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Newest Deviations

The Loss of a Flower
A flower loves to fly
To live to dream to die
A flower lives to love
To kiss to care to hug
A flower loves to sing
To shout to roar to scream
A flower dies too soon it seems
No chance to fly to love to sing...
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Face Paint by remusruffus Face Paint :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0 Skeleton Redthread by remusruffus Skeleton Redthread :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0 A Spider in Black and White by remusruffus A Spider in Black and White :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0 Spider's Web by remusruffus Spider's Web :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 1 0 Spider by remusruffus Spider :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0
Just Walk Away
Ill just walk away until I lose everything.
All I need is my feet.
The cold can bite me and the rain can drown me,
but I will never fall.
As long as I walk I will breathe the air and know that I am still alive,
for life itself is all I need.
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Pizza. Dude. by remusruffus Pizza. Dude. :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0
I hate the world, and everyone in it.
The people with their mindset on starting a new finish.
But like paint, they fade and diminish.
Listen hear, listen up till I finish
Stop talking before I grant you a life sentence.
This verse is mine, so don't waste my time
Theres only one way to earn a life like mine,
Pick up the mic, step up to the line.
Punk Hater, can't you read?
Oh wait, I forgot, your american breed
So dumb and niave
Trying to spit the rhymes even faster than me
Your lungs will close up
You'll forget how to breathe
Now everyones coming to me
asking for the things they need
Acting like I'm some kind of charity
These people need to see with a bit more clarity
Give em some glasses maybe then they can have shit
Instead of walking around and falling into stupid habits
Always checking their status
Making sure no one starts calling them faggots
What a bunch of maggots
Squirming away
With nothing better to do then sit on facebook all day
Staring at the computer screen
Always trying
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Mature content
NEW :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0
Rebirth III
Just graduated
Feelin kinda aggravated
Didn't do as good as I shoulda
Never tried as much as I coulda
But I'm starting off new
Got things I need to do
Don't ever change your self,just remain you
and do the best you could ever hope to do
And everytime I tried before
I never really had something I adored
but now I have what I want
and theres nothing more
Gotta support it, or fall to the floor
and let everything you wanted,
just slip through the open door
I make my own
so I'll take what I can
The Chance to make changes in high demand
Don't let it fall through your fingers like sand
I'm not Shakur but I'll do what I can
I'm just Looking for the right time
Gonna take from them whats rightfully mine
Illuminatti I still got my soul, I'll never sign
Still writing life with my own design
Can't take from me my own rhymes
Cause I'll do what I always do
Never give in to the likes of you
I'll stand up for the chosen few
The ones who learned to fly but never flew
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Rebirth II
Can't Stop this rappin
Im feeling kinda crazy
tell me if I starting rappin Jay-z
It feels like Insanity
I'm burried in this music, feeling kinda dizzy
I reach out to the blackness but I can't see
The Panic Attack hits me
I dream of memories
But they never happend
Somebody Tell me what the hell is happenin.
I feel like dyin but people are clappin
This must be it ,It must be happenin
Death is tappin my shoulder
I start collapsin
Then It Hits me
This can't be, I'm at home in front of the Television
Watching a show about Nuclear fission
feeling like somethings missin
Then I hear it if I start to listen
The Click-Clack Pow, Tupac Down
There goes the future of sound
Things start to heat up, but quickly cool down
Suge Knight The suspect but evidence never found
Some say it was the cops who'd rather have a black man capped, never crowned
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Rebirth I
Been Gone For A While Now
Killed, But Coming Back.
Some May Ask How after Click-Clack Pow
:1st Verse:
Laying Low Writin New Tracks
This Punk Is Back
Not Trying To Be Black
No Offense Eminem
I'll Be Like The Skin I'm In
Sweet Potatoes With Cinnamon
Feeling Like Changin The World
Where To Start?
Sick Of Not Taking Part
So I Ask Myself, "What Could I Do?"
Take This Pen And Pad,
Just Rap Of The Truth
Tupac My Inspiration
World Changin
Capture The Nation
Death May Be My Destination
But Like He Said, "It's Time For Changin"
After Much Thinkin
I Got This Thought That Were All Sinkin
Falling To The Floor. Meanwhile Speakin,
"God Show Us Healin,
Bring Us Back To The Ceilin"
Just Check It
I May Never Make It
But Whatever I Get I'll Take It
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Epic by remusruffus Epic :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0 Deep In Thought by remusruffus Deep In Thought :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 1 1 Shoes by remusruffus Shoes :iconremusruffus:remusruffus 0 0


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Haven't been on in forever!!!!!!!
Got on because I drew something on paint and decided to upload it. Haha, don't know why, its not a talented drawing at all :/

Anyway, wish I could get back into doing some graphic design. I was working on something earlier today at school, during my freetime.

Anywayz, thats it. Its 2:46 in the morning, don't know why I'm up.

Goodnight world :P


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