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Aster, The Road Less Traveled Ch.13“Wait a moment, did you just say there was a Digi-Egg stored on my Digivice?” reiterated Aster in confusion, her tail going straight behind her in concern. “That doesn’t make se-” she continued before the sleepy Terra interrupted her sentence. “A Digi-Egg? That’s so cool! Congratulations Aster, I didn’t know you were a mommy, er, mommy to be?” interjected Terra as he rolled over sleepily on the couch where he had been trying to sleep. He then blinked at the two older Digimon before whipping the sleep from his eyes. “Ah, sorry to wake you my reptilian friend, I had forgotten you were behind me,” readily apologized Horace, swiveling in his chair to face the young voice. “Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be a standard egg though, but it does remind me of something that I’ve seen before. However, I can’t remember exactly what it is,” he mused aloud, leaning back in his chair before allowing it to slowly spin itself back to the desk, a bit to Aster’s annoyance. “Do you think that the egg could somehow be involved with my…Armor Digivolution was it? It’s the only strange thing we’ve seen so far on the Digivice,” suggested Aster, giving Terra a shake of her head to answer his question. She did find it immensely odd though that there was an egg stored on her Digivice. “Hmm, it’s certainly a possibility but it will require further looking into if we are to know for sure.” He replied with a close of his eyes and a smile beneath his scarf. He then carefully cleaned off Aster’s purple Digivice just as he had the recovered ancient ones before handing it back. “Here you go, no harm done and it’s shinier than before,” chuckled the Wizardmon as Aster extended her paw before taking back her precious Digivice, giving it a look over for her own satisfaction. “Well now, since yesterday was quite hectic and since Terra was such an excellent helper, why don’t I treat you both to a nice breakfast?” offered Horace, setting down all of his work and focusing completely on his guests for what seemed like the first time. “I think we could all use a nice little break,” Even though Horace had supplied him with plenty of snacks during their long night of shoveling, Terra’s head instantly perked up at the mention of food. “Breakfast sounds wonderful! I’m starving!” grinned the young Agumon, his mouth salivating greedily as his mind teased him with potential delightful breakfast combinations. “Can we Aster, please?” A small smile crept over Aster’s face as Terra reminded her once more of the innocence and simplicity which emanated from her young ward’s mind. Even though the tall vixen knew they were on a tight timeframe, Aster gave her consent figuring a small morale booster would be worth the time spent. :I suppose we could take the time for a nice breakfast, though we do need to keep moving if we are to track down the kidnappers,” reminded Aster softly, her words catching Horace’s attention. “Hmm, kidnappers? Oh yes, I believe Terra mentioned your unfortunate situation last night. I’m terribly sorry to hear that it happened, though from what I heard it does seem like you’re making progress.” Complemented Horace as he rose to his feet before taking a moment to properly store his tome and the ancient Digivices in a small safe hidden behind a painting. “A bit tacky I know, but it never hurts to be prepared eh? Especially in these uncertain times,” he chuckled softly to himself, setting the painting to the side before entering in the combination on the simple wheel dial. The safe swung open with a low rusty whine, revealing its contents of various papers, a closed jar or two, along with some other keepsakes and valuables. The retrieved Digivices were then carefully placed inside one at a time along with Horace’s oversized journal which had its own shelf at the top of the safe. Once everything was secure, Horace led his new friends outside and began to give them a short tour of Gnarl Vine village. Although the overall amount of land the village took up was relatively small, the village itself was quite spacious as it was primarily built amidst the branches. “Watch yourselves now, it takes some times to get used to the sway of the ladders and plank bridges, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it easily enough,” informed Horace before quickly scampering a rope ladder to one of the sturdy wooden platforms attached to a thick tree. Even though Aster wasn’t overly fond of heights, she had her image to maintain and therefore willed herself to climb after Horace. Terra however had no such image or dignity to maintain, and therefore opted to take the small lift to the upper levels despite the heckling by some of the locals. Once they had reached the top, Horace led them through the upper sections of the town, pointing out popular hangouts and shops along with whatever segment of trivia popped into his head at the time. He eventually brought them to the doorway to the aptly named Canopy Grill from which a plumb of savory smoke lazily drifted out from. “Ah, here we are! Doesn’t that smell absolutely wonderful?” he asked with a beaming smile before entering inside the acclaimed restaurant. Even though the restaurant was perched high up in the tree tops, Aster was amazed at how lavishly the place was decorated. While the town hall where they had met the Lilymon elder was more of a traditional structure, the Canopy Grill on the other hand was much more modern. The inner walls and floor was constructed of rich colored hewn boards, each one skillfully fastened together with joints and mortar. In fact, there wasn’t a single nail holding the pace together and the only metal Aster could see was the stoves and their assorted cooking equipment. The floor itself was also completely solid, lacking any holes which would have reminded Aster how high up they actually were. After the group took their seats at a corner table, a cheerful pink bird-like Biomon brought them each a mug of freshly collected rainwater along with a simple menu carved out of wood. “Welcome to the Canopy Grill!” she chirped warmly, giving her stubby wings a cute little flap once they were emptied. “Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to ring the bell in the center of the table if you need anything! Oh, and good to see you again Horace, staying out of trouble I hope?” giggled the spunky Biomon with a knowing wink. “Thanks Pinkie, its great to see you again too.” Chuckled the Wizardmon, giving the young waitress a friendly wave before she returned to the kitchen behind a counter where a brightly colored Muchomon was busy cooking. “Sweet girl,” noted Horace before turning his attention to his menu at which Aster and Terra were already busy perusing. “So, what are you two planning to do once your business in Gnarl Vine is done? If you don’t mind telling me of course,” he inquired, trying to get a deeper feel for his new companions. After double-checking the name of the dish she wished to order, Aster summed up her and Terra’s previous adventures, going into detail this time now that Horace was devoting his entire attention span to her. She chatted about the Icedevimon Hail and his raids on the icy village of Bleakburrow, then how she met Terra in the desert town of Blisterstone. Lastly, she told Horace about Capacitor city and why it was so important that they unlock the secrets of her new armor Digivolution. “I