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Medicine Man
I'm a medicine man with your life's blood on my hands
Show you where I stand, using it to make my list of demands
Commandments, that are heaven sent, drawn across my body
One knee bent, left to lament God's dichotomy
The creator's duality
Creation's mind warped, full frontal lobotomy
Wrap your mind around this,
A galaxy dwelling within your fist
Converse with open palm releasing the life that you miss
Back into the universe
And let it traverse the open planes
Breaking the curse of the completely sane
Coercing the brain with a harmonic verse
Making it reverse and speak succinctly of the pain
Of an adverse strain stemming from the chronic, perverse
Forsaking of diverse ways of thinking in this domain
Still seeking the inverse of the inane,
Unable to see how it could be worse
Than the sporadic ramblings of a martyr
Whose antics make transcending harder
For the music addict and struggling author
Whose rhythmic insights seek to charter
Passage into the complex world of the soul
Reaching the
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 5 4
ID by RemyLebeua ID :iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 2
Continuous Flow
Elementary school drop out side
Splitting wood chopper ride
The lightning flash photography
Class clown around the rosie
Cheek bone head's up state
License the advent of fated
Meeting place of worship
False God's mix up
A creek without a paddle
Down streaming music ensemble
Cast in iron will you
Explain what you drew
The conclusion of the story
Of my life risked daily
Mail carrier of disease
Ridden hard sell your soul please
Stand by your mankind
Of a big deal of a lifetime
Of your life's working class
Hero of our storied past
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 0
Drunken Clarity
Presented with an idea to fight fear
Made clear by broken beers and shattered everclear
Drunken dreams the drunken master sings and scream and bring
Inebriated clarity
Truth found through beer goggles
Blurry models of future intoxicated hovels
Cutting your knees on broken bottles
Left to grovel
Before the gods of hops and barley
Trying to parley a true love
The kind only found in substance-less bars and clubs
While the DJ spins like S and M, Mastering the subs
Dubbed the king of excess, when challenged
His efforts are re-dubbed
Not caring if he seems sexist
Not that the ladies mind they eat it up like licorice
And hard rock candy
The subliminal, mixed with the brandy
And a a shot of insecurity makes them randy
But in truth this is insanity
Hey, don't get mad at me
I didn't create reality
I just exist in it
But I still don't fit in it
This alcohol makes me sick when it
Hits my stomach
The influence, I am not above it
I am below it
Beneath the floorboards
Always wanted more
But I broke m
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 0
What the eye beholds is irrelevant
When the "I" withholds evidence
It's evident that beauty doesn't matter
When the once elegant mind is left in tatters
All loveliness shatters
When you're more scatter brained than the mad hatter
But at least he was wise in his madness
So, tell me, why is a raven like a writing desk?
I don't know, but figuring it out is like fighting death
Bereft of my once deft wit by the theft of my heart
I split apart and grit my teeth trying to impart
Legit grammatical art fit enough to outsmart
A misfit upstart halfwit who tries to bogart
My moonlit sweetheart and refit her spirit to that of a tart
I cannot permit this culprit to re-knit the fabric of my world
Slit his pride wishing he would've died as his soul hurled
Into orbit
Yes, I'm morbid, take a second to absorb it
As the sky turns turbid
You heard it?
The voice crying he deserved it?
Urban outcroppings bear witness to the fall
I dare you to point out someone who hasn't lost it all
It's appalling what befal
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 1 0
Have You Seen Me?
However, forever isn't enough time
Whatever the weather I'm still stuck in a snow blind
Can't decide whether I'm clever enough to seem unkind
Trying to sever the tether between my heart and mind
I wonder, is it better to measure what I lack inside?
My pride abused and misused once caught in the tide
Of an ever-changing perception of my moral outline
Constantly rearranging burdens, all enshrined
Still I find, I lack the fortitude of character
To decide if I have the attitude of an actor
A disaster as my sub conscience searches for a new master
I plaster my face everywhere, have you seen me?
