a more direct route to Aster’s motorcycle, cutting directly through the undergrowth of the forest. Bursting out of the foliage, the two witnessed a bright light as the daring Renamon started to Digivolve with her motorcycle. Awestruck with amazement, the Wizardmon’s eyes went wide as he witnessed Aster fuse not only with her motorcycle but the attached sidecar as well. In addition to her motorcycle morphing into a shiny set of protective armor, the sidecar had transformed into a large ovular shield complete with its original drab brown hue. As the blue energy dissipated from her armor-Digivolve, Aster landed on the dark soil with a heavy thump before defiantly planting the butt of her shield into the dirt. “Come on you thugs, bring it on!” she challenged. Everyone who looked at Aster did so in awe and amazement, especially the Wizardmon who dropped his book in excitement. “It’s happening, it’s actually happening! I’ve heard the legends but I never thought I would actually get to witness this firsthand!” he exclaimed in wonder, his eyes as big as saucers beneath the wide brim of his hat. He watched in dumbfounded awe as Aster skillfully blocked a powerful blow with her shield from the Fugamon’s crude bone club. “This is absolutely astonishing I-I need to take notes!” he stuttered before frantically attempting to pull out several pens and a pad of paper which awkwardly dropped to the ground in his hurry. Even though both the Orgemon and the Fugamon were champion level Digimon, they clearly were untrained fighters and their sloppy attacks greatly reflected that. Despite having never used her newfound shield before, Aster easily adapted it to her fighting style, using it both for defense as well as offense. Roaring with renewed strength, the armored Renamon braced herself with her shield before retaliating by ramming the overly aggressive Ogremon into a towering tree. The green Digimon grunted upon his violent impact, his head lurching forward before slamming against the bark which prompted his entire body to go limp and flop to the ground. Seeing that his companion was incapacitated, the Fugamon froze in his tracks, his eyes enlarging with fear. “A-all right! I give, I give!” he shouted in terror, quickly dropping his bone club to the ground in surrender as his arms went high. “Just don’t hurt me anymore all right? It’s already going to be painful to walk for the rest of the week as things are.” Aster’s sharp eyes peered into the frightened crimson Digimon, scanning him to see if he was trying to pull a fast one over her. Not sensing any treachery, Aster relaxed her combat stance, though her guard remained up as she watched the Fugamon attend to his fallen friend. “What were you two doing? Why were you attaching that Wizardmon?” questioned Aster as Terra and the befuddled scholar slowly approached from behind her. “M-my name is Horace, oh mighty warrior maiden,” corrected the Wizardmon meekly, his voice cracking like a schoolboy trying to talk to a crush for the first time. Giving the awkward Wizardmon a quick glance, Aster returned her attention to the two defeated Digimon before repeating her question. “All right, why were you two attacking Horace?” “We weren’t trying to hurt him, just ruff him up a bit, that’s all! It’s the job the village elders entrusted to us! We were supposed to guard the shrine and burial grounds and keep people from desecrating the graves by looting them like this Wizardmon was doing!” protested the Fugamon as his companion slowly started to awaken from his injury. “I wasn’t desecrating the graves, I was merely digging up the ancient Digivices so I could study them and uncover the secrets of Digivolution! I was going to rebury the bodies once I was finished you know!” shouted back Horace with assurance while still making sure that Aster was squarely between him and his earlier attackers. “Wait a moment, did you have permission from the village elders to conduct your research?” questioned Aster as she turned her attention towards Horace, starting to feel as if she may have been on the wrong side of the confrontation. “Well er…I’ve tried to get permission several times in the past, but each time they turn me down! I had to dig up those graves, imagine the advancements that could be made by researching the ancient Digivices and uncovering their secrets! It could change Digivolving and human Digimon relations forever!” “That still doesn’t give you the right to desecrate the resting places and relics of the heroes of old!” growled the Ogremon as he took an aggressive step forward only to be held back by his Fugamon companion. “You should have just left well enough alone!” “It’s not like the ancient heroes were going to use their Digivices any mo-” continued Horace before Aster cut the argument short with a loud shout. “That’s enough Horace! Shut your mouth before you make things worse,” interrupted the mechanized vixen, her voice rich with anger towards the overeager scholar. She then grabbed the befuddled Wizardmon by the arm before half leading and half dragging him towards the large hollowed out trunk in the city center which functioned as Gnarl Vine’s town hall. Sensing the tension, Terra’s scaly tail twitched nervously as he chased after the determined Renamon, hoping that things wouldn’t get any messier than they already were.