see, that is certainly a rather unfortunate situation,” nodded Horace, pausing for a moment as Pinkie the Biomon took their orders before continuing. “I’m sure the Brave Guard are stretched quite thin due to Cerberus force aggression, not to mention the thieves and smaller gangs in the frontier towns who are taking advantage of the chaos,” sighed the knowledgeable scholar with a sorrowful shake of his pointed hat. “We’ve actually been having kidnapping reports in the villages north of here. If all these kidnappings are related to something bigger like you suggested, perhaps they are gradually making their way across folder towards the border,” “Exactly, that’s why we’ve been moving as quickly as we can and why once we’re finished eating we need to get back on the road.” Nodded Aster, taking a long sip of her refreshing rainwater as Pinkie brought them a couple of richly colored fruit drinks to enjoy. “I see, that makes complete sense and I apologize if I have delayed your quest unnecessarily. That wasn’t my intent. That being said, with your permission, may I accompany you on your journey? I owe you for saving my hide before the elder and for allowing me to further my research. The least I could do is to try and help you in your journey and assist you in unraveling the mysteries behind your magnificent armor Digivolution,” Aster paused for a moment, rapidly calculating the pros and cons of turning their current duo into a trio. Having another companion would mean their rations would be depleted faster, not to mention Aster’s bike was already burdened down with supplies. However, the idea of having a more mature companion besides Terra to have a conversation with was a welcome addition, as was the knowledge Horace about a vast variety of subjects including her armor Digivolution. But before Aster could give her agreement, Terra with a sticky ring of fruit juice around his muzzle answered. “Sure! With your knowledge we’re sure to find Roy a lot faster!” beamed the young Agumon, his eyes sparkling with the idea of rescuing his long time human friend. “Just don’t make me do any more shoveling,” This brought a laugh from each of them, and Aster gave her own permission with a small nod as Pinkie brought their sizzling meals to the table. They spent the next half an hour or so eating while planning out their next course of action. Thankfully, Horace was mostly packed already and was more than willing to let them resupply from his own pantry. He did have more personal supplies than Terra such as his notebook and a few of the ancient Digivices, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t fit in the saddlebags or spacious sidecar which Morrow that gifted them earlier. Once their meal was finished and paid for, they returned to Horace’s stumpy abode and got everything they needed. It saddened Aster’s heart a bit to see her fancy chrome motorcycle used as a encumbered pack mule, but she was certainly thankful Silas had convinced and helped her in installing the heavy duty suspension. With Horace loaded up with the supplies in the sidecar and Terra perched on the passenger seat behind her, the newly formed trio set out down the dirt road out of Gnarl Vine towards their next destination. The progress was slow at first, the roads being relatively unmaintained due to the majority of the denizens being avian in shape, but it was steady as they traversed through the thick forest. As Aster drove, Horace balanced his efforts between navigating and rummaging through his oversized notebook to see what he could find about the mysterious Digiegg on Aster’s Digivice. Making sure to stay crouched behind the small windshield, Horace would shout out a direction every now and then as Terra meanwhile occasionally loosed a complaint about losing out on the significantly more comfortable seat in the sidecar. However, as the tree canopy started to lessen and the light from above started to brighten, the trio started to notice something very wrong. Although it was expected that the trees closer to the desert would be smaller in size, they also realized that the further they went out the more lifeless they appeared, almost as if they were rotting from the inside out. “This isn’t right,” comment Horace as Aster slowed the bike down a bit so they could take in their surroundings better. “The border between the forest and the desert has been steady for every cycle that’s been recorded, but now…it looks like the desert is expanding?” he half asked half stated as they continued past the dried out, withered husks of what used to be a thriving ecosystem. “Unfortunately, we don’t have time to take samples; we need to keep moving if we are to catch up with the kidnappers,” Reminded Aster, picking up the pace once more as Terra and Horace continued to take in what remained of the rotting dried up forest around them. Continuing down the closest thing to a road they could find, they braved the sands and headed out into the sandy desert once more. Even though he was splitting his focus, Horace did an excellent job navigating, leading them towards the next frontier town from which the latest kidnapping rumors had originated from. As they traveled, Terra’s excitement started to wane, and the young Agumon started to find himself growing bored with the seemingly endless dunes marked only by the occasional rock which made up their surroundings as far as he could see in every direction. At first, Terra contented himself with trying to count the weathered stone outcroppings as they passed by. But following a particularly rocky area, the orange dino-Digimon gave up, deciding instead to hum to himself for entertainment. This was fun for awhile, until Aster turned her head and glared at Terra right in the eye. “For the love of all that is holy and sacred underneath the digital sky, please stop humming,” requested Aster, her fur on end as she mustered all the politeness and patience she could find. “It’s only been ten minutes, but I can turn on the rear speakers if you would like to listen to music,” she sighed, her nerves and heart rate calming as she flipped pressed the button to the radio, causing some late 1950’s rock and roll started to play. The sudden sound caused Aster to pause for a moment, the sounds bringing back memories of when she and Silas used to ride together with no destination in mind. She had always hated the music he played, finding it cheeky. But now, Aster was thankful for it and the happy memories it brought with it....
