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Syaoran sword tutorial

By rempage
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The following is a little tutorial on how I made my sword for my Syaoran costume from Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle.

A few tips that I will tell you that I learned during my experience while making this prop (which was probably only my second sword prop ever):

- Make a pattern. You'd think that I would've realized this since I've been making them for my costumes since about 2000! This would have made the WHOLE process significantly easier, especially when it came to adding the polystyrene.

- Although I do not know 100% for certain, I have read a few things that have said using a low-temp glue gun is better for foam. In making this prop, I did notice that the high-temp glue gun that I have DID melt the foam slightly (though not enough to warp it). So, if you have better knowledge when it comes to glue guns...please let me know! XD I am (apparently) clueless!

- I think that I should have sanded down the areas where the glue was a little excessive. It would have just looked a little more "clean".

- I live in Washington so it's pretty temperate. So if you live in a significantly warmer climate, then I wouldn't suggest using hot glue for your project. It melts in extreme heat, so your project could potentially fall apart! You can probably find a craft glue equivelent.

Any comments, thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated. This is my first tutorial XD
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How strong would this sword be? I don't want to carry it around conventions for fear of it break. >.>
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It's pretty sturdy and it's REALLY light, since it's just made with insulation foam and plastic sheeting.
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Wow, this is really interesting
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Thanks! I was really impressed with how it came out overall