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Vector #488 - Snowfall Frost

By Remul-Lemlem
(I rather go with the character's name in the Hearth's Warming Tail story instead of the pony who's playing the character)

Here's my 1st Snowfall Frost Vector I made and is also the 488th vector I made, so far. :) (Smile)

So I'll be using the screencaps I took to make Vectors. So if a part of a Character is not in the screencap I use, then don't worry I will try my best to vector that part of the Character. Unless I can't do it. Then I'm sorry.

Cutie Mark by :iconillumnious:

:iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:

*MLP:FIM - S06E08 - A Hearth's Warming Tail*
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Equestria Studios presents: "A Hearth's Warming Tail"

Starlight Glimmer as Snowfall Frost
Rainbow Dash as Snowdash
Applejack as The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past
Pinkie Pie as The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents
Rarity as Merry
Fluttershy as Flutterholly
Princess Luna as The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come

Directed by Twilight Sparkle
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it's Starlight Glimmer as Snowfall Frost
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Cool. :) /) Both drawing and in temperature.