Digital Redemption, Ch.2It had been many cycles since Abathor first led the remainder of Nyx’s Crimson Guard to the hidden laboratory fortress beneath the Silent Mountain. Protected by vast stretches of uncivilized ashen wasteland inhabited almost solely by feral Digimon, it was the perfect bastion from which to operate without risking Celestial interference. Additionally, thanks to Nyx’s prophetic visions and diligent preparations, the Silent Mountain had been well stocked with all sorts of provisions and supplies. Weapons, foodstuffs, and arcane equipment along with a handful of caretakers and Deep Code scholars had been carefully selected and dedicated to the sacred task of resurrecting the departed goddess. Despite all the cycles of meticulous studying, attentive planning, and precise preparations, Abathor had rapidly discovered that resurrecting a deity was infinitely more complicated in application than theorization. Firstly, the incubators utilized in the initial testing of other, smaller Digicores proved incapable of withstanding the significantly greater influx of digital energy required for Nyx’s resurrection. Even after being reinforced and retrofitted, the tanks tended to explode before even half the necessary data input was achieved. Unfortunately, this had occurred with the scholarly demon nearby, crippling his left leg and giving him a permanent limp. Because of this, more robust incubation tanks had to be designed and constructed from scratch, equipment which Abathor decided was best left to the newer initiates for maintenance and testing. The setback had taken them several cycles to overcome, but the overall progress they were making both inside and outside the laboratory for their goddess was significant. However, while the overhauled incubation vats proved resilient enough, the generators of the Silent Mountain compound were irritatingly incapable of producing enough data for the resurrection. Unlike the previous problem, this issue had proven much more challenging, making Abathor fearful that he would fail at the sacred task upon which so much was resting. It was only after many cycles of tedious experimentation, frustrating failures, and occasional glimmers of progress that the energy issue was finally overcome through a combination of methods. And after so many cycles, Abathor was eager to bring those methods to their final fruition. The dull thump of his cane echoed through the carven stone halls as Abathor limped his way to the expansive resurrection chamber at the heart of the Silent Mountain. Around him scuttled a plethora of lesser Digimon, each of which making sure to busy themselves in his presence. The hunched scholar’s Digicore fluttered with excitement as he entered the sacred room, his eyes taking in the majestic sight of all the fully operational machines they all had labored tirelessly to prepare for this moment. Approaching the glittering control panel before the twin massive incubation vats that hung from the vaulted ceiling, Abathor paused for a few seconds to savor the environment and the immensity of what they were about to accomplish. His narrow eyes drifted around the spacious room, taking in the multitude of humming devices and the army of swarming wires and pipes that ran between them. All of these were in one way or another connected to the twin tanks that dominated the center of the room. Suspended in liquid in each tank was one of Nyx’s two sacred Digicores, both of which illuminated the greater chamber with an eerie glow. Placing his long slender fingers on the control panel before him, a revered silence fell across the entire chamber as all the scholars, assistants, and old and new Crimson Guard members waited with baited breath. Sensing that the time for a speech was upon him, Abathor gazed out upon the crowd of Digimon before raising his voice with a shout. “Dear brothers and sisters, bend your ears and listen to my words!” bellowed the demon, his voice echoing off the walls, through the tunnels, and across the many announcement speakers throughout the Silent Mountain so all could hear. “Today, after so many cycles of labor everything is finally prepared; after all our suffering everything is perfectly in place!” he roared, his words stirring a feeling of pride and accomplishment upon all who listened. “For today we fulfill our most sacred of oaths, today we honor the benevolent sacrifice of our holy goddess by using her final gift to not only restore her, but all of her children to eternal glory!” Upon hearing these words the devoted went wild, their shouts and hollers of celebration rising like a crescendo that reached even the lowest crypts of the Silent Mountain fortress. So zealous was their uproar that Abathor had to pause for several minutes before he could continue his address. Raising a hand and waiting until the crowd had calmed, Abathor carried onward but with his tone much more serious in nature. “My faithful friends, as we prepare to forge a new fate, as we near the edge of changing our destiny, I ask that you steel your resolve. Focus solely on your tasks at hand and let nothing distract you from fulfilling our sacred duty. Now then, children of the great Nyx and heirs of the Umbral Empire, attend your stations!” he ordered as his speech reached its conclusion, the zealous chorus rising like a storm once again as everyone hurried to their stations. Pride beamed from the scholarly demon’s face as he returned his bony fingers to the control panel before him. The time to act was now and so, with toothy grin and a manic look in his eye, Abathor gave a lever an aggressive pull, starting the resurrection process. Immediately all the lights and machines in the expansive chamber began to flicker, dimming for but a moment before jolting fully alive. The gentle humming which had softly echoed off the walls was rapidly overtaken by a loud mechanical whirring and buzzing that consumed the peace like a cloud of locusts devouring a crop field. As Abathor’s fingers skillfully worked the control panel, the entire Silent Mountian seemed to spring to life, seemingly powered by the devotion and willpower of those inside. “Generators one through five fully operational. Generators six through ten fully operational. Generators eleven through fifteen fully operational, all core-fusion generators running at peak efficiency and ready to continue,” announced a female voice loudly across the speaker system, her words the summation of the work by numerous Digimon and their countless hours of dedication. Following shortly after the first announcement, a deep male voice echoed from the speaker, “Underground data streams have been accessed, collection rate is reaching peak performance,” his words having been transferred from deep below the surface where data was actively being pulled from underground, river-like streams of data. His heart racing with anticipation, Abathor flicked another switch before lifting his eyes to watch as the great incubation vats were raised by powerful chains into the air. The sparkling luster coming from the cores was absolutely breathtaking and Abathor almost missed the final messages relayed over the speakers. “All aerial siphons deployed and collection rate is nearing 100%,” stated another female voice over the announcement system. However, instead of being confident like the others before her, this one’s voices wavered with nervousness and threads of fear. “But we may have a problem sir, a massive Bit-Storm is starting above the mountain top and I don’t know if-” she continued before Abator cut her off, interrupting her with a degrading shout. “It is no concern, we press on!” he roared, sweat dripping down his brow as his eyes feverishly darted between the multitude of gauges and meters occupying his attention. “We have come too far to stop now, we continue with the resurrection even if we are all consumed in the process!” he roared violently, his voice and resolve silencing any opposition or shred of doubt as a heavy fog started to drift down from the cores. Lightning sparked and danced from between the incubation tanks and the cavern walls, the divine cores inside shining a brilliant light throughout the entire fortress. Even those laboring down below in the depths of the generator rooms and data stream antechambers were bathed in the powerful glow, a testament to Nyx’s power. Outside the stony fortress, titanic ebony clouds had plunged the surrounding wasteland into