Aster, The Road Less Traveled Ch.10Sure enough, the terrified and defeated Petitmamon readily recanted everything to the Brave Guard, telling them all he knew about the kidnappings and smuggling. Unfortunately, he didn’t give any new information beyond what Aster had already collected, and he was promptly sent to the jail to await his trial. “Seems like the Digital World is becoming a more dangerous and chaotic place every day,” commented Morrow as he headed back to his office with Aster. And his Gazimon partner, Rem, gave Terra a tour of the facilities. “So, now that you brought these kidnappings to our attention, what are your plans? Wait, let me’re probably going to go gallivanting off after them, aren’t you?” smirked the young man after sitting down in his worn office chair behind his chipped wooden desk. “You know me too well, Morrow,” chuckled Aster with a grin on her face. Her tail flicked happily behind her as she sat in one of the opposing chairs. “I have to do it. I feel responsible for failing to rescue Terra’s partner and I can’t stop thinking about what might happen to everyone else that was taken,” sighed Aster, lowering her head for a moment before looking up at her old friend again. “Though, hopefully now that the Brave Guard knows about this it won’t be much longer.” “I hope you’re right Aster, I really do,” nodded Morrow, running a hand through his blonde hair as he reflected on the matter before them. “We’ll spread the news about the kidnappings. And how the kidnappers prefer to use Cerberus Force vehicles.” He then paused for a moment, weighing his next words carefully before speaking. “Hey Aster, how have you been holding up since...what happened with Silas?” he asked gently, trying to be there for his friend whom he know tended to bottle things up deep inside. The vixen’s ears dropped at the mention of her old tamer’s name. Her tail went limp as a reflection of her troubled heart. “I’ve been…hanging in there I suppose.” She raised her head and looked her trusted old friend in the eyes. “I’ve been riding my bike around a lot, both in this one and the human world. I've found the purr of the engine soothes me and helps me cope. And I visited Silas’ parents and…told them about what happened. It's a bit twisted, but death has a way of bringing people together I suppose. It was nice being able to talk with them without feeling judged for being a Digimon. And they didn’t blame me for what happened to Silas. Though deep down, a part of me still says it was my fault. That I wasn’t strong enough to protect him. And without him, I’m even more powerless and I just feel…lost. Like I lost my sense of purpose.” Morrow remained still as Aster spoke her heart, not trying to offer advice nor trying to sugar coat her troubles. He listened attentively as a true friend. He nodded his head every now and then, a sad smile on his face as he listened to Aster’s heartfelt reflections. “After a few months of wandering around feeling bad for myself, a devil answered my prayers.” She looked up and chuckled with a small grin at the sudden look of concern on Morrow’s face. “No, I didn’t sell my soul to the Devil to Digivolve, Morrow. A Devimon named Hail stole my Digivice and it took several months of tracking before I finally got it back. Thankfully, it wasn't damaged and still functions,” smiled Aster as she pulled the memento out of her thigh pouch. The faithful dark blue Digivice flickered to life in response to Aster's motion. “I’m glad to see that you got your Digivice back, Aster, I’m sure it’s quite the keepsake,” Morrow said with a kind smile. He was glad to see Aster slowly coming to terms with and moving on from her loss. “It’s not just a keepsake, Morrow." She paused, and had an idea. "Say, do you want to see something really neat?” inquired the yellow vixen coyly, a wide grin on her face and a playful twinkle in her emerald eyes. Even though he still had a mountain of paperwork to complete, Morrow agreed to Aster’s proposition. He followed her out of the Brave Guard HQ tower and to the parking area below. After asking around a bit, they managed to uncover the location where her bike had been carefully unloaded and parked. It made Morrow happy to see that Aster was still riding Silas’s old bike and keeping it in tip top condition as she had been taught. It reminded him of simpler and better times. “Watch this, Morrow, it’s really cool,” grinned Aster, feeling a bit excited about being able to show off for her old friend. She began to fiddle with her Digivice, causing a light blue glow to consume her body and her motorcycle. The motorcycle broke into data and was quickly absorbed by Aster, her body releasing a flash of light as she fused with her bike into her armored form. Not only did the sudden lightshow and change surprise Morrow, almost knocking him over, but it also instantly made Aster the focus of attention of everyone in the plaza. The normally inconspicuous fox felt a wave of embarrassment from all the eyes upon her, but she was committed to see things through. “So, what do you think? Pretty cool, huh Morrow?” beamed Aster as she moved around a bit, showing her new flashy armored form off to her old friend as he watched in amazement. She finished with a quick backflip and posed, smirking at Morrow. “That’s incredible! H-how did…? You combined with it and…heh, I guess the world is full of surprises,” stammered Morrow before breaking out into a deep laugh. “That really is something special, Aster. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it, you know? So, are you a cycle-Renamon now? Or maybe a Moternamon? Renacyclemon?” joked Morrow with a few affirming nods of his head. “Haha, very funny Morrow. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor,” smirked Aster with a roll of her eyes, feeling more confident now that the onlookers were continuing on with their day. “This form is pretty strong too, but it's just one step towards settling the score," she chuckled, images of vengeance tempting her mind as she felt her heart race at the thought of revenge. "So...where did that new power of yours come from?" "I'm not sure. It just kinda...happened during my fight with Hail." Aster looks at the metal gauntlet encasing her arm. "Would be nice to know what this is..." The two chatted for a bit longer about her ability before Aster returned to normal and parked her motorcycle back where she had found it. The two headed back to Morrow's office, where Aster told him more about her adventures with Terra. “Hey Morrow, do you think you could find a side car for my motorcycle? It’s not that I dislike the little rascal or anything, but it can get a little uncomfortable having Terra cling to my back for hours on longer rides,” asked Aster as she leaned back in a chair as Morrow searched his computer for more information about Aster’s special Digivolution. “Hmm, I’ll ask around and see if we can dig one up for you Aster. It’s the least we can do considering how much you’ve helped us out. Worst case scenario, I’m sure one of the metal smiths can whip one up, even if it might look a bit silly attached to your motorcycle,” chuckled Morrow. He looked back at the computer, his brow furrowing when his search failed to bring up any relevant information about Aster's unique ability. “Hmm, I’m not finding anything yet…wait. Ah ha! Here’s something that might be useful to you. There's a small excavation at a forest town not too far from Capacitor. And it looks like they've uncovered some ancient Digivices along with wall etchings depicting some sort