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Gensui : Rune of Life and Death

By remocholy

Ted and McDohl.
Doodle of Suikoden I

the sentence above appears in my head while drawing this ( though it's a title of Suikoden II's BGM : P
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That rather perfectly captures the essence of the Soul Eater: Beautiful and terrifying, governing life and death.
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wow this is really amazing ^^
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Uuuuuuh.. The tears wont stoppppp,it wontttttt,helllp :iconcryforeverplz:
Ted,tir,i MISS both of them! Its so saddddd..
Your art was really amazing,it make me feel all emotional now :-X
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Very insperational. I love it!
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I love this one. I had always thought that Tir's rune was only the soul eater, and therefore the rune of death. Period. But... now that I reflect further and with this drawing... it makes me rethink it. Death is only the end of a cycle, but the rebirth of another. Hmm... true indeed. Thank you for sharing, loving the Suikoden art!
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extremely beautiful
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Really awesome work. Can't take my eyes off of this.
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...Omg ;;.
Suikoden has been a favourite of mine since I was a little girl. You make me giggle! You'll probably see my faves everywhere </3. LOL.
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I really love Suikoden and I really love your art pieces! Please don't stop drawing them! You are able to catch the perfect feeling and atmosphere of the game. Your art leaves me speechless.
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Thank you!!
I won't stop until my ideas run out ^ ^
Daqs's avatar
I hope they won't dry out! May the inspiration be with you :boogie:
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I don't know the game but this work leaves me speechless :aww:
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This is so so so so so beautiful, it steals my words away and fills my head with feelings.......!!
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Thanks for the comment all the time :heart:
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that's interesting. my first thougt was an atom bomb with roots!
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Yeah this is pretty cool, man...
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absolutely beautiful =3 i loves it!!
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Very nice job =D
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Good job, I like it:)
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