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Some Things You Do For Money 3
Some Things You Do For Money…
Or, Varric and the Women

I've written before of how Hawke and I met. About how, on one fateful day in the Merchant's Guild,  a handsome and noble dwarf came to the aid of a damsel in distress and her dark-haired sister. Heh. But as with many things that have come out of my mouth, that's only half the story.
See, shortly after the blight in Fereldan, a new smuggling ring appeared in Kirkwall. It was run by a elven woman named Athenril, and it was starting to hurt Guild business. Naturally, Guild business is family business - my business - so I decided to do some investigating into this rogue element of the city's economy. Turned out the elf owed much of her success to a recruit bought off from amongst the refugees that were flooding the Gallows, and in time, I learned the new hire's name.
I wanted to see what made her so special, so saw to it she wa
:iconremthemighty:remthemighty 6 7
Some Things You Do For Money 2
Some Things You Do For Money…
Or, Varric and the Women

Given how thin she was when we met, I'd never have guessed Hawke had a bottomless pit for a stomach. She could eat a whole horse and come back for the harness without getting a hair heavier too, the lucky woman…
I promised her once that if we ever wound up in Orzammar, I'd introduce her to the King as the Paragon of pie-eating contests. Hah!
…but maybe that gives you the wrong impression.
Hawke is no glutton. She never was. She was just a rail-thin refugee who could never be sure where her next meal would come from, so when food was available, she'd do what any good rogue would do and get while the getting was good. If she could save a sovereign in the process, all the better.
Or so she thought anyway.
There were hundreds of Fereldans in Kirkwall back then, dying every day from disease and depravation.  As if her ow
:iconremthemighty:remthemighty 7 3
Some Things You Do For Money 1
Some Things You Do For Money…
Or, Varric and the Women

The refugee.
The champion.
The one woman who gets Bianca all green-eyed…and she just had to be born a human.
I should have known the day I met her in the Merchant's Quarter that those auburn eyes would kill me. Then again, I should have known a lot of things…
I take full responsibility for what happened in the Deep Roads, and if I could go back in time I'd bend over and kick my own ass for idiocy instead of dragging Sunshine and her sister into that Maker-forsaken mess.  Hawke's heart broke the day her sister departed, and I've spent all the years since helping her pick up the pieces, but I know things will never be the same for her.
They haven't been the same for me, either.
I spend all my days looking after her now, instead of my back-stabbing brother, and all my nights staring at the ceiling of the Hanged
:iconremthemighty:remthemighty 9 11
Warforged by remthemighty Warforged :iconremthemighty:remthemighty 28 4 Kal'Reegar Lineart by remthemighty Kal'Reegar Lineart :iconremthemighty:remthemighty 13 3
Gorgon - Part One
The woman jumped at the voice and snapped her head around to see a heavily-tattooed asari standing in the airlock partition, eyeing her curiously. Sabine straightened to a formal posture as her officer crossed the cargo hold to stand near her and the cyro-hold she'd been cataloging. The older woman's ice-blue eyes narrowed as she leaned forward to discern the hold's occupant through the cold air inside.
"They're getting younger and younger aren't, they?" the asari said softly.
Sabine swallowed and glanced at her data pad distractedly. "Yeah."
For a moment the two stood in silence, listening to the shuttle's white noise hum and the sound of the other cell members celebrating another successful mission. Batarian slurs and friendly challenges echoed through the open airlock while the rescued souls slept on obliviously around them.
"You did well in the field today, Sabine. Your efforts keep causalities to a minimum, on our side and theirs. The less resources we waste on unnecessa
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Sabine Taylor by remthemighty Sabine Taylor :iconremthemighty:remthemighty 52 28 Blair by remthemighty Blair :iconremthemighty:remthemighty 3 1


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Sculptris is like crack.

Sat Sep 15, 2012, 6:33 PM
It's all I've been working in lately, and it makes me wish I had a more powerful machine because my poor laptop starts barfing at around 500,000 triangles. lmao It just can't get the level of detail Sculptris is capable of giving you. I'm trying to do the best I can by reducing over-worked areas as I go along so the detail is there but the topology is minimized as much as possible, but still. I can't use the paint feature either due to hardware limitations. :/ I'm going to have to paint the texture in Blender through a combo of projection painting and old fashioned flat Photoshop I think. It's not ideal, but it'll work.

I've got 3 models in the works right now and maybe one day I'll get do texturing one if I can manage to pull myself away from the sculpting for awhile.

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It might interest you to know that I have, after a stupid long time, continued Friction. Chapter 10 can be found here and on
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I love your style of ashlanders from Morrowind, and I would love to see more if you ever wish to do them.

They are fantastic!
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Your art is brilliant! Keep up the good work.
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