utter darkness. The sound of thunder dominated the landscape with its roar as massive displays of emerald and crimson lightning bolts struck the ground with an unholy ferocity. The sound was deafening and continued to swell with aggression till the entire wilderness surrounding the Silent Mountain was bathed in blinding light and booming thunder. “Yes, yes, yes! Press onwards my brothers! Cease not my sisters! Our deliverance is nigh!” cackled Abathor with maniacal glee as a massive earthquake started to shake the mountain as the ground joined in with the mighty symphony of the sky to eclipse the clamoring of the dark laboratory. All around him acolytes were screaming, beakers were shattering, sirens were blaring, and the mystic fog from the cores was expanding throughout the fortress, but the devoted demon heard them not. For in that moment, Abathor’s entire being was consumed with completing the task bestowed upon him so long ago. As the raging sky and clamoring ground reached their crescendo, Nyx’s two sacred cores suddenly cracked, instantly flooding the fortress with a dark fog. At the cracking of the cores, the mountain ceased it’s trembling and the outrage of the sky mellowed into a ominous crimson hue before fading to complete black. Darkness swept outwards from the Silent Mountain as residents of villages, towns, cities, and even the Celestial capital of Olympus gazed upwards in quivering fear and confusion. As the emergency backup lights began to flicker, Abathor picked himself up from the dusty laboratory floor as his eyes attempted to adjust to the lighting and the destruction of his surroundings. Shattered glass from light bulbs and myriad beakers covered the floor, mixing with the metallic fragments of priceless machines which had detonated during the process. But as his heart quivered with the destruction of so much work, his entire body and spirit were suddenly put to ease, for lying there amidst the rubble lay two basketball sized Digieggs, vindication for the countless sacrifices made along the way. “I…I did it. After all this time I finally did it,” whispered the withered demon in breathy admiration as he took a hesitant step forward, forgetting about his cane. “They’re so beautiful...beautiful!” laughed Abathor as he admired the crimson waves on the first ebony shell and the emerald swirls on the second. Wiping away the tears of joy from his eyes, Abathor continued towards the sacred eggs with baited breath. Kneeling down, the demon extended his slender fingers towards the Digi-Eggs before reverently picking them up in his arms. He could feel the heat emanating from inside each one along with the faint sense of a presence the old demon never thought he would feel again. “Thank you Nyx, thank you.” wept Abathor openly, his tears falling freely on the two Digieggs which he was rocking gently in his arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” repeated the Demon over and over, his heart overjoyed at bringing Nyx one step closer to her resurrection. Seeing that acolytes and operators alike were starting to funnel back into the resurrection chamber, Abathor collected himself before rising to his feet and straightening his back. His eyes scanned across the growing crowd, taking in the excitement of some and the confusion and fear of others. Still Abathor waited for more to arrive as a soft murmuring began to rise as word of the Digi-Eggs started to spread throughout the followers. But once the murmuring had grown to a buzz the old Devimon held out the twin eggs for some to see before starting to speak “Brothers and sisters hear my words!” he called out as a reverent hush fell upon the crowd. “I know many of you are worried or frightened at the recent sequence of events. However, now is not the time for fear, but rejoicing and celebration! For all of our dedication, all of our hard work, all of our sacrifice, has come to fruition at long last! For Nyx’s cores have been reborn!” shouted the demon zealously as he lifted the sacred Digieggs into the air for all to see, many falling prostrate to the ground in reverence. “Fate is on our side my friends, but I caution you not to grow complacent with our progress. For as these Digi-Eggs grow in size and strength, so must we continue to grow in numbers and dedication to our Empress! Therefore on the day when Nyx is fully restored to her full sepulchral power and majesty we, Nyx’s faithful children, will march with her and reclaim everything that was taken from us and more! For Nyx and the Umbral Empire!” roared Abathor, thrusting the eggs into the air for emphasis as the faithful crowd shouted back his final words with zeal and dedication. As the frenzied gathering wooped, cheered, and celebrated around him, Abathor began the journey back to his private chambers, moving slowly so all who wished could gaze upon the powerful relics in his arms. All thoughout the Silent Mountian Digimon sang songs of praise or others danced with joy while many more gave their reverence silently with bowed heads and bodies. But despite the clamor and magnitude of emotions, none dared to try and touch the sacred Digi-Eggs or block the path of the one who carried them. Eventually after wandering through the fortress, Abathor found solace from the chaos in the comfort of his private study where he locked the doors behind himself so he wouldn’t be disturbed. But only after placing each of the Digi-Eggs on an ornate jewel-encrusted gold pedestal did the devoted demon notice the change in his own body as he realized he had walked through the entire fortress without assistance from his cane. “I’m…I’m healed!” chuckled Abathor in amazed bewilderment as he experimented with the range of motion of his hip that had caused him to limp for so many years. Not only was his hip pain gone, but Abathor could feel the strength and vigor of his youth returning to him like a breath of fresh air. “Thank you for your blessing my lady, I will use this gift to pursue your will all the more!” laughed the scholarly Devimon as he knelt before the two Digi-Eggs, tears of joy streaming freely down the now smooth skin of his once withered and wrinkled face. “I know you will my son, I know you will,” whispered a soft comforting voice in reply, a voice which Abathor once feared he would never hear again....
Digital Redemption, Ch.1Many Years Ago, in a Young Digital World Ash floated around her like snowflakes as the scent of smoke from the burning city below, her city, filled her regal nose. It stung, but not merely as much as witnessing the destruction of her beloved capital, and by extension, the Umbral Empire she had painstakingly crafted and guided over so many cycles. Letting out a long heartfelt sigh, the tall feminine figure retreated from her balcony back into her dark stone palace fortress, her nine black and crimson foxlike tails twitching with uneasiness. Her silken robes flowed softly with each solemn step as she returned to her ornately decorated judgement hall, her royal golden throne encrusted with numerous jewels waiting for her. Taking a heavy seat on her throne, likely for the last time, the somber ruler leaned back deep in thought. It wasn’t until one of her soldiers, a tall lengthy Devimon stumbled into her throne room that the dark empress ceased her internal reflection. “Nyx, my Goddess! I regret to inform you that the Ruby Gate has fallen, our main army has routed, and the traitor general’s forces along with the Celestial army