The faster my pace, here and there, I get antsy
Ante up pieces of my mindset
As a finders fee, there's still time yet
To place your bets
Don't fret, your odds are good when there's no house left
It was burned to the ground about a decade ago
As the ashes turned the sound was enough to placate the ego
But still clashes churned unbound as we prayed for less sorrow
The gashes patterned offered profound
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 3 1
The Poet, Logic and Reason
One word philosophy
A poet is what he had to be
And typically, the veil is thin enough to see
The geography mapped across arms atrophied
By time at sea up a river without a paddle
With thoughts addled, too tired to straddle the saddle
Of salvation from an inner battle where the complex prattles on
About forgone conclusions and bygone delusions
An archetypal contusion that ruins the illusion
Of a drowned ego
Reason being the widow of Logic with legs akimbo
Waiting for understanding to arouse her passion
But an ashen soul doesn't have enough blood to ration
On such a wanton action
So with match in hand she gets burned
Unlike a phoenix, never to rise again
Torn from his double helix, he remains unconcerned
No reaction, because he holds it not a sin
Something akin to a neanderthal
Needs to thicken a weak skull
Thinking there's more glory when he wins a barroom brawl
Seeking to leave nothing but a gory allegory
That lacks sense making the reader wince
Seeking recompense since he could not e
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 1
I Am, Mechanical
Clinging to a cosmetic aesthetic
Remaining unapologetic
Until they finally get it
A synthetic poetic prophet
Using an emetic of the mouth to make a profit
I got it, I Am mechanical
A whimsical construct, yet so tyrannical
Who solely conducts business with the puritanical
Shackled to a tabernacle filled with cackling jackals
Under an attack of con science
Standing in defiance of the reliance on idolatry
Just not glad to be the epitome of apathy
When giving the eulogy of a prodigy
Who never got to see the new reality
Born from their ingenuity
Torn away now to face ambiguity
And pay the collector of soul's annuity
A proctor, of sorts
Spin doctor sewing discord
Struck a chord when the lord struck an accord
And tore the ward who warred and lifted his sword
Against the horde he abhorred who would hoard
The just reward of those he adored
Now cower as I scour the tower of our final hour
And devour the power of his glower
And Shower it upon you to empower the true captains of fate
It is never t
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 1 0
Two sides
Thoughts are swirling, a whirlwind of chemical reactions
In my mind images twirling, impulses can't get traction
A whole fractured into a fration hurling sterling
Understandings at warp speed
I feel the need to sate my curiosity
By slaking my thirst with blasphemy
Waking once again to sounds of agony
Is it a comedy or a tradgedy
When one is not glad to be lost in the halls of their own mind
No matter how ill defined or poorly designed
One should still be inclined to take that swan dive
Into the gray matter confined to their own head
Instead, I seek to peel back the rind, not leaving myself dead
That would be unkind, I find it's easiest to break the bind
When not resigned to the confines of conventional widsom
A malign view often miscontrued when seen through a cloudy prism
A lifeline cut in lieu of a personality schism
Need more fire to fuel the ego as it dodges arrows to avoid getting punctured
Forever altered  what you enjoyed memories sent below to retire
In need of an I.D
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 1
Mature content
Angel :iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 3 1
Searching for the words in a former clarity
No matter what you've heard nothing's meant to be
It's absurd to cling to an epiphany
A broken dynasty with crumbled walls
Ozymandias had some pretty big balls
Leaving a legacy of shattered halls
But everything dies, all is destroyed
Leaving all advice, in the end, null and void
Technologically splice, become an android
But still the tissue rots and the metal rusts
It's a non-issue when it's still ashes to ashes dust to dust
And I trust that it'll never be enough
To clutch the stuff that dreams are made of
And crush it down to a fine powder
Get a rush snorting it, thoughs get louder
Lost in translation atop a babbling tower
Devour the urge to purge your soul during a spiritual power surge
And emerge dancing to your funeral dirge
Splurge yourself on the sacrifical wine
The blood of christ diretly from the veins tastes so devine
It's fine to try and define the thin line between genius and insanity
Mine is interwined with the sands of time minus
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 0
Failing, flailing, bailing
Falling, calling, it's appauling
Mauling the daunting warning signs
Resign to re-sign on the dotted line
This time, no turpentine to clean the old image
A visage holding a message
The last vestige of a marriage to a mirage
Of the the alignment of mind, body and heart
Depart from the start of new art
Tasting too tart due in part
To a spartan mindset
I get that one should not fret
Over debt, bets, and sex
But met with death it becomes ready set go
West, you're too slow and it shows
In your desperate blows and ragged toes
Turning up your nose at those you don't know
An emotional outburst
Ban occassional shouts, thirst