of...old armor evolution. That sounds similar to what you showed me earlier. It’s not much of a lead, but my source says there’s an expert scholar studying them who might have more information about what’s happening,” explained Morrow, reading the rest of the information to Aster before sending a file to her Digivice with the coordinates. “Sorry I couldn’t help you more, Aster”. “There’s nothing to feel sorry about, Morrow. You’ve already more than helped me out, and you’re an awesome friend,” smiled Aster, getting up from her chair and giving her old friend a fluffy hug. “Plus, a forest sounds like a nice change of pace from the hot desert air,” affirmed the Renamon before taking her seat and resuming their conversation on a more lighthearted topic. The day gradually gave way to night as Aster and Morrow chatted about old times while Rem entertained Terra with a tour of the city accompanied with a few games of tag. Figuring it best to spend the night and continue their search in the morning, Aster and Terra decided to stay at the town’s inn courtesy of the Brave Guard. As Aster and Terra headed up to their room to get some much needed rest, Terra’s growing curiosity once more got the better of him. He could stay silent no longer. “Miss Aster? What’s it like to Digivolve?” piped up the nervous young Agumon as he fiddled his three clawed fingers together in anticipation. “You don’t need to call me 'Miss Aster' anymore, Terra. Just 'Aster' is fine,” chuckled the vixen, her high spirits prompting her to smile down at her young companion rather than scolding him. “But why do you want to know about Digivolution all of a sudden?” “Well, er...I’ve never Digivolved before. Ever since Roy was taken I can’t help but…but wish I could Digivolve so I could be stronger like you,” sniffled Terra as they entered the room, his words making Aster pause for a moment as she listened. “If I was able to Digivolve I...I might've been able to protect him and..." but then Aster cut him off. “Terra,” started Aster, turning around to face her young friend before kneeling down to his eye level and removing her visor. “What happened with Roy…wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing what would happen and even without Digivolving I’m sure you did your best to protect your friend,” comforted Aster as she rested a paw on Terra’s scaly shoulder, a motherly expression on her face. “You can’t keep blaming yourself for events that happened in the past Terra, that won’t change what happened,” spoke Aster, feeling hypocritical for not taking her own advice. But she didn't let it show. The last thing Aster wanted to do was make Terra think she was misleading him. Terra sniffled a bit as he lifted his gaze to Aster’s emerald eyes, finding solace there before wiping the tears from his oversized snout. “You really think so? But what if Roy is scared or those bad people are hurting him?” pressed the Agumon, voicing the worries of his heart and mind. “I just…can’t stop imagining what Roy might be going through.” Aster gave these questions a bit more thought before replying, making sure to craft her response carefully. “Roy will be all right, Terra. He may be a bit scared right now, but I promise you that they won’t hurt him. And once we rescue him, imagine how proud he'll be of you,” offered Aster, doing her best to cheer up the sorrowful orange dinosaur. Thinking about the Renamon’s words for a moment, Terra took a deep breath to calm himself down before replying. “But how do you know that for sure?” “I just do, Terra. I just do,” she answered back, her smile enough for Terra to accept her words as a comforting truth. " wanted to know about Digivolving? You were asking about it before. Do you want to know about the Digivolution forms I've reached?" Aster asked in a positive tone, hoping to distract Terra from his worries, as she got back to her feet. “You’ve...reached more than one form?” spoke up Terra, his curiosity driving away his sadness as he started to go about his nightly routine. “I thought you could only Digivolve with your motorcycle.” “Believe it or not, I only recently discovered that ability,” chuckled the vixen with a small smile as she took off her gloves before folding them on the nightstand. “Back when I had my tamer, I was able to Digivolve all the way up to Ultimate with my Cyber Kitsunemon form. But I haven't been able to reach that form in a long time." “Y-you were able to make it all the way up to Ultimate? That...that's so cool!” admired Terra, his eyes sparkling in awe and with newfound respect towards the mysterious Renamon. “What do they look like?” inquired Terra, Aster’s distraction working like a charm and taking his mind off of his missing friend. "Well, my forms are based on some type of human mythology. And with each Digivolution, I gain more tails. My Champion form, Kitsunemon, has three tails. Cyber Kitsunemon has six tails. Mega form should have nine," Aster shrugged as she started to unzip her leotard. Then she stopped, figuring it would be best to leave it on since they were sharing a room this time. “If you’re not able to Digivolve anymore, why don’t you get a new tamer? Maybe with a new tamer you’d be able to make it all the way to Mega!” suggested Terra readily, his tail wiggling in excitement. “I’m sure there are lots of people who would like to tame an amazing Digimon like you!” “That’s an interesting suggestion, but I don’t think it works like that I’m afraid.” She chuckled before remaining silent for a moment. “As for the taming bit, that’s a really sweet sentiment…but never phrase it like that again.” Terra’s eyebrows narrowed, unaware that he had said something rather suggestive, “Why not?” he answered back with all the innocence of a child. “You’ll find out when you’re older,” chuckled back Aster, giving Terra a playful pat on the head before going to brush her teeth. The Renamon then went about her normal routine, double checking her supplies as she ran through her mental checklist. Once she was satisfied that everything was in place, she slipped under the covers before adjusting her pillow till it was just right. But as she prepared to turn off the light, she noticed that Terra was hesitantly approaching her bedside while twiddling his fingers. “Um, Aster? I appreciate you trying to cheer me up and all, but I’m afraid I’ll have bad dreams about Roy even though you said he'd be okay. W-would it be alright if I slept in your bed?” he asked innocently, like a young child who seeks the comforting security of being close to their parents. “Sorry Terra, but that’s going to be a no,” replied Aster as gently as she could, her words bringing several small nods from the Agumon before he turned away. Making sure Terra was settled in bed, Aster turned out the light before letting her thoughts drift about. She thought about the past, present, and future, turning things over and over in reflection before sleep overtook her wearied frame. Meanwhile, try as he might, Terra was finding it difficult to fall asleep as he actively forced himself to think about things other than his captured friend. But when his restlessness bested his inhibition, Terra quietly exited from his bed and approached the quietly snoring vixen. Taking a deep breath, Terra stealthily maneuvered himself to Aster’s side, finding comfort in her closeness. Even though she was cross with him now and then, Terra couldn’t help but feel safe when Aster was nearby and it wasn’t long until his troubled mind was put to ease and his body able to drift into a dreamless sleep....