of Olympus are about to breach the Spire! What are your orders, your highness?” panted the Devimon as he limped forward, his black and red plate armor inlayed with gold indicating his status as one of Nyx’s, the Digital Goddess of darkness’s elite bodyguard. The soldier was clearly wounded, blood dripping from his side which had been hastily bandaged. But despite the agony of his injury, the loyal soldier nevertheless bowed as low as he could before his empress, trying not to grimace beneath his dented helmet. Nyx couldn’t help but smile proudly at her loyal soldier. Even as her supposed immortal reign came to an end and everything burned around them, he still took time to honor her. “Thank you, Diadus. You and all your siblings of my royal Crimson Guard have served me faithfully to the best of your abilities since your birth and I am honored by your service.” She responded with a nod, indicating for the wounded messenger to rise. “I only wish all my children possessed the same sense of loyalty. Perhaps then this meaningless war may never have occurred,” “I am proud to have served you, my Goddess, but we can still turn this war around! Just give the word and we can open the Nocturnal Vaults, or all the citizens hiding in the catacombs can arm themselves or-” started the Devimon, his fervor compelling him before Nyx interrupted his suggestions. “No!” she shouted, raising her voice as her crimson and ebony tails jutted outwards in all direction to express her displeasure as she rose from her ancient hallowed throne. Surprising the Legionnaire and herself at her sudden outburst, Nyx relaxed her posture before adopting a more relaxed stance. “No,” she repeated again, this time in a much softer and caring tone. “My fate is sealed, but I will not bind the fate of my citizens to my own. I will not sacrifice my children, my creations, and everything I have built just to prolong my reign a bit longer. My brother Hyperion is ruthless, but he is not cruel. Once I am defeated, he will care for everything I have created,” she explained solemnly, retaking her seat as the shouting clammer of battle grew louder as the Celestial Digimon continued to press their assault towards Nyx’s throne room. “If…if that is what you wish,” relied the wounded soldier softly, his eyes and heart weighing down on him more heavily than his dented armor. “Is there anything I can do then my Empress? Any last orders for your humble servant to fulfill before our time is over?” he asked, his tired eyes resting on the majestic yet calming presence of the Mega-Digimon before him. “Of course, my loyal son. I have two last requests for you actually.” Smiled Nyx warmly, giving a small nod of her regal head in appreciation. “Would you please send Abathor, the young Devimon I placed in charge of my research department to me? I have a few things I would like to discuss with him. Secondly, I would like you to gather every last Crimson guard member you can find lead them to the Silent Mountain, Abathor will instruct you from there.” she requested, smiling softly at the tired soldier who readily saluted upon receiving her instructions before hurrying off to fulfill them. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the young Devimon Abathor to come hurrying into Nyx’s throne room, a satchel bulging with books and notes under his arms which mimicked the condition of the pack on his back. But unlike the other Devimon who Nyx employed, Abathor was missing one of his leathery bat-like wings, an unfortunate injury from a childhood accident. But despite this disability and inability to fly, Abathor was an undisputed genius when it came to ancient magic and science. Having seen this aptitude early on, Nyx had personally mentored the young demon, guiding his ingenuity and intellect till he became one of her most trusted and accomplished researchers. “It’s good to see you again Abathor,” greeted Nyx warmly, letting out a small laugh when the Devimon attempted to give a respectful bow, accidently dropping a few of his scrolls in the process. She then straightened her posture, the growing commotion and pounding of her heart growing steadily louder. “Hmm, my time is growing short, we must hurry. Do you have the satchel? Do you remember everything I told you?” “Yes, of course! I triple checked to make sure everything is ready exactly as you instructed, my lady. Though, what will happen if things don’t go as planned? What will happen if I fail?” Asked Abathor with deep concern in his voice, his question addressed as much to Nyx as to himself. Despite his mental resolve, he could feel his growing anxiety gnawing away at him, prompting him to shift his weight from one slender leg to the other. “Indeed, I think the worry of failure will always be a worrying burden until our plans have come to fruition. That being said, please know that I have the upmost faith in you and your abilities, Abathor. You have always been faithful in completing every task I have given you, and I know you will do your upmost to carry out my final req-,” comforted Nyx with a motherly smile which suddenly shifted to a scowl when the heavy thud of a battering ram against the ornate throne room door interrupted their conversation. “It seems our time has come to an end my son. Quickly now, the remainder of my Crimson Guard will meet you at the entrance to the catacombs.” Ordered the digital goddess, a crimson glow starting to emanate from her magnificent armored form as she rose from her golden throne and took a defiant step towards the reinforced door. Scampering towards the adjoining antechamber, Abathor took a one last look towards his mentor and whispered, “Goodbye mother, I promise we will meet again someday,” before continuing, his mind steeled and focused on his new task. The sounds of siege continued to echo behind him as he entered Nyx’s personal library where he had spent his childhood and apprentice years. But Abathor had no time to allow sentimental thoughts and emotions distract him from his task. Hurrying past rows upon rows of ancient musty tomes, the scholarly demon finally found what he was looking for, a large finely crafted fireplace surrounded by plush recliners and couches. After setting his books aside, Abathor entered the fireplace. His eyes then began to dart about until he found what he was after, a single brick part way up the chimney which stick out slightly from its counterparts. Extending a clawed hand, he gave the brick a push, activating a series of ancient mechanisms that opened a hidden passageway to the secret tunnels that ran all throughout the Spire. Regathering his supplies, the faithful demon steeled his resolve before entering the new opening where Diadus, the wounded messenger from earlier was waiting with a smile. “Come brother, there is much work to be done,” greeted Diadus, pulling a lever to seal the stones behind them, killing all light except for the flickering candle he was holding. Meanwhile, the siege crew outside of Nyx’s throne room was progressing as the stalwart reinforced doors started to break from the onslaught. Each slam from the crude battering ram weakened it further, a massive dent forming in the middle along with scaring cracks that emanated outwards from the impact zone. “Come on lads, again! Ram the door again! We are almost through!” barked Cyrus, a commanding angel-like Magnaangemon clad in white, purple, and gold plate armor from head to toe. His three pairs of feathery white wings