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Political Haiku 1
my Indian friend
hates capitalism too–
but not noodles
this girl I know told me
it's on the way out, but first–
all of us would die!
I want to be political
he says–
you are! you are! you are!
my American buddy
is sorry–
he voted for bush
the “war on terror”
is now a “transcendental war”
beyond all reason
nothing matters
he always says–
nothing and everything
round for dinner–
should the revolution be violent?
tonight I cleaned
three hundred chairs–
I hate my job
the war
is over–
19 dead mice in the garden
she agrees
when I tell her
I'm as red as a sunset in Cuba
in Mexico, where he lives
his car radio was stolen 15 times
but he understands why
at the art museum
she said–
why is everything white?
someone asks him
what it's like being black–
I realise, he wasn't until then
he is a capitalist–
I like having what I want
but I wish it were nicer
she isn't
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Haiku Philosophy
Ten Thousand Plateaus
A Brief History of Western
Philosophy In Haiku Format
is not
a poem–
the ten thousand things!
either being or nonbeing–
is there something
or nothing–
is is
what is
ontos on–
on the
ontos on–
tes ousia–
ontos on–
everything being
has substance–
matter and form!
ontos on–
is ever created out of
without a center–
space divided
by time–
either perception
or matter–
ontos on–
between the destruction of the universe
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founded by laniru
United States
Personal Quote: "Art that needs to be in a museum to be art is not art."

18th July 2008 A brave soul has joined the administrative powers of this group: please welcome


He is a highly motivated and capable person. He even has a project for the group, which you'll hear about soon.

19th February 2008: New member! :iconmattbray-remodernist:

News of January 27: Since our failure to put up a contest, we came back with a new idea. This next project is not a context, but a means to work together on the same theme. Thus, in the gallery, you will find a folder baptised "Yearning", and that is the theme we propose you to work on. Every piece must be titled "Yearning" and of course must be about it. Your work will be gathered in that folder. Good luck with your work!

News of January 23rd: Due to lack of participation, the contest was cancelled; indeed, two candidates is not enough. Only one of you actually sent an official note with a piece of art to participate, while two others suggested they might run. I assumed that with such a number of participants, you'd not really want the contest, and I don't feel like putting in the effort. I guess this contest was a test (no pun), and we failed.

We have some serious questions to ask ourselves now. First of all: is anyone here? I know about a dozen of you are, but we're supposed to be more in this group. Secondly, why are we together and is there a reason for this group to exist? While other groups can gather around a certain type of art (abstract painting, black and white photography, portraits, glass works, etc.), we only have an art philosophy, and I come to wonder if that is enough, because it gives us little unity at bottom, in what we actually produce as artists.

I feel things this way: either we really do something drastic, or we let this group slowly die and wither away. I'm of the mind to opt for the first of these options, yet I am relatively clueless as to what kind of drastic measure we could take.

The contest didn't work, the majority of you don't care - and whether I blame you for it or not isn't the point, I don't blame you for it, you certainly have excellent reasons not to care, and that's what I'd like to change - and now we're in a situation where we need a massive kick in the butt.

Know that our subscription has expired. (Thanks to the kind soul who bought us one; that was more thoughtfulness than we deserved; and please don't waste your money on us again!) Therefore, I recommend you use my personal forum to discuss… (if we can't produce art together, we can at least discuss our common philosophy of art). We need to be more together and do more things together. It isn't a problem to start small, as we aren't very many, but we ought to be proportionally motivated, by which I mean, the less we are, the more motivated we have to be, because no one else will be motivated in our stead.

News of January 7: A contest is now open! One piece per artist, submit it with CONTEST in the title of your note to me. All the art for the contest will be gathered in the same file in the gallery, and people will vote via a poll. Since our subscription ends on the 20th, the 19th will be the day when I take a screenshot of the poll results and announce the winner. Have fun with the contest!

News of December 21st: After two months at the head of this group, I am a bit disappointed by the lack of life to be found around here. I am ever thankful to all those of you who participate, however.

To be honest, I feel no desire to merely be the person who submits the work of the "Remodernists" if that is the only thing that happens within this group. As you must understand, getting extra exposure and extra pageviews is not the main goal of the group, and I wish we did more.