Aster, The Road Less Traveled Ch.9Despite the successful accomplishments, Aster’s sleep was fitful. She awoke within her lodging at the Aeston Springs inn, and reckoned she needed a few more hours of sleep to be fully functional. But Aster had a job to do and a promise to fulfill, so with a deep breath she forced herself to start getting up. While her long slender digitigrade legs hung over the edge of the bed, barely touching the floor, the tired vixen ran a paw through the fur atop her head. “Here we go again,” she chuckled before rising to her feetpaws and walking over to where her purple leotard lay folded up over the backrest of a cushioned chair. Although all Renamon were covered with fur and very few of them ever wore any clothing articles beyond a satchel or backpack, Aster felt naked without her leotard. It's as though she wasn’t wholly herself without it. After suiting up and gathering the few items she had brought with her, Aster gave the cozy room one last look over before leaving. “Hiya Aster, are you ready to get going?!” yelled Terra excitedly, having been anxiously waiting on the other side of the door for a few minutes. Not entirely awake, the Agumon’s sudden appearance startled the poor vixen causing her to recoil back into the room where she landed in an aggressive stance on all fours. “D-damn it, Terra, don’t startle me like that!” exclaimed Aster, her fluffy chest rapidly rising and falling as she attempted to regain her composure. But even though she was angry at the young Digimon for his innocence, she was glad her first reaction was to get some distance than immediately attack. “Sorry…” was all Terra could respond with, his head along with his entire posture slumping in shame as his excitement rapidly drained from his body. “I should have knocked rather than waiting,” murmured the Agumon, keeping his eyes on the floor as Aster rose to her feetpaws. “Well, now you know better, so don’t do it again,” answered Aster, trying to sound cautious rather than stern before giving Terra a small noogie with her paw to let him know she harbored no hard feelings. “Wait...why did I just do that?” Aster thought to herself as she walked down the hall, leaving a slightly shocked Terra behind. He quickly caught back up to her once he regained himself. But rather than dwelling on her actions, Aster promptly headed towards the police station to see if they had managed to locate the Petitmamon’s crashed supply van from the day before. Sure enough, Aster and Terra’s story had checked out, and the Petitmamon had quickly told the Brave Guard officers everything when they interrogated him. The crashed armored van had been located, and the miscellaneous scrap inside had been confiscated. This critical information was inserted into the official incident report, which was faxed to the Brave Guard headquarters in Capacitor City. Still insistent on pursuing their investigation, Aster volunteered to transport the message and the worn Petitmamon to Capacitor city, to which the officers agreed after some persuasion. Having some time to themselves before the next Trailmon to Capacitor City arrived, Aster and Terra took some time for breakfast at the quaint café inside the inn where they had spent the night. Unlike the rations from Blisterstone, Aeston Springs was more of a tourist and relaxation destination, and the meals they were served reflected this. “I’ve never seen fruit cut into so many different shapes before,” admired Terra, drooling as he greedily eyed the plate of fresh fruit and steaming eggs which their ladybug-like Tentomon waiter set before him. But with a stern look from Aster, Terra managed to control himself until Aster’s plate of sausage and eggs was brought out and placed before her. But as soon as Aster’s gaze dropped to her plate, Terra wasted no time in getting to work. But after gobbling down half his plate in a matter of seconds, the young, innocent dinosaur paused for a moment when he noticed the cultured fox eating with two small wooden sticks which had been set on each of their place mats.Enthralled, Terra watched Aster skillfully manipulate the long sticks with her paws to lift a sausage from the plate to her mouth, of which she took a small bite. It took Aster a few more bites before she realized she was being observed. Setting her chopsticks to the side, Aster looked Terra in the eyes before inquiring why he was staring at her. “What is it Terra, is there something you need? There’s a bathroom in the back if you have to go,” offered Aster on an assumption, her words causing instant embarrassment to the young Agumon as he sheepishly looked back at the chopsticks residing at the corner of his own plate. Terra attempted to acquire a chunk of fruit with the wooden ends, taking the slender eating utensils clumsily in a paw. But to his frustration, Terra only managed to send his chopsticks flying as his precious food dropped to the floor. Red with embarrassment, Terra hopped down from the chair on which he was sitting before collecting the fallen fruit with a claw and popping it into his mouth without a second thought, much to the astonishment of their Tentomon waiter who was watching from the serving counter. “Terra! Why did you just do that?” chastised Aster as she looked around and noticed the other customers at the café were staring at the orange Agumon. “Huh? Wha- did I do something wrong?” stammered Terra, suddenly becoming quite aware that he was now the center of attention. “Did my chair squeak too loudly when I moved it?” he asked innocently, unsure why so many Digimon were now suddenly eyeing him as if he didn’t belong there. “You shouldn’t just eat food off the ground, Terra,” pressed Aster, her usual calm and collected personality getting frazzled by all the glances and straight-up stares they were receiving. “But why not? What’s wrong with eating it as long as it’s not growing vira-mold on it yet?” mumbled the Agumon meekly, his head gravitating towards his plate in shame. “I mean, back in Blisterstone Roy and I had to eat much worse than some slightly dirty fruit from the floor just to survive,” “I…I never thought of it like that before,” replied Aster quietly as she leaned back in her chair. The young Agumon’s simple words gave her a humbling reminder of her companion’s past. “I forgot about everything that you… you and Roy have gone through. I’m sorry, Terra.” sighed the vixen, her head and ears drooped as those around them continued to stare, concerned only about the uncivilized disturbance to their meal. “Go ahead and finish your meal however you see fit... the Trailmon should be ready soon,” The two finished eating in silence before leaving the upscale café, thanking the waiter for the meal before heading back onto the streets of the fancy tourist town. But despite the earlier events, Terra quickly returned to his regular chipper, curious self as they collected Aster’s bike before heading towards the Trailmon station. A few Brave Guard officers were waiting for them when they arrived, the hand and wing cuffed Petitmamon between them.