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I regret nothing by Ren-Okara
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I regret nothing :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 3 13
ENGAGE! by Ren-Okara
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ENGAGE! :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 1 0
This is why I haven't been on for a while by Ren-Okara This is why I haven't been on for a while :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 2 0 I regret nothing. by Ren-Okara
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I regret nothing. :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 1 0
PUPPER by Ren-Okara PUPPER :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 *DEEP BREATHING* by Ren-Okara *DEEP BREATHING* :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 Praise the Sun by Ren-Okara
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Praise the Sun :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 1 0
WTF DO I DOOOOOO?! by Ren-Okara WTF DO I DOOOOOO?! :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 Just a thing by Ren-Okara Just a thing :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 1 1 That moment when... by Ren-Okara That moment when... :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 YEEEEEEEEE by Ren-Okara YEEEEEEEEE :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 AHHHHHHHHH by Ren-Okara
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AHHHHHHHHH :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0
....dang by Ren-Okara ....dang :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0 NOT TODAY! by Ren-Okara
Mature content
NOT TODAY! :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 0
IT'S SPOOP 'O CLOCK! by Ren-Okara IT'S SPOOP 'O CLOCK! :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 1 0 Face reveal (Sort of) by Ren-Okara Face reveal (Sort of) :iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 0 5


Ko-Fi Request #2: Shauna into Goodra TF
The streets of Couriway Town were quiet today, the grassy expanses and the firm dirt paths stretching through the riverside town, the sound of running water never too far away from anywhere. The town was well known as a stopping point before the muddy swamps of Route 19, well known for as a common place for trainers to come across their very own Goomy that was a popular Pokémon within their region. Of course it would be popular, with the little gooey blob later evolving into one of the favourite dragons of the region, the mighty (and pretty adorable) Goodra, the slimy purple dragon the bane of clean clothes everywhere.
So Shauna had made her annual trip to the quaint town, the peppy trainer celebrating all the memories and experiences she had made with her own Goodra, the Pokémon that had made her travels so joyful. They could walk around, go to where they had met and bond as Pokémon and trainer. The overcast skies threatened a sprinkle of rain, one that would be welcome
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 13 0
Non-Binary Is Invalid by EmpathicDesign
Mature content
Non-Binary Is Invalid :iconempathicdesign:EmpathicDesign 11 93
Morning Doggo by bendzz
Mature content
Morning Doggo :iconbendzz:bendzz 466 29
Guts - Berserk by Sasuderuto Guts - Berserk :iconsasuderuto:Sasuderuto 83 12 anti-MAPs stamp by Iesbeans anti-MAPs stamp :iconiesbeans:Iesbeans 122 144 Anti-pedophile by Pieropopee Anti-pedophile :iconpieropopee:Pieropopee 94 66 Quickie Fun TF/TG Page 1 by TFSubmissions Quickie Fun TF/TG Page 1 :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 214 6 The End Is Nigh!! by SilyaBeeodess The End Is Nigh!! :iconsilyabeeodess:SilyaBeeodess 58 20
3/100 The will of the Hive.
George's legs were beginning to go numb, the cold of the night was getting to him and he couldn't sit in the garden much longer, no matter how much he loved watching the stars hover over him, so large in size and yet by the time he had seen them, the light had become so small and insignificant, that it had almost no effect other than the cosmetic beauty of the black sky. George sat on the bench every night he could until he almost fell asleep or got too cold, like tonight, and the only reason he was out tonight was because his parents had gone to a dinner party, claiming that they wouldn't be back until late.
He pulled his head forward and rubbed the back of his neck, George had forgotten how long he had been there. He stretched his arms over his over his head, and kicking is legs out George pushed himself up into a seated position before yawning and looking back up to the sky again. He rubbed his face with his hand and threw himself forward to stand, lazily walking to the door with on
:iconheartofthewyvern:heartoftheWyvern 31 9
Werewolf Virus TF by ilooklikelolipop
Mature content
Werewolf Virus TF :iconilooklikelolipop:ilooklikelolipop 9 863
How did you reach the bulletin board by zarla How did you reach the bulletin board :iconzarla:zarla 2,283 202 PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 7 by Snapinator PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 7 :iconsnapinator:Snapinator 52 18 Les Enfants Terribles 52 by zarla Les Enfants Terribles 52 :iconzarla:zarla 550 107 Cyber Road - Inhuman Form by Dragon-FangX Cyber Road - Inhuman Form :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 53 21
Monster Hunter: Quest Failed!
A calm mist flowed around the camp as the sun rose in the horizon. The flaps of the orange tent flew open as a young man in light green scaled armour burst forth to greet the new day. Emien smiled confidently, taking in the fresh mountain air deeply, the veteran hunter ready to take on the quest he accepted back in Moga Village. The young hunter came out to the Misty Peaks in search for a wyvern called an azure rathalos, a highly aggressive subspecies of male raths, that had been attacking merchant caravans passing through the region. It was unusual to see such a monster this far inland. The rathalos also seemed to be acting far more aggressive then normal for the subspecies, seemingly attacking both people and other monsters without being provoked. But for the Hunter's Guild it was just another job which Emien gladly took, feeling confident that he could bring the beast down with no troubles at all.
Emien cooked some meat over the fire, cooking it till it was a golden brown, then scar
:iconemiendorwin:EmienDorwin 33 3
Nature Walk, page 3 by Virmir Nature Walk, page 3 :iconvirmir:Virmir 60 17


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Ren Yamato Okara
I have watched you since you were born
I wrote your name in my book as you came into this world
I have had an eye watching your entire life
See now, your name fades with time
And now you shall return from whence you came
Delivered from this mortal coil

Let this apple take your body from you
Let my hand guide you to your rightful place
For I am your shepherd

Blessed are the dead
And now you are among them
Delivered from this mortal coil

-Azrael, Angel of Death

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money." -Margaret Thatcher




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