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.:Midweek Stream ONLINE!!:. by Hauket
.:Saturday Stream ONLINE!!:. by Hauket
.:Midweek Stream Starting Soon!!:. by Hauket
.:Midweek Stream ONLINE!!:. by Hauket
Alex Ren Fair Group Ren by Hauket
Ren Fair clothing sketches by Hauket
Updated Ren Fair Monster Registry Sheet by Hauket
Ren Fair Registry
Pluto Registry Page by candyciqarettes
Jules Registration Page by candyciqarettes
Freyr Registration Page by candyciqarettes
Colress Registration Page by candyciqarettes
Prompt Entries
Miniprompt Entries
Parlor's favourite outfit (miniprompt: feast garb) by rah-t
Art of Ren Fairs

Mature Content

Goretober 26 - Decapitation by LeaTenshi
Big Sweet Cryptid by Xenotrosis
Commission Batch 79 by Hauket
Prince or the Pauper by PoshAuss
Available Ren Fairs
Commission Batch 80 by Hauket
.:Valentines Auction:. closed! by Hauket
.:Ren and Keb Auction!!:. closed by Hauket
Trading and Seeking
YCH and Commissions

Whats a Ren Fair?
A Ren Fair is a six limbed psychic alien race that is fond of crafting and toying with some harmless types of magic!

Deadline: May 1st

Draw your ren and their friends doing something fun together in celebration of spring!

Reward: 2-5
(2 for the base prompt, you can add in up to 3 additional rens earning +1GC for each, for a max of 5 GC)

Spend Earned Golden Coins Here!!

Countdown to the Next Prompt

Countdown ended
Tuesday, May 1st @ 12:00am

Time's up! The next prompt will be posted soon!






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SuccubusLust Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
I can't wait to join and see what arrives
CAT-BOAT Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
OOOH A REN ARPG?? ;o; Exciting!