“Are you sure you can handle him just fine all the way to Capacitor? One of us can accompany you if you want,” offered the armored Centarumon as Aster and Terra approached. “I appreciate the offer, but Terra and I can handle it just fine,” answered Aster with a nod of acknowledgment before accepting the keys to her prisoner’s shackles. After making sure she had the proper papers and everything was in order, Aster’s motorcycle was driven into a storage train car and the Petitmamon was secured in a makeshift holding cell. Once that was taken care of, Aster and Terra situated themselves in their seats. A loud resounding whistle then marked their departure as the Trailmon gave a strong lurch forward, slightly jostling its passengers before starting to make progress down the polished tracks before it. Having never been on a Trailmon before, the thrilled young Agumon eagerly pressed his face against the glass window by his seat, his eyes darting to take in all the sights as the Trailmon picked up speed. Aster smiled to herself as she watched the scenery shift past Terra’s scaly shoulder, the greenery around Aeston Springs quickly giving way to the overwhelming tanned hues of the desert beyond. Although Aster certainly preferred the gentle purr of her motorcycle to the rhythmic click-clack of the railroad track, she was thankful for the comfy air conditioning of the passenger car and the lack of sand blasting its way into her fur. Leaning back against the headrest, the fluffy fox let out a long exhale as she felt the almost constant tension in her shoulders start to relax. It didn’t take much more until Aster was fast asleep and cuddled up with her tail on her chair. “Hey, Aster! Look at the cool rock forma-” started Terra with delight before quickly shutting up once he realized his furry friend was sleeping. But rather than immediately shifting his attention back to the window, Terra’s eyes remained on the sleeping vixen. While Aster typically came off as extremely intimidating to the young Digimon, Terra couldn’t help but admire how peaceful and pretty she was in the moment. Smiling, the innocent Agumon watched as Aster’s tail shifted and her cute little nose twitched as she breathed. But not wanting to feel creepy, Terra returned his gaze from the sleeping Renamon to the scenery outside, where it contently stayed for the majority of the journey till he started to doze. After almost two hours of traveling, an announcement played across the Trailmon’s speakers, informing the passengers that Capacitor City would be coming into view shortly. Lifting his face from the smudged glass where it had been resting, Terra’s eyes noticed that the previous dessert had changed. Small shrubs and dry brushes now dotted the landscape along with occasional patches of trees that ruled over their respective domains. But as beautiful as it was, it paled in comparison to the monolithic stone wall of Capacitor City, which had just come into view. As the Trailmon came closer to the city, Terra made out five enormous towers within the walls that stoically watched over the bustling city below. To the untraveled Agumon, the city seemed like something out of a fantasy world, and Terra could do nothing less than admire Capacitor City’s grandeur. As they neared the city walls, the Trailmon began to decelerate before smoothly coming to a stop at the station, which was bustling with all sorts of Digimon and a surprising number of human tamers of all ages. By the time the Trailmon came to a complete stop and opened its doors, Aster was already up and about, collecting their few belongings before guiding Terra to the exit doors. As they stepped out onto the busy platform, a few uniformed Brave Guard approached them and requested for Aster and Terra to follow them. “Of course, the Petitmamon is in the third storage car. Also, could you please bring my motorcycle in there to fountain plaza, please?” asked Aster in return as they wound their way through the crowded station towards the looming gateway into the city. Behind her Terra followed in an awestruck daze, his head swiveled around at the city’s utter immensity.Bypassing the long lines through the security checkpoints, the group entered the vibrant city thanks to their Brave Guard escort. Like the stalwart walls behind them and the looming towers standing sentinel before them, Capacitor City was primarily carved of a dark grey stone, including the various buildings, streets, and busy sidewalks. But amidst all the stonework were a number of tents and other crude temporary structures. Huddled around them were clumps of refugees who had sought sanctuary within Capacitor City’s protective walls. As far as Aster could tell by looking at the accumulating mass of trash and refugees, Capacitor City was almost bulging at its seems. They continued without stopping and arrived at the plaza in the city’s heart. And the five primary towers were centered around it. Each one served as the dedicated headquarters for various city departments and was marked accordingly by banners bearing specialized emblems. “Um Miss Aster? Where are we going?” spoke up Terra shyly as they headed towards a tower with a large banner depicting a golden lion head on an azure background fluttering above the entrance. “We’re going to meet with an old friend of mine, Terra. He should be able to help us locate Roy faster and give us more information about what’s going on,” relayed Aster as the group entered into the crowded foyer. There, a tall, sharply dressed blond-haired young man in his late twenties was busy chatting with several officers of higher rank. But after turning around and seeing Aster, the young man’s face came alive with a wide grin