originating from his back were draped over his armor like a robe, and the purple energy blade emanating from a gauntlet at his wrist pulsed lightly. A smug grin rested on his humanoid face, the corners of his lips rising slightly higher with each impact the battering ram made. Although the traitor general had given them the overall layout of Nyx’s capital and Spire palace fortress, the casualties had been high; though not nearly as high as Cyrus had expected. Sure, plenty of trained soldiery and Nyx’s Crimson Guard had fought back at every step of the siege, but the lack of militia and rabble who had taken up arms in defense was curiously minuscule. “Perhaps they are preparing a counter charge,” he mused, loosing himself in thought as his Celestial soldiers continued to batter the door. “Heh, more likely they fled at the first sigh of conflict. I guess they don’t love their goddess nearly as much as they proclaimed. Doesn’t really matter either way though, once Nyx is gone everything will be over and I can finally retire,” However, Cyrus’s mind quickly returned to the task at hand as the great golden hinges which sealed the throne room finally split asunder and the siege engine broke into Nyx’s inner sanctum. But as soon as it did so, a bright crackling crimson beam burst from within the chamber and enveloped the battering ram and its operators. Throwing up his gauntlet to shield his eyes, his heart froze within him when he realized the siege engine and its twelve armored champion level Angemon operators had been completely vaporized. Besides the blast marks which marred the floor and walls, only the shimmering data particles from the unfortunate soldiers remained. As the specs of data slowly drifted inwards to be absorbed by the dread goddess within, Cyrus realized that even the doors which they had labored so hard to break had been completely consumed in the single powerful attack. A heavy silence hung over the stunned Celestial soldiers, their eyes darting nervously between each other and their commander as they awaited their next order with dread. Moral had been high before breaching the door, but now fear wormed its way through them, devouring their courage while leaving only uneasiness in its wake. Yet as more Celestial soldiers who had completed their routes through the spire rallied at his position, Cyrus knew he couldn’t wait any longer. This was his deciding moment, and so, raising his energy blade into the air with a gallant shout of, “For Hyperion, and the Celestial Army!” Cyrus led his soldiers to embrace either glory or deletion as the flash of a crimson light filled the vision of their helmets. Though as the digital goddess of darkness unleashed her wrath up above, Abathor led the remainder of Nyx’s battered Crimson Guard through the catacombs down below. Breathing deeply to steady himself, the scholarly demon checked his compass with his map, guiding them through the maze-like tunnels which wound beneath the Spire before expanding outwards in all directions like tree roots. They continued on in somber silence, pausing only to refresh the fuel of their torches which illuminated the crudely cut walls of the cave pressing onwards once more. But after almost half an hour of walking, Arnin Talon, a duel-blade wielding Ladydevimon and the youngest of the Crimson Guard couldn’t bear the quiet and lack of information any longer. “Hey Abathor, when are you going to tell us what is going on? Our most sacred duty is to protect Nyx at all costs, so why are we down here instead of defending the throne room?” she asked, voicing the question the more senior royal guards had been pondering closemouthed. “Patience never was your strong suit, was it Arnin?” chuckled Jazil, an ornately armored Lilithmon and the oldest of the three Talon sisters. “I’m sure Abathor will tell everything in due time. Nyx wouldn’t order us to leave her and protect him if it wasn’t important,” she scolded with a sisterly grin, her words bringing an annoyed scowl from her younger sibling. Sensing that it was time to reveal their mission, Abathor set down the majority of his supplies before turning to his weary companions. “I apologize for keeping you in the dark my friends, but I needed to make sure our Lady’s plans remained undiscovered. That is why none of the Crimson Guard was informed till the last possible moment and why the rest of your brethren remained behind so the Celestials would have no ground for suspicion,” started Abathor as he slowly shifted his eyes between each of the remaining Crimson Guard members. “We are not here by accident nor was our defeat in vain. For even before the Celestials planned their first step towards the Spire, our lady received a series of prophetic visions. In these visions, Empress Nyx witnessed her brother Hyperion’s and traitor-general Abbadon’s betrayal along with the complete and utter destruction of the entire Digital World if total war was to be completely unleashed. After receiving these visions and informing me of them, our lady and I constructed a plan to not only avoid this horrible fate, but to restore Nyx and the Umbral Empire to greatness once more,” explained Abathor, his voice soaring with determination as he raised a clenched fist in the air and his solitary wing jutted outwards for effect. “It took years, but after countless hours of researching the Deep Code, our Great Goddess and I discovered a way to prevent her destruction. We found a way to divide her Digicore, a way to split her very essence into thirds so that none could be destroyed without first combining it with the others,” he continued as he undid the leather latch on the satchel at his side, uncovering a faint glow that emanated from something within. With the utmost care, Abathor then reached a clawed hand inside the satchel before pulling out two crystalline baseball-sized orbs. The color of the first orb was a dark emerald and the second a deep crimson, each one bathing the walls of the ancient tunnel with an even more archaic light. The glassy surface of the orbs was perfectly smooth and the glittering-colored insides seemed to swirl and twist upon themselves in a way that captivated the eye. A comforting warmth also seemed to emanate from the Digicore fragments, impacting the Digicores of the Crimson Guard Survivors who lowered their heads in reverence. After a few moments of respectful silence, Abathor returned the sacred Digicore fragments to his satchel, closed the latch, and regathered all of his belongings from the ground. “Now you know the importance of our mission my friends…and the dire consequences that await our people if we fail,”
