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Trunk Full of Rings - Prologue part 1
Finally I had finished unpacking. I look around the room, glad to finally be properly settled in my new house. I had moved from my city-centre apartment to this beautiful English countryside cottage, a large cottage at that in the shape of an 'L'. The previous owner had recently passed away, and they had no descendants, leaving the house without an official owner. Eager to get away from the loud polluted city centre (I'm not much of a city person, but my job is in the city and until recently I didn't have a car, leaving me without much choice), I bought the place.
That was almost a month ago, and since then I've spent every moment I could unpacking my stuff. Now that feat is completed, all I have left to do is put the moving boxes in the attic. Folding them into their flat-packable state, I carry them upstairs. Pulling on the string attached to the attic door, I stand back as it, along with the stepladder attached, come down in a cloud of dust. Climbing the stairs, torch in hand, I not
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 62 23
Trunk Full of Rings - Dragoness Epilogue
"Ok, come on, you can do this. Right, legs bent, wings out, tail straight. Ok, and… GO!"
I jump, launching myself into the air with my powerful legs as I flap my wings, reaching a good 8 foot in the initial push. I don't stop there though, flapping again at the top of my ascent and rising another 5 feet, before repeating the procedure, gaining more height as I steadily distance myself from the ground. Lucky for me no one is around to see me at night, otherwise I'd be in big trouble, those teens from Halloween are still spying on my house, hoping to see the Eastern dragon again, but tonight they seem to have gone, probably off to some bonfire and fireworks event elsewhere.
"I'm doing it! I've finally managed it! Woo, Yeah!" I fist pump the air for emphasis as I slow my ascent and hover in the sky as fireworks go off in the distance. My cheering is short lived however; as I begin to very slowly veer toward the right. I quickly counteract this with my tail, but accidently overdo it, sendi
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 24 13
Trunk Full of Rings - Anthro Tiger
I look at the ring in hand, intrigued by its alternating orange and black striped pattern. While the last ring had been odd, having to sew my finger back on had been … unexpected. Nevertheless, that may well be a good ring to wear on Halloween. I probably won't go out trick of treating, but those who do will be sure to like my 'costume' when I open the door with candy. Turning to the mirror, I slip the ring on. After the usual pause, the transformation begins.
The first changes I feel more than see, as my arms begin swelling, muscles bulging and growing as a feeling of raw power grows with my muscles. I quickly notice the same effect is happening everywhere else, muscle mass increasing quite spectacularly across my body. As I continue to gain strength, my height also begins increasing, taking me to well over 6 foot. My clothes fade away before they're ruined by my steadily increasing frame. Luckily for me, my genitalia are hidden beneath a thick coat of white fur, fur that seems t
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 38 11
Trunk Full of Rings - Dryad
"And in other news, the police have issued a manhunt of the surrounding countryside of London after a series of arsons took place last night. Over £1'500'000 of crops were burnt, and 8 people left in hospital due to resulting burns. One man is in critical condition" comes the voice of the news reporter through the TV, as I sit with my head in my hands, trying to figure out what I should do next. "We now go live to our BBC corresponder, Pauline Phillips, who is standing next to one of the attack sites. Pauline, can you tell us anything about these arson attacks?"
"Yes, several pieces of important information have come to surface since this morning. We have been told that the attacks were, without question, linked. This is said to have been discovered after trance amounts of a napalm-like substance have been found at every one of these sites, questions are still being raised about …" her voice is silenced as I click the standby button on the remote. Damn myself, why did I not think that
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 33 21
Trunk Full of Rings - Anthro Female Phoenix
I lay there eye closed as I mull over my thoughts. In all honesty, I think I might be getting addicted to the rings. Every night I'm up there now, trying on new rings one after another after another until the early hours of the morning. Luckily it hasn't had too much of an effect on work, however I feel I should do something before it reaches that stage. Unfortunately, like any addiction, the thought of cutting down seems absolutely dreadful, even though I know the benefits of doing so.
With my mind wandering, memories of my last ring surface. I had eventually come out of the daze to find the sun warming me no longer, a faint glow from beyond the horizon the only remaining sign of it. I had quickly decided to shift back to my dryad form and return to reality. After all, I'm not sure it that's sunrise or sunset, and I don't want to stick around long enough to find out. The forest floor was very dark, the little bit of sun from the horizon not reaching through the treetops, resulting in
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 35 13
A spa of the extraordinary
“Alright, sir. Just relax your stiff muscles and close your eyes.”
Doran sighed, still irritated from… well, from everything. Things hadn’t really been going his way for the past few weeks and eventually his bad temper began to stock up inside him and at some point the grumpiness just didn’t go away any more.