before promptly approaching her. “You crazy vixen! We haven’t seen you in over six months, and the first thing you do is cause a stir and make a mountain of paperwork for me to deal with!” he chuckled while shaking the Renamon’s paw before the two went in for a hug, which caused Terra’s eyebrows to skyrocket in surprise. “What can I say? I enjoy causing a good stir.” Aster laughed with an equally big smile on her face as her tail wagged happily from side to side. “It’s good to see you, Morrow. How have you been these days?” “Busy,” replied Morrow bluntly, his previous sunny disposition taking on a bit of a scowl as he glanced around a bit. “Things have been a bit busy with all the refugees coming in lately, but it is good to see you again,” he continued with a small nod of his head before shifting his gaze over to Terra, who was uneasily rocking back and forth on his heels, somewhat intimidated by all the tall and powerful Digimon walking around. “Who’s your scaly friend here?” “Hm? Oh, this is Terra. His partner and some other townsfolk were kidnapped in Blisterstone and we’ve been following their trail ever since,” informed Aster as Terra gave a nervous wave of his clawed hand, still a bit overwhelmed to form any real coherent introduction. “A pleasure to meet you, Terra. You must be quite brave and loyal to pursue after your Tamer like this,” smiled Morrow, bending down so he could more easily shake Terra’s hand. “I’d like you to introduce you to someone else Terra. This is Rem, my Gazimon partner,” continued Morrow before pointing back at the grey lemur-like Digimon who was currently arguing over something with a Chamelemon behind them. “N-nice to meet you s-sir, are you the leader friend Aster was telling me about?” stammered Terra at first, his confidence gradually coming back to him. “Leader friend? Oh, you must mean Beowolf. He’s the Brave Guard’s leader, so it makes sense that you would want to see him. You know Beowulf though, he’s never been one to sit still in an office. When he hears that others are in trouble, he can’t help but go gallivanting off to rescue them.” chuckled Morrow before straightening up and running a hand casually through his blond hair. “Anyways, he should be back soon. In the meantime, you can tell me what the deal is with the Petitmamon you caught,” pressed Morrow as several guards brought the very nervous Digimon into the room before tossing him roughly in the center. Stepping towards the Petitmamon, Aster towered over the cowering prisoner as she glared down at him with her sharp green eyes. “If you have any brains in that head of yours, I suggest you tell them everything and fast.” Her harsh words bringing a grin from Morrow and Rem as they were reminded of old times."Some things never change."...
Aster, The Road Less Traveled CH.8
The odd digital duo continued southeast from the mining town in the direction the Drimogimon had instructed, following the slightly less crooked path that served as the road. But after an hour of travel and a few sore butt cheeks later, the outline of another village came into view when they rounded a dusty hill. However, as Aster grinned at the potential of another clue and short rest for her weary body, she also noticed they were no longer alone on the desolate roadway. Though as Aster observed the vehicle, she realized the enormous car wasn't following the gentle curves of the desert road but rather driving recklessly straight forward, kicking up a large quantity of dust. "Something's not right here," thought Aster to herself, increasing the throttle of her motorcycle to get a closer look at the suspicious automobile. But once Aster closed some of the distance, a snarl formed at the edge of her lips, a large, mostly scratched off Cerberus Forces logo became visible on the side of the battered armored van. "That's them! That has to be them!" shouted Terra in excitement, pointing towards the vehicle with a clawed hand, and his other continued hanging onto Aster so he wouldn't fall off. "What should we do? How do we stop them without hurting Roy inside?" Thinking for a moment as she forced her motorcycle to accelerate, Aster continued focusing on the armored van before shouting instructions back to her passenger. "I'm going to pull right behind them; you aim for the wheels with your pepper breath attack!It's our best chance of making them stop without hurting anyone inside!" shouted Aster, entirely throttling her bike as they rapidly started to gain on the much slower armored van. "I-I'll do my best!" shouted back Terra in agreement, trying to sound confident despite all the worry, hope, and fear welling up inside of him. But in truth, Terra couldn't be more worried about his friend. "What if I miss and they end up getting away? What if I do hit them, but I end up hurting Roy in the process?" squirmed Terra to himself as the armored van began to swerve, kicking up additional rocks and sand in their direction. Heart racing and pupils narrowed, Aster and the bike moved as one as Terra hung on for all he was worth, waiting to blast the rear tires when the opportunity presented itself. "Now Terra, now!" ordered Aster as they whizzed around a corner, the dust cloak around the tires subsiding in an opportune moment. "I can do this, Roy is counting on me to rescue him, I won't let him down!" roared Terra, taking in a deep breath before expelling a small fireball towards the van's back. However, in his haste to seize the moment, Terra had forgotten to account for the speed at which they were moving and adjust his shot accordingly. Not only did his shot miss the battered grey vehicle, but the bolt's sudden explosion caused Aster to momentarily lose her concentration as she swerved to avoid the blast before her. "Damn it, Terra! Aim your shots at where they're going to be, not where they're already at!" snapped Aster once she had gotten her motorcycle back under control, adrenaline flowing through her as the thought of having even a small sliver of revenge drove her forward. "You don't need the perfect shot, just aim for the back as I pull up along the side!" she shouted a part of her knowing this would be a lot easier if Terra hadn't insisted on coming along. Rather than replying and potentially incurring more of the pretty vixen's wrath, Terra began to rapid-fire at the van's backside once Aster had maneuvered him into position once