For insight just might incur strikes
From venomous spikes a sight unseen
Some nemisis likes to fight  unclean
A scene doused in gasoline by a pyro fiend
Gleen a dosed amount of truth from a gyro screen
Hypnotized he's shaking
Mesmerized she's breaking
And faking never forsaking the making
Of  stimulating conversation
Taking and
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 1 0
Meant for more
Not good enough for truth and cliche
Stand around and stare in eternal dismay
Pieces of my soul up for auction today
Probably not worth much from years of decay
Maybe then I'll just give them away
In exchange for enlightenment
Already too much time spent
Burning the the bridges before the notes could be sent
Supposed to be meant for more than a drunken lament
Brought on by delusions of decadence
Mince words and twist verbs till avarice has become an outdated term
So much to learn, not enough time
Tried to buy it with my mindset but I crossed the line
And get tripped up inside
My ego, too small to put aside
But still masked by the jokes that I hide behind
Yet I'm still asked that question every time my right eye goes blind
What have I lost that I miss the most
The answer the same each time, my mind
Only occasionally one to boast
But still can't find the words to toast
To the memory of when I gave up the ghost
Of who I was and planned to be
Left like card number twelve, hanging from a tr
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 0 0
Quiet droning of broken slaves
Tears rain and dot the ground
on which bloody feet tread
Flesh tears; crimson sprays
Cries muffled through sewn lips
Mercy is not offered
Blackened eyes and wicked smiles
adorn the visage of Rule
Ashen wings spread, casting
abysmal darkness below
Sipping the blood of the broken
Mercy is not offered
Whips crack; fires blaze
Manic laughter echoes pained cries
Searing flesh and broken bones
Nothing stops their endless work
Nothing ends their suffering
Mercy is not offered
Mercy once was offered
before the pain began
Pride came before the fall
Never to be again
Neither pride nor mercy
Now pain is all they know
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 1 7
Deeds Laid Bare
Where once my deeds were laid bare
And I stood unabashed and free
I start once more my journey there
Perhaps a more gentle man you'll find me
Once I've received my judgment fair
Barring such a balanced verdict
You may find a man of rage
For what if I'm less than perfect?
Would they then have me caged?
After all, heaven's laws are strict
Cast into hell, what a grim fate
I dare not ponder this
I did not mean to exacerbate
My life, but there it is
I fear I've changed a bit too late
Peter stares with his steely eyes
And takes my weight and measure
He has accounted all my lies
And sins of carnal pleasure
It seems I've lead a life unwise
So now tumbling down I go
Hell is all I'll ever know
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 2 4
I'll Never Know
Perhaps I'm too demanding
Have a lack of understanding
Darkness not withstanding
I don't know what I'm planning
Lost in this emotion
Slow and steady motion
I test my own devotion
Perhaps my heart is frozen
I'll never know
Just where this path will go
I'll never see
What lies in front of me
I'll never hear
My comrades disappear
And I'll never know
If my evil will show/
Perhaps my mind is broken
Filled with words unspoken
Existence just a token
Of a plan left unbroken
Enough of all these misdeeds
I'll fight until it recedes
I don't care for my needs
Perhaps I'm here to plant the seeds
:iconremylebeua:RemyLebeua 2 1


girl by AliceTheHattersLove girl :iconalicethehatterslove:AliceTheHattersLove 1 0
Cemetery Angels
She stands alone,
Her arms frozen in an embrace that will never see warmth.
Her pale face, ashen in any weather
As she stands firm and braced against any assault.
Long ago, she had a smile,
But now, it's worn away into a grove where her mouth had once been.
Her feet are anchored deep in the ground as she watches him sleep
Day in
Day out.
Eventually, the trees die
Yet she is still standing,
Strong and tall.
Among the fallen maidens she had once known.
Angelia, Maria, Rosa, Bernadette,
All smashed upon the ground where their protected souls lay,
In slumber and in death.
She is the last left standing,
The cemetery her kingdom,
Until the day someone comes.
To set her free.
:iconmlady-monifa:MLady-Monifa 11 17
Shadows Play a Stronger Game
An eagle circles overhead
Again this morning, crying black
And lurid things, another dead
Mouse caught a-talon—body slack
And strung up by its feet—but she,
Alone on her front porch, a tea
In hand (it's scent lost on the air)
And sickness pungent on her palloured
Brow, ignores the skies. She wears
Her worry like a badge of valour,
Endures the sympathetic gazes
Of mice and passersby alike,
As eagles gouge her chest for spaces
In which to build their nests; she'll strike
A match to light a candle, watch
It as it burns against the day,
The barest flicker—shadows play
A stronger game, she thinks. Not much
Can soothe or offer her relief;
She spends her mornings counting crows
And hoping no one else will see
That there are two too few to boast
Auspicious news. Another mouse
Caught dead slips from the eagle's claws
And blackbirds scatter from her house
When men approach. This morning, after
So very long, she'll have the answer
She's waited for; and some day soon
This folded
:iconkatiekerr:katiekerr 3 4
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