“Relax those shoulders. Yes, like that. Just let loose all that frustration.”
Somehow the last few weeks, maybe months even, had been bleak and miserable. Maybe it was the ever-present lack of warmth and colour. Winter was on the doorstep, most trees had lost all of their leaves and a cold wind haunted the streets outside. And of course it would rain mostly too. There would probably be no snow anytime soon, except for the few grayish brown splotches that would grace the streets with their ugliness. Lovely.
If that weren’t unpleasing enough, Doran’s job seemed to become more exhausting every day. Loads of work was piling up, tur
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 29 45
The Dark Ages(dragon tf)
Long, long ago in a cold land known as Thermon in the capital city by the name of Chapelshire there happened magical things. Not every human soul knew that it was magic, but everyone knew that some things existed which couldn't be explained. Magical creatures, objects and more. Some were helpful, some weren't, a few were made of pure evil to hurt and destroy.
Where our story begins it was a chilly day. Winter had come. The land was covered in a soft, white gloss and the air felt like spikes in your lungs, but it felt refreshing. Some people were quickly pacing around the market, glaring at the goodies to buy, before the folk woke up. It was still early and the sun was about to rise. Now in this crowd of a few people there was one boy. He was an ordinary person like anyone else, no magic ran through his veins. His name was Merek, he was the son of Tybalt, a farmer.
Tybalt had sent him out into town. Not to buy of course, they made their own bread and they got water from the river that c
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 16 29
Dragon Veined
A spear slipped from the redhead’s fingers, its fall to the bloodstained grass somehow echoing in her ears.
For the first time since she could remember, she saw herself as a girl; not a woman. Her soldiers were dying under her command like lambs to the slaughter, and there was nothing she could do; nothing she could think to do.
“Brother…” She muttered, eyes half-glazed as she watched that damnable dragon tear his way through Hoshidan men and women like they were tissue paper. “Why?”
Her name was Hinoka, and she had been betrayed. Just after she’d rescued her brother, Corrin, from the kingdom that had kidnapped him; he’d defected to their side. It was the greatest insult a royal like her could fathom, made all the worse by the fact that he was an infuriatingly good tactician.
She’d spent her whole life studying to protect him, and all of her strength was useless in the face of his own strength. He had the power to become a dragon; t
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 43 3
Weredragon's Wrath
They say that when you get bitten by a weredragon, you become a weredragon. At first, I didn't accept the gift, but eventually, I had gotten used to the transformations by now.
Take last week for one, I was visiting a friend who lived in the other side of the city. I was walking home from his house, when suddenly, I was grabbed and thrown on the hard ground.
When I turned around, three muscular thugs surrounded me and they had guns pointing at my chest. The biggest one grabbed the front of my shirt and pointed a gun in my face. He told me, "Okay, punk! If you value your life, you'll give up the money nice like, see?"
Now, I was scared for my life because I had a gun pointed at my face, but then....I saw the clouds parting. Also I saw the full moon rising and gave an evil smile. The first thug looked at me and said, "Hey, why ya smilin'? Ya got a death wish, pally?"
I chuckled and then laughed manically making the thugs scared half to death thinking that I'm a psychopath. The thug let m
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 25 34
The Lament of A Weredragon
The light of the moon; what is it about this heavenly body that draws us to its beauty? Is it the surface? Or how pale the light shines so gallantly like a beautifully polished pearl?
To all, the moon is the most lovely sight the nighttime has to offer, but to me, it's a curse. Whenever I see it, pain grips my body like a vice and I'm paralyzed in place unable to escape its fate.
I looked at my calendar in panic to see if tonight was the night of the full moon, and sure enough, I approached the window to see that a large black cloud enveloped the orb making sure that my it never happens.
Unfortunately, my joy is short lived as I feel a sharp, burning pain inside my body like someone was pouring hot acid into my bloodstream. The cloud dissapated letting the light of the moon pour into my window triggering the curse. I fell onto my knees holding my stomach screaming bloody murder as the cramps got from bad to worse.
I slowly got up, but when I looked at my hands, my heart skipped a beat;
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 21 12
One beautiful day,in July,a young woman,named Danielle,decided to go shopping at an Oriental Market to look for a special kind of fruit called Dragonfruit.Her penpal from Asia said that she should look for it somewhere and write him back soon.Danielle looked around for the dragonfruit and when she couldn't find where they sold it,she was about to give up and go home.But then,Danielle saw an old woman with an abundance of ripe,juicy dragonfruit.She approached the old woman and asked how much would one dragonfruit cost and the old woman told Danielle that it cost $1.00 for one.Luckily,Danielle had a dollar and gave it to the woman then she received the fruit and proceeded to walk home,happy that she would taste her first dragonfruit.
