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Commission: Barghest Armor



Disclaimer: No I Absolutely cannot draw anything even remotely resembling this.

Now that thats out of the way.... This is a commission I got from a stellar dude on DA :iconjose-melo: with his variation of the Barghest Armor I made a long time ago back when I was creative and crap. It's mightily rare of me to go to someone to get a commission as I'm pretty happy with what I can create myself but I have done it before as sometimes I want to see my things through someone else's eyes, this being one of those times. I would put a story to this but I dont even have an ounce of proper creativity to comment properly so...Yeah just oogle at the image. (Who the fuck reads anyways.) The dude was even nice enough to give me the 3D model of the drone and grenades he used as references for the drawing, which is just wickedly awsome.

If you want to see more of :iconjose-melo: stellar work, go check out his DA page and maybe commission him as he is currently open.

And make sure that if you like this image you tell him yourself here :…
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Not sure where to comment, here or at Jose-Melo... perhaps both. You guys got my head spinning back and forth hahah. You have some incredibly awesome artwork of your own in your gallery btw. I was just curious particularly about this. So it's your concept and Jose's modeling? If this model belongs to you now since you commissioned it, I'll buy a copy of it from you (if we can work something out and the model has everything i'd want). I don't know how he does his work, if it's static posed sculpting or fully rigged. Or is this a Daz base model he fleshed out into a new design (in which case it would already have and keep it's rigging)? Anyways, awesome stuff you guys!