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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Apr 29, 2007, 7:29 PM

:iconwordoftheweek: Vincent Now I Understand by sweetp409 :iconbirds-club:


Wed Feb 28, 2007, 9:26 AM
What if we found ourselves
all alone in a darkened room
with only a single candle...
its amber glow lighting you
from within, flickering
reflections in your eyes.

And if I left my senses
for just a moment and
brushed along your neck
with a stroke of satin...
...would you quiver like the flame
that dances in your fantasies?

If I wandered up your
gracefulness and lifted
your chin, posing you just so...
looking through your eyes
to see everything inside...
what would I see?

Would you stop me if I
found your lips with a
whispering kiss...barely touching,
speaking transluscent words
that have no sound and
require no translation.

What if it felt just right
and you forgot about your
just a little longer than
you should with an answer
you never meant to give?

If you drank in a breath of
momentary surrender, would you
want me to kiss you a little
longer, a little deeper...
reaching for a place where
you can only feel the truth?

And if I surrounded your soul
in a shameless embrace...
opening impossible doors...
would you feel my heart
burning to tell you the things
I only utter in my dreams.

Would we sink into your steaming
garden, losing our minds in the
forest of an expanding inferno...
melting hopelessly together
in a scalding daze of forgetfulness...
would you let that happen?

How long would it take you
to exhale those simmering shivers...
the ones that come from nowhere
and radiate like hot novas through
every pore of your awareness...
would it take forever?

And where would we go from there...
does it matter?

Copyright 2005 Patrick Anderson

:iconwordoftheweek: Vincent Now I Understand by sweetp409

Visions of My Renaissance

Sat Feb 10, 2007, 3:49 PM
Wistful winds along the shore
Erode the sands forevermore,
Sifting 'way the yesterdays
How cold the waters run.

Waves of ochre in response
To visions of my renaissance,
Renderings of golden wings
Beneath the rising sun.

Wading through the shallows of
Salvation in a sea of love,
Washed inside the rising tide
Through inlets of desire.

Angel of my reverie
Engulfed in sweet immersary,
Ebbs and flows and undertows
Intensify the fire.

Could you be the part of me
I search for in my dreams?
Touch my soul so I will know
If this is what it seems.

:iconwordoftheweek: Vincent Now I Understand by sweetp409

Heavenly Brushes

Sun Feb 4, 2007, 6:44 PM
Heavenly brushes ... how they layer the spirit with such impossible hues!

:iconwordoftheweek: Vincent Now I Understand by sweetp409

Bathing in Absolution

Sat Jan 13, 2007, 7:12 PM
Few experiences are more mystical than a full moon rising over high tide. It bathes the soul in absolution

A frothy surf greets the oozing early morn
Ebbing, flowing, it purifies the glistening sand
In a place without footprints
Where the driftwood finds a gentle home and
The only sounds are timeless, relentless, mystical tones
That soothe and nourish a hungry soul.
Awake my soul
Subdue the night
As dawn reveals
It's wondrous light.

Awakening of Passion

Wed Jan 10, 2007, 2:18 PM
To Whom It May Concern: I've been meaning to leave you this message for a while now. Hope it finds you in time. ~R:heart:M~

"Dream on with your mind altering charades, where your trippy reality is whatever you want it to be. The only way you will survive this self-inflicted insanity is if your real passions awaken you and finally lead you to the truth."

Close your eyes and walk with me along the darkened shore.
Feel the waves of moonlight drenching hollow aches
that wake you in the night.

Salty sprays renew your dreams and quiet your remorse.
Drain the fear you harbor through the runnels as
they hurry to the sea.

Feel the rhythmic swelling of the waters you require;
Unseen power blankets every anguish in
a shroud of soft repose.

Breakers shatter silence with arrivals set to song,
Urgently releasing everlasting chords
of constant denouement.

Let the gushing waters cleanse your weary calloused feet.
Footprints disappear beneath the rising tide
Dissolving in the deep.

Squeeze the sands of yesterday between your naked toes.
Sav'ry breezes sweep away your ling'ring doubts
And 'rouse you in the dark.

Touch my face and dream about the quenching of your soul.
Waken to the truth so clearly spoken in
your currents of desire.

Dare to open now your cloak along the darkened shore.
Let me bathe you in the sweet redemption of
A resurrection kiss.
Hidden in a place where notions gather and subside
Just around the corner from the secrets I confide
In between the bookmarks of a story deep inside
I simmer

Stranded by a neap tide on the shoals of loneliness
Searching for the shoreline like a captive in distress
Drowning in the waters of a steamy consciousness
I simmer

Half a mile from heaven in the vast eternity
Lighting up the fire of forbidden mystery
Burning through the incense of a fragrant potpourri
I simmer for you. I simmer.
Do what you fear
Hear what you feel
Go where you care
Live to be real.

Forget yourself
Forego your scheme
Reveal the truth
Redream your dream.