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May 21st, 2009
Hi everyone. Laniru here. I think I've finally decided to let this group go. It has been quite stagnant for some time... and there are better, more active places for remodernist artists to communicate. The best place is Carson's group over at the redbubble site:….

So I guess I would like to officially redirect all people interested in remodernism to Carson's site on redbubble.... unless, of course,  someone would be willing to take over ownership and supervision of this group.  If you are interested in doing that, please note me on my laniru deviantart account, and it's all yours...

For what it's worth, I still think the remo movement has some credibility, as does stuckism... I simply am too busy with family life and teaching to be active in it anymore.

Good luck to you all,

Welcome to the Remodernists of Deviantart group.

"Remodernism takes the original principles of Modernism and reapplies them, highlighting vision as opposed to formalism." - from the Remodernism manifesto

This group is based on ideas promoted by the Stuckists , a collection of artists who reject current artworld trends and cynical, academic, Post-Modern theory. They embrace the original, humanistic pursuits of early Modernism..

Here are the manifestos for Stuckism…

and Remodernism

As you can see by reading the manifestos, Stuckism is focused exclusively on figurative painting, while remodernism simply endorses a return to spiritual, humanistic themes in art.

Therefore, to join this Remodernist group, you only need to be an artist interested in the original pursuits of Modernism. You can be a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, and yes, even a digital artist, so long as your artistic intentions are Remodernist.

For information on how to join this group, click below…

Official List of Members




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Unsorted yet:

:icondarkartificer::iconjesserichards::iconlumptard::iconbedpan3::iconnunheh: :icongorshank::iconasher27::icondark-knight-forever::iconseven-fourteen::iconmafouka::icontkmundok::iconthedevilswallpaper::iconparanoia-embracing::iconlookhappy::iconbetebrito::iconjetjames::iconrenegademagazine::iconbloodwitness::iconnick47::iconsantosam81::iconrainbowreality::icongromyko::iconcenter555::iconpocheros::iconsalaso::iconscott5353::iconfleetofgypsies::iconbrianjacket::iconlikebenjireadingovid::iconbethos::iconsolarts:

The list isn't final; we wait for you to note us on under which category you want to be. You don't have to, and the category naturally doesn't limit you to any one thing, it's only a way to show what you see yourself as primarily. If you find yourself painfully divided between two things, you can request to be present under two categories, no biggie. I started sorting the members on my own given what I could find on the members' profiles; if I made a mistake, please note me and I'll correct your position.

Based on the ideas of the STUCKISTS
© 2008 - 2021 remodernists
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and i'm mostly a photographer
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You have been removed from the unsorted list. :)
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