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Testing out whether I still remember the whole process. It's been awhile since I last do animation loop, with my old pc being dead and all, but now I have a new one (again thanks y'all~)

welp, atleast the files still works, so that's good.  I better try and do more animation stuff, just so I won't get rusty

FLY, AZLAN!!~ FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!~~ I salute you!

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this is clip studip paint animation ? 
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Nope, I use ToonBoom Harmony.
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Such a cute animation! Keep animating okay?
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Nicely done! I'm hoping to see a full animation with her being hypnotized and coiled by Kaa!
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That's quite some animation you have here.:) Well done!:)
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Can you make tutorial how to make loop animation?
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I use toonboom harmony to make the animation and use photoshop (preferably CS3 and onward) to export it as gif.
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That's amazing work! :) I'd love to see a video of Kaa and your Elana. :)
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Very smooth transition ! Nice dude! 
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Can't wait for more~
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Wonderful work
Her face is just pretty :)
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This is awesome!!! ^.^
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As always your visual work is on point. I look forward to seeing more animations from you Azlan :) This particular one is strictly a test as I understand, but I find the head jerk a little too abrupt. 

Either way, can't wait! :D
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well, I didn't do much. I stopped working on this when my PC died last year, so all I did was just exporting it to photoshop, so that it can change the file into a gif
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That makes a lot of sense actually XD

Either way, whoo hoo for new system ^^
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this is more than the best
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Fantastic and cute!!^^
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