more, mitigating the risk if he missed. It took him a few more shots, but eventually, the plucky Agumon managed to hit his mark, getting the armored vehicle's back tires to burst while only slightly scorching the rear doors. It's rear tires shot and axles grinding; the armored vehicle suddenly began to fishtail as the driver lost control before plowing headlong down a short sandy embankment before impacting with a loud crash. Skidding to a halt and rapidly throwing down the bike's kickstand, Aster dismounted in a flurry before rushing towards the rumpled door in the driver's side of the car, leaving Terra behind to attempt dismounting on his own. But upon ripping the driver's door open with her paws, Aster's ears drooped in disappointment when she saw who the driver was.Instead of the driver being an angry Boogiemon, a bruised and battered lesser demon Petitmamon with a broken wing looked back at her, quivering in fear. "P-please, don't hurt me!" cowered the small purple demon as he raised his arms in a pathetic defense. "Y-you can have whatever you want in the car, just please don't hurt me!" he pleaded as Aster slammed a balled fist in frustration against the van's side before taking off towards the backside of the armored van. Sure enough, when Aster pried open the van's back doors, there was nothing but crates loaded up with dried rations and odd bits of old equipment scattered about. Forcing herself to take a deep breath, Aster stomped her way back to the injured driver as Terra hurried his way over to check things out for himself. "It's… it's not the right van," stammered Terra as he gazed longingly at the supplies in the back of the van. "We…failed…Roy is gone," mumbled the stunned Agumon as he stood there motionless, at a complete loss of what to do next. "We didn't fail entirely," replied Aster as a small, devilish smirk crossed her face as she headed towards the mostly incapacitated driver. "We may not have found Roy, but I'm pretty sure we captured someone who knows where he's being taken. Aster then roughly yank the Petitmamon out of the fraying driver's seat before tossing him onto the hot sand and turning to tower over the lesser demon. "Now, you're going to tell me exactly where you were taking all these supplies and who you're working for. If I find your answers unsatisfactory, I'm going to beat your ass into the sand. Got it?" demanded Aster as she planted a white footpaw squarely on the demon's chest, her claws only a few inches away from the quivering demon's eyes. "So tell me, where were you driving to?" "The- uh…W-west, I was heading West!" answered the Petitmamon readily, hoping to avoid the vixen's wrath as much as possible. Pausing for a moment, Aster took a deep break before glaring the Petitmamon directly in the eye. "The…entire…rest…of…Folder…IS TO THE WEST!" she exclaimed, bringing her paw up for a moment before bringing it down hard on the small demon's chest. The sudden stomp from the Renamon's powerful legs quickly knocked the air out of the lesser demon, causing him to cough and wheeze until his breath returned. As soon as he was able, though, the Petitmamon clarified his answer, with little doubt remaining about the vixen's seriousness. "Aeston Springs! I was heading West to a cave near Aeston Springs for my delivery! I was supposed to drop off the car there before taking an empty one to the local villages to get more supplies! I'm just a delivery driver, I swear!" confessed the demon, tears welling up in his eyes as he cowered underneath Aster's heel. A low, disappointed grunt escaped from Aster's mouth as she continued to bore down on the low, pathetic writhing demon. "Good answer. Now for my next questions, who do you work for, and what are they doing with all these supplies?" pressed Aster, a bit pissed that they had only managed to capture a supply runner. "I-I don't know! T-t-the supplies are always hiding in a dead drop when I pick them up, and nobody is around! And-and-and when I drop off the supplies, there's only ever one or two other Digimon there who never really say anything when they help me unload!" explained the Petitmamon frantically, fearing another strike from Aster's foot as the claws hovered frighteningly close to his eyes. "That's not good enough. I need a name, something I can track!" pushed Aster, grinding her heel a bit into the demon's chest as she waited. "Come on now; I don't have all day!""I swear I don't know! The only thing I've overheard about that was that someone named Draugar has been kidnapping people! I don't even know where the main hideout is nevertheless who's in charge of it!" told the demon honestly, clearly afraid that Aster wouldn't accept his truthful answer and would punish him for it. Pausing for a moment to weigh her captive's words, Aster lifted her paw from the delivery driver when she noticed the concerned look on Terra's face. "Fine, that will do for now, but we're going to take you are going to be our prisoner until we drop you off with the Brave Guard." Explained Aster, figuring Terra likely wouldn't let her finish off the Petitmamon, even if transporting him would be an enormous pain. "Terra, try to find some rope or anything else useful inside the van while I watch over our new friend here," instructed Aster, trying to get the innocent dino doing something productive. Huh? Oh, sure thing," replied Terra with a nod once he had refocused on the situation at hand. Although he was certainly saddened that his friend was still missing, a small part of Terra made him feel proud of his accomplishment of taking out the van. After climbing into the back of the supply van, Terra started to open up the boxes and scavenge around inside of them, eventually finding a strand of rope that would serve well enough. "Got it!" she shouted back to Aster before exiting triumphantly, the rope held high as a prize. "Excellent, nice work," complemented Aster, her eyes only leaving her captive for a moment as she held out her paw. Once Terra had given her the rope, she began to bind the Petitmamon with it, making sure it was nice and secure to prevent any wiggling during transportation. For the most part, the small demon barely put up any resistance, his spirit broken and his mind having resigned to his unknown fate. After salvaging a bit of fuel from the wreck and adding it to her motorcycle, Aster assisted Terra onto the bike before placing