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Crew Sky Fall Lines!

By RemyThePilot
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Haha! This Is a test! I've made a transparent thing! This makes me so happy; you don't even know! IDK if I'll color this; I might turn it into some kind of bookmark maybe. Feel free to color it if you want a coloring page to doodle on. :P

FYI I think Tyler might be the only one reacting correctly to falling through the sky. Like he's scream-crying. All the others are funny too though. Remy's like "My time has come." and he has his arms out like he's gonna transform into a plane. xD Crane is just like "Shit." Vika's like "I knew this would happen someday." Luu's kind of confused and scared. And Maurice looks like he's threatening to punch the ground if it gets any closer.
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This is so cute and awesome! I love all their faces ^^
You are right, Maurice is like: "I swear, if that floor gets any closer to me I'm going to punch the light out of it  >=[ !!. Luu, stop screaming already, I got this covered!"
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its so cute aaaaaaa
i can.... color it? :Uc
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Color away. :P I wanna see if you do.
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ill have to do it later though
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Thanks so much!
 Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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You know... I just realized
This would made an awesome set of stickers!
I have a mighty need!
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:) If you can make stickers, I think that would be pretty cool. :D
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Awesome XD
I tried to make some of my own but I'm failing so far ^^'
But if I would print some, would you be interested? I would mail them to you <3
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Only way together better is try again I suppose. I would totes be interested!
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Heh, I just can't find the right style.
I want to draw something that would make me say " Ha! That would make a nice sticker." But I fail so hard cuz my style does not convert X.x
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I could re draw them so that they aren't all touching. Like crane and maybe Maurice, I can make them not touching Luu and Vika.
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