Aster, The Road Less Traveled Ch.12Still concerned about provoking the angry Renamon further, the Fugamon and Ogremon guards followed behind Aster as she dragged the stuttering Horace to the large hollowed out stump which served as Gnarl Vine’s town hall. The floor inside the town hall was covered in moss and at the far end stood a simple wooden throne reserved for the village elder upon which a Lilymon sat. Several young Woodmon sat patiently on the floor by her feet, listening as she read them the village history from a worn tome. “Excuse me children, it looks like I have some business to attend to, would you kindly excuse us? We can continue tomorrow at the same time if you would like,” spoke the elder Lilymon softly, her youthful appearance betraying her years of wisdom and experience. She then closed the ancient book before setting it aside, watching as the young Woodmon scampered off to play. She then turned her attention to the ragtag group of whom the Fugamon and Ogremon reverently bowed to her out of respect. “If you’re all here then I can only assume that Horace decided to go along with his plan despite the disapproval of the council,” sighed the pink pedaled Digimon as she rested her head against her flower-shaped hand. “I’m afraid so ma’am, he was already several shovels in when we caught him,” explained the Fugamon as he stepped forward, his companion nodding in agreement. “My brother and I attempted to rough him up a bit as the council suggested, but I’m afraid these travelers mistook our actions for a mugging,” he continued. His words causing Aster’s heart to flutter in frustration at the choice Terra had dragged her into. “I am…terribly sorry about that you two, I tend to act rather quickly when I perceive that someone is in danger,” apologized Aster, her tail and ears dropping in shame as a grimace formed on her lips. “It’s quite alright stranger. I am just glad that no one got seriously injured or worse,” replied the Lilymon with a small smile and a nod of the purple flower which adorned her head. Her attention then slowly shifted between the newcomers and Horace, her sharp eyes probing them for any signs of hostility. “Might I have your names travelers? It’s not often we get visitors out in Gnarl Vine and by the way you carry yourself I’m assuming you’re not here to purchase any Ironbark lumber.” “Aster ma’am, and my young companion is named Terra,” answered Aster, still fused with her motorcycle as she pointed towards the young Agumon standing meekly by her side. “And you are correct your Grace, we are not merchants but we do have important business with Horace.” She informed, figuring that honesty would be the best policy in this uncomfortable scenario. “Oh? Is that so? And what is it that you require from our grave robbing scholar?” smirked the elder, her eyes drifting over to rest on Horace who was fidgeting nervously in his boots. Composing her words carefully, Aster remained silent momentarily before replying, “As I’m sure you know ma’am, Folder is in turmoil because the Cerberus Forces have been pillaging and kidnapping all across the land. This has prompted many to seek sanctuary in Capacitor city. However, room and supplies in the city are rapidly running out and unless a stop is put to Cerberus forces I’m afraid the city will fall from the inside,” started Aster, her icy blue eyes staying steadily on the elder. “A friend told me that Horace by know something about ancient Digivolutions, something we could use to defeat the Cerberus Forces and return Folder to peace,” explained Aster, her words causing Horace to nod earnestly in agreement, if only to get out of trouble for desecrating the resting places of ancient heroes. “I see,” replied the elder Lilymon as she rose from her engraved wooden throne before starting to pace around the town hall. It almost seemed as if she was making sure their privacy was intact as she casually glanced out each of the windows as she walked around the stump. Everyone’s eyes rested on her, eagerly awaiting her response. “As an elder, my first duty is to Gnarl Vine and its people. I must make sure that everyone here is safe,” answered the Lilymon, her words careful and calculated as she stared into Aster’s eyes. “But don’t mistake my duty for ignorance or apathy towards those who dwell outside this forest. If Capacitor City falls, it would undeniably take time until Cerberus Forces reach us here, but their arrival would be inevitable and the destruction of Gnarl Vine would be certain. If Horace’s forbidden knowledge and experiments can assist you in saving Capacitor City, then I entrust him into your care, miss Aster.” “But your grace, if you allow this, Horace will without a doubt defile the resting places of the Ancient Heroes! It would be a great dishonor to them and the town folk would be furious!” protested the Ogremon, taking a step forward with his arms outstretched. “I understand this, Gnoblen, but the Ancient Heroes are honored not because they died, but because they saved the Digital World during their lives. And now after their deaths, I believe they would be honored to assist in saving the Digital World and aid in returning it to peace once more.” She stated, her words as firm as her decision, yet still full of wisdom and understanding which comforted the tired grave guardians. That is why tonight, I want you and your brother to take the night off while Horace does some…community service around the gravesites and shrines.” A spark of hope ignited in Aster’s heart upon hearing those words, glad that despite her mistake everything had managed to pan out. “Thank you, your grace. I promise I will be as respectful as possible and only take what is absolutely necessary for my research,” replied Horace, bowing his head in reverence with his book still clutched tightly to his chest. “I promise I will make you and Gnarl Vine proud.” “I hope you do, it sounds like more than Gnarl Vine’s fate is resting on your knowledge and what you can find.” Sighed the elder Lilymon, giving an affirming nod before dismissing the newly formed trio as the light which filtered through the forest started to lessen. The guards stayed behind to talk with their leader some more as Aster, Terra, and Horace, headed outside and started making their way to Horace’s hollowed out stump. But after only taking a few steps from the town hall, Aster’s body started glowing with a pale blue light. The data of her body then split from that of the motorcycle, the two reforming as Horace watched in captivated awe. Not wanting to seem rude by causing a sudden lightshow, Aster had held her armor digivolution for as long as she could. Her body was now slumped over the seat of her bike, panting in exhaustion as if she had just finished a long race. "Absolutely amazing! This sort of Digivolution hasn’t been documented since the ancient heroes," beamed Horace upon watching Aster’s change, his pen already in his oversized notebook feverously jotting down as much as possible. "What does it feel like? Does it hurt when you Digivolve like that? Can you fuse with other things besides your motorcycle? If you modify your motorcycle does it modify your digivolution? What’s the longest you’ve been able to hold that form? How did you first find out you could do this? What happened when-" continued Horace, firing off any question that entered into his head as he bored into his notebook with his pen. Lacking the energy to move, much less reply to the rambling scholar, Aster did her best to regain her strength and block out the oncoming noise. Thankfully, Terra was aware of the current situation and with a meek pull on the Wizardmon’s pant leg managed to get his attention. “Excuse me Mr. Horace, but I think Aster is kinda worn out from our busy day of traveling and for Digivolving for so long. Would it be all right if we lodged at your place for a while to regain our strength?” asked the young Agumon politely, his actions breaking Horace out of his academic trance. “Hmm? Oh…my bad. I guess my excitement got the better of me,” apologized the scholar sheepishly before closing his book and shifting his attention to Terra. “My place isn’t too far from here and you’re more than welcome to stay as long as you like on the condition that you don’t destroy any of my notes,” he chuckled with an