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.:Saturday Stream ONLINE!!:. by Hauket
.:Saturday Stream ONLINE!!:. by Hauket
.:MultiStream online!!:. by Hauket
.:Monday Stream ofline!!:. by Hauket
Alex Ren Fair Group Ren by Hauket
Ren Fair clothing sketches by Hauket
Updated Ren Fair Monster Registry Sheet by Hauket
Ren Fair Registry
Bumbles Registration Sheet by AzureSoleiL
[RenFair] Elias - Registry Sheet by CAT-BOAT
[RenFair] Lavendel - Registry Sheet by CAT-BOAT
[RenFair] Reno - Registry Sheet by CAT-BOAT
Prompt Entries
Miniprompt Entries
Art of Ren Fairs
Pretty in Pink by Xenotrosis
Beauty King by Xenotrosis
[com] Crushedskulls 2 by Revska
By the Moon by Hauket
Available Ren Fairs
.:Valentines Auction:. closed! by Hauket
.:Ren and Keb Auction!!:. closed by Hauket
Trading and Seeking

Whats a Ren Fair?
A Ren Fair is a six limbed psychic alien race that is fond of crafting and toying with some harmless types of magic!

Deadline: May 1st

Draw your ren and their friends doing something fun together in celebration of spring!

Reward: 2-5
(2 for the base prompt, you can add in up to 3 additional rens earning +1GC for each, for a max of 5 GC)

Spend Earned Golden Coins Here!!

Countdown to the Next Prompt

Countdown ended
Tuesday, May 1st @ 12:00am

Time's up! The next prompt will be posted soon!






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SuccubusLust Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
I can't wait to join and see what arrives
CAT-BOAT Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
OOOH A REN ARPG?? ;o; Exciting!