their extra passenger in his arms despite the Agumon's visible confusion. "Hold onto him, Terra, whatever you do… don't drop him," instructed Aster with a small nod as she looked her companion in the eye to make sure he understood. "I'll be driving a bit slower to Aeston Springs since we're a bit overloaded, but try not to fall off, alright?" she chuckled to herself before swinging a leg up and over onto her bike, unintentionally giving Terra an excellent view of her fluffy rear. Once Aeston Springs had been programmed into the motorcycle's navigation system, Aster, Terra, and their new demon friend adjusted their course and headed West towards the nearest Brave Guard police station. The ride was long and boring, but it gave Aster plenty of time to ponder and reflect upon their acquired information. "There's something bigger going on here, Roy's kidnapping couldn't have been an isolated incident," thought Aster to herself as she drove, glancing back every now and then to make sure Terra as still behind her and keeping the Petitmamon in check. "Sure they're not very well trained, but they're organized and well enough equipped to get the job done. Plus, there's that Draugar leader who was mentioned. Could that be the Boogiemon who kidnapped Roy? He did seem a bit more competent than the other goons we've run into, but if he can afford to have people running supplies for him across Folder, why is he risking his neck to kidnap people rather than letting someone else do his dirty work? Agh, none of this is making any sense," After a few hours or so, the threesome rolled into the lively town of Aeston Springs as dusk began to take its hold and the streetlamps gradually flickered lazily to life. But unlike the other struggling towns they had visited previously, Aeston Springs was much greener and certainly newer. As they idled along, they noticed the streets and stores bustling with various activities as all sorts of Digimon and even a few humans as they wandered about, enjoying the touristy nightlife the town was known for. With their bound captive, the trio certainly received numerous weird looks as they putted to the police station where Aster dropped the kickstand and parked her beloved bike. Even though Aster had built quite the tolerance for long-distance riding over the years, her tired muscles nonetheless voiced their complaints as she assisted Terra with their captive. Holding the lesser demon with one paw, Aster helped Terra dismount with her other, feeling a bit sorry for the dinosaur-like Digimon as his stubby legs trembled when he tried to move forward. It only took a few minutes, though, until Terra's balance returned unto him, and he scampered after Aster into the large elaborately carved stone structure. Inside, Aster was already conversing with one of the Apemon officers inside, letting him know of the events which had taken place and why she was dragging around a bound Petitmamon. Although the officers weren't entirely sure of Aster's claim, they agreed to hold the demon until someone could check out the crash site of the van for confirmation and to see if there was any additional evidence on board. After securing lodging for the night, Aster made her way over to where the young Agumon was waiting patiently before telling him the plan. "So far, so good, I suppose." The tall vixen stated as the duo made their way outside and back to Aster's bike. "They were a bit skeptical at first, but the officers have heard reports of kidnappings from other towns, and once they investigate the wreckage for themselves, I'm confident they will fully believe us," explained Aster with a small smile on her face, happy that at the very least they were making progress. "So what happens next?" asked Terra, his stomach growling in protest of the recent lack of food as he followed behind Aster, who was pushing her bike to the small inn across the street. "The station offered to put us up in the inn for the night while they interrogate the driver for any more information he might have. If everything checks out, we will escort the Petitmamon to Capacitor city, where the majority of the Brave Guard are located. They should help us find Roy and everyone else who was kidnapped," explained Aster as she fought back a yawn, her body weary from the day's events. Once Aster's bike was secure, the two headed inside the inn for a hearty warm meal before checking into their individual rooms for the night. But as Terra laid there on his bed, belly full, a small smile formed as he thought. Before Roy was taken, he had been more than content to screw around with his friend, but now…but now, Terra felt as if he was finally doing something with his life. Sure he was terrified of losing his best friend, but helping Aster was exciting and adventurous, even if he often felt embarrassed around the pretty vixen. But Aster seemed to know what she was doing, and so with the comforting thought that he'd be back with Roy any day, Terra drifted off to sleep, dreaming of motorcycles, car chases, and pretty Renamon who he could impress....
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It would appear that the admins of this group have seen fit to promote me to founder of the group. I must say I am very much surprised and honored by this, and thank my fellow admins for bestowing me with this privilege.
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LiquidFrogStudios Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Renamon and Dark Renamon:

Renamon by LiquidFrogStudios Black Renamon by LiquidFrogStudios
AshleyGamer1995 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2021  Student Writer
Hey fellas. I've not joined this group, but I came here to ask a quick question - who is Renamon and/or what is she about, including her backstory?
comicfam Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2019
Renamon taur ? Renamon mermaid? Renamon naga? Please?
RenamonBeauty Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2019
hmmm... Renamon lovers... There some pictures looks like more torture than love :| (Blank Stare) 
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Can I join
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Renamon-Lover =Furaffinity 2 QwQ 
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Thanks for requesting "Leading to a Lost Friend".
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