Danielle finally got home and went into her kitchen to grab a plate and a knife.She put the fruit on the plate,then grabbed the knife and cut it in half.The inside was white with black seeds inside which differed from the magenta color of the skin,but Daniel
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 21 2
The Special Tattoo
On a warm, Monday afternoon, a young woman named Marilyn Brownstone was heading towards the tattoo shop. Marilyn or Mary as people called her,always wore her auburn hair down to her back. Her skin was light caucasian color mixed in with light brown.
Mary's eyes were olive green and she always wore her fave sunglasses whenever it was extremely bright outside. Mary found the tattoo shop then opened the door and went inside where it was very cool with AC inside.
She approached the front of the store and rung a little bell to get the employees' attention, and no sooner had she done that, a huge bald guy with a thick, black handlebar mustache, a snake tattooed on his scalp and brown intimidating eyes looked at Mary.
Mary gulped silently as the man looked her and asked in a gruff voice, "What ya want, lady?" Mary looked at the man and told him, in a small voice, "I-I want to.....g-get a tattoo here. M-My friend r-recommended this place b-because you....give tattoos tow
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 14 16
The Mark Of The Weredragon
Thomas was your ordinary, everyday average guy; he had a loving wife, a wonderful job that paid, and he loved life.
He was lean, but almost muscular, had black hair, greyish-blue eyes, and caucasian skin. Unfortunately, Thomas had a secret that he'd never even told his wife; he was cursed with the mark of the Dragon.
A very long time ago, one of Thomas' ancestors, named Zachariah, had fallen in love with a beautiful gypsy woman named Emerald Rose. Ever since then, he had an affair with her lasting for over the span of a whole year.
One year later, she told Zachariah that she was pregnant with his child and wished to marry her so the baby could have a father. Unfortunately, he told her that it was over and he didn't want anything to do with the gypsy woman or her unborn child.
Well she got extremely angry and placed a curse on Zachariah's exclaiming, "Zachariah, I place this curse on your head! On a full moon, the seventh child of your accursed bloodline shall possess the Mark of the Dr
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 42 18
The Mate Of The Weredragon
It was another lonely Saturday night, and I was spending it alone as always. One Friday afternoon, I was on my laptop looking through different sites, when I stumbled onto an unfamiliar website called which offers hope to lonely singles like myself.
I took a chance and browsed through it looking at the different women until I saw one that took my breath away! Her hair was so beautiful; it was of a golden yellow color, she had creamy colored skin, beautiful red lips, and beautiful hazel eyes. It was like destiny had picked her out especially for me.
I clicked on her profile and we talked for awhile about different tastes in music, food, what type of animals we liked, all that jazz. Then she wrote that we should go out on a date this Saturday night at 8 p.m. and I wholeheartedly agreed! After logging off, something hit me; I remembered that I was actually a weredragon!I was not looking forward to tomorrow night.
Saturday night came quickly as I put on my best tuxedo and dr
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 40 24
Allistair the Oathbreaker (Dragon TF)
Eight years have gone by ever since the young boy named Allistair has gone under servility for Lord Harriston. For a long and harsh eight years had he been Page in the house of Rownham, devouring all the precious words of advice his Lord had given to him. Once the scrawny, thin boy- frail and weak with dirty blonde hair- now the young, muscled man with huge ambitions.
He had been swift and probably deadly with the blade, had he not been sparring with a wooden sword. Many times had he received praise from Harriston, who was astonished by his quick and nimble footing, as well as his keen and open mind. Yes, one might say that Allistair was part of the family and definitely Harriston’s favourite.
Well, Allistair had always been a little fighter. He fought in an argument with his parents to convince him to let him pursue his dream; becoming a noble knight. At first they were not all too pleased, considering that the training wasn’t the cheapest.
Next he had been battling diseas
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 30 91
Of Demons and Dragons
Part 1
It often surprised Dean that some people could get so mad at him sometimes, especially if they got angry for no reason. This was mostly the case when Dean was playing online. Those people bothered him. It wasn’t his fault that they sucked at shooter games, so they could stop pestering him.
Dean shot someone in the face and a frustrated groan echoed through his headset.
“You little prick!” a high-pitched voice lamented, followed by a sigh,” are you invincible or something?” Dean shrugged, even if the 12-year old couldn’t see him.
“Not my fault that I’m better than you.” The kid grumbled.
“Who’re you?” he said after a short pause. Dean shot him in the face one more time,” damn! So you’re DragonSlayer97?”
“Yeah. So what?” The kid was beginning to walk on his nerves. Dean was trying to enjoy the game!
“Well,” the kid responded,” you’ve never k
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