embarrassed shake of his head. After Terra made sure the bike was in neutral, the two pushed Aster and her motorcycle a few blocks to Horace’s hollowed stump. Terra then made sure the bike was secure before helping Horace move Aster to the small guest bedroom inside the rustic tree house. Once the sleeping vixen was carefully tucked in, they returned to the quaint living room where Terra took a seat on the couch. “Hmm, if I only have tonight to gather what I need for my research then I will have to work quickly,” planned out the Wizardmon as he paced and gathered up the supplies he figured he would need. “Of course I will need this…oh and that too, of course,” he muttered to himself as Terra watched with curiosity that rivaled his level of confusion. “The more graves we can unearth the better and I don’t have time to dig them alone…Terra! How would you like to be my research collaborator tonight my zestful, intrepid, and scaly friend?” he offered the young rookie digimon a beaming smile from beneath the scarf around his mouth and neck. Even though he had no idea what the words “collaborator,” “zestful,” or “intrepid” meant, Terra agreed to assist out of the good nature of his heart. Besides, helping Horace could help Aster grow stronger. And helping Aster grow stronger would make rescuing Roy easier. At least, that’s what Terra was reasoning before Horace tossed him a shovel. “Excellent! With the two of us working together, I’m sure we can get all six graves uncovered, extracted, and reburied before dawn breaks!” exclaimed Horace triumphantly as he swung his field pack over his shoulders before picking up a shovel for himself. “With any luck we will be back in time for morning coffee.” It then dawned on Terra what exactly he had volunteered for and that he would be up all night digging. Taking a deep breath and steeling his nerves, Terra followed the energetic Wizardmon into the forest, hoping it would all be worth it in the end. The next morning eventually came along with its twinkling beams of light which pierced through the canopy layers of the forest. When one of these rays crossed Aster’s sleeping body, she slowly began to stir. Even though she was a bit confused at waking up in an unknown bed, she quickly put the pieces together surrounding the events of the previous night. Upon completing her morning stretches, Aster exited from the small guest bedroom before heading out to the living room where she paused for a moment. A small smile then formed across her muzzle when she spotted Terra, more brown from dirt than orange at this point, snoring and drooling on the simple couch. Horace was also nearby, tinkering at a workbench where six odd looking Digivices were carefully arrayed in various stages of cleaning. “Oh good, you’re awake. Coffee is on the stove in the kitchen if you would like some,” offered Horace in a friendly tone even though he didn’t look up from what he was working on. “Thanks,” replied the Renamon, looking over her surroundings one more time before going to get a cup of wakeup juice. While Horace’s hovel was by no means extravagant in size or furnishings, everything was neat and tidy if not a bit anally organized. Pouring herself a cup of the dark liquid, Aster took a moment to collect and center herself, figuring out what her next course of action would be. She knew she needed to learn as much from Horace as possible, but every moment spent here was one she could be investing into other pressing matters. Letting out a deep sigh, the Renamon decided to check up on what Horace was up to. The Wizardmon had just finished cleaning the last Digivice, the others organized neatly by color and stacked upon several pages of notes for each one. “If you don’t mind Miss Aster, could I kindly take a look at your Digivice? I’ve been searching through these ancient ones and I wanted to see how the date stream conduits compared,” he asked politely, this time pausing his work to fully shift his attention to Aster. The wary Renamon froze upon hearing this request, remembering that the last time her precious Digivice left her possession she had to chase the Ice Devimon Hail for several months to retrieve it. But despite her paranoia, Aster’s curiosity and the temptation to potentially become stronger won over. “Run off with it or damage it and I will take your head,” she threatened, baring her fangs a bit before reluctantly handing over the sacred device. “I guarantee you that I will handle it with the upmost care and respect and that I will give it back to you as soon as I possibly can,” ensured Horace with an affirming nod, waiting for Aster to stretch out the Digivice to him before extending his own gloved hand to take it. He then started off my examining it beneath the brightness of his large hobby lamp, turning it over before scribbling down any observations on a fresh piece of paper. For the most part the Wizardmon’s eyes focused on his task, though he would occasionally glance in Aster’s direction to make sure she wasn’t getting riled up. “Would you kindly tell me how you found out about this special Digivolution of yours? How long ago and any emotions you were feeling at the time?” “Well, it was only a few weeks ago,” started Aster before launching into how Hail had stolen the Digivice from her and how she had tracked him down. She further described how a young man named Edward helped her retrieve the device, and that she suddenly fused with her motorcycle when he was in danger. “After that, I started experimenting with it and now I can Digivolve as long I’m not exhausted,” she finished, a small smile on her lips from reminiscing about her recent adventures. “I’m also starting to feel much more comfortable fighting with my new form as well, though it was certainly awkward at first.” Horace jotted down an occasional note from her story, but otherwise eagerly soaked up every word the leotard wearing Renamon said. “That is absolutely fascinating! So your initial armor fusion was linked to emotions then? I had a theory that Digivice Digivolution involves more than the quantity of data one collects, and your story definitely supports this,” his voice filled with unbridled excitement as the accumulation of years of research and hard work started to pay off. “Even though there are a few Tamers who reside in the Digital World, very little is known about how Digivices function, even less is actually documented.” He informed her before turning back to Aster’s royal purple Digivice and pressing several of the small buttons. “Oh...” responded Aster, her ears falling back in disappointment upon hearing that news. “So, what you're saying is you don't know a whole lot about Digivices and special evolutions because so little is documented?" “Hmm? Oh no, quite the contrary my fluffy friend! Just because certain knowledge isn’t readily available to the masses doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! I’ve dedicated my life to uncovering the secrets of Digivices and I doubt that you would find anyone more knowledgeable on the subject. Not that I’m trying to inflate my ego mind you,” he chuckled as he flipped through the inventory of the Digivice, not finding anything out of the ordinary until reaching the inventory setting. “Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Fascinating...I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before. It looks like you have a Digi-Egg stored on here!”...
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