Therefore, we need to do more. Anything, as long as it gathers us into something. Be it a contest, or else, I think we should do something. There is a forum for suggestions on this account, and you can use my personal forum as well.

Any suggestion for other projects is most welcome and I beseech you to participate! There is no point in being part of a group if you do nothing with it. For instance, I addressed a number of issues in the forum, and the large majority of you didn't speak out about them, and you should, because short of any opinion-voicing, I will act according to the opinion of those who did voice their opinion, as it should be.

I hope many of you will actually read this note and that something will get in motion. And if nothing happens, I will take decisions on my little own, and you will not be allowed to say that I did not offer options.

NEWS of 22nd October 2007: Make sure to know about the two forums available for the group: the one in this group's journal, and the one in :iconforgetfulrainn:'s. Issues are being discussed there and you don't want to be left out of them, as they will be influential on the group. It's YOUR group so raise your voice!

18th October 2007: members no longer have to submit their work themselves, the new administrator will do that for you. So just send a note to the group, or his personal account, and he'll do the work. Just write "Submission" as the title of your note, and add a link to the piece, and pure magic will happen.

:iconforgetfulrainn: is now the administrator in charge of the group, as Laniru is too busy with his new job as art teacher; he will nevertheless remain the official leader, while ForgetfulRainn will be the official secretary of the group (he is typing this himself). So, expect some new stuff happening soon, and... more in a note if I can manage to write one to everyone.

ForgetfulRainn opened a thread on his own forum for a discussion among Remodernists. Check it out and speak out! Here:…


(old news)

forgetfulrainn :iconforgetfulrainn: has offered to take on some administrative responsibilities for the group! This is great, since I am pretty strapped with other responsibilities lately. Thanks, Rainn!


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shotsilk Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Art terms are very confusing. After much research I've decided that this term (REMODERNISM) is the closest I'm going to get to my art. Please tell me how to join the group?
mackmind Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
Hi, is this group alive at all?

I've read through the manifestos and I was wondering if there's a chance I can join. Those ideas are amazing, so I'd thankful if somebody could check my gallery to see if my works anyhow fits here and let me know.

Thanks in advance.
Munsch Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2010
dancooper Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009
im gonna write something coz none have write something here

keep working
dancooper Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
i shuld stop being so impulsive
tapueki2025 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Uh, remodernism is amazing. I mean it really helped me understand Modernism and I was already throwing a hissy-fit over post-modernism anyways. I think post modernism is way too easy. I think it's a culture vampire, but it's at the point to where it's just eating its self.

Can. I. Join?
hamlet279 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2009
Wow! My offer to exchange links with the 1stARPEx certainly has resulted in a spontaneous burst of apathy.
I wonder if that’s because folks (including members of the Remodernists of DA) don’t want to be associated with the RPG, don’t understand the importance of link popularity in promoting themselves, or are just too lazy to bother about it.
I suppose this will remain, for me, a mystery (like most of the behavior of the human species).
hamlet279 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
OK, I'm not only a crappy typist but also unfamiliar with some of the quirks in the software here at DA. I'll try again.

The link to the IstARPEx 'entry' page is this: [link] and the link to the RPG at redbubble is: [link]
hamlet279 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
Anyone who wants to link to the First Annual Remodernist Painters' Exhibition (1stARPEx) should use this url, [link] which leads to an 'entry' page optimized for search engines - where we're already quite highly ranked, by the way.

As soon as I get a dozen or so links from other artists and art sites (apart from the 31 artists besides myself who are featured in the expo), I will put a target leading to a separate 'links' page from the 'entry' page and provide a reciprocal link.

Please do consider linking to the expo.; it will improve our rank in the search engines even more and further the spread of Remodernism worldwide.

Again, all of the Remodernists here at DA are invited to join the RPG at redbubble. [link] where we currently have 241 members and our numbers continue to increase daily. It's easy to join, and participation need not take more than 5 minutes each month to participate.
Nexus11 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009
Hi Matt


Have you seen the first annual online remodernsit exhibition?

Please check it out, at


I am not a member of MySpace, but pls do spread the word there, is Carson Collins hasn't already asked you...
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