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Duran Aeducan



This one is a little messier. Trying to practice making the sketch stage look nicer.

Like Mahariel, Aeducan grew on me a lot. I'm not a big fan of dwarf characters (Role playing them, at least), and I'll admit that the famous Lady Aeducan by aimo made Dwarves seem cooler. But any Aeducan is a pretty tragic character, really, and interesting to play.

Duran here is a bit more expressive than my Mahariel. Most of those speech bubbles are pretty self-explanitory if you've played the game. His warden uniform is pretty standard, but he never actually gets to wear it - he romanced Morrigan but he refused the ritual. When his brother betrayed him and he became a warden, he was almost excited by the idea that he would no longer be part of the politics that got him exiled. Only for the story to unfold and suddenly he's in EVERYBODIES BUSINESS. While he does ease back into the role with the skill he'd had before, he grew much more jaded. When the ritual was offered, he didn't think it was worth it. He might have changed his mind if he'd known Morrigan would end up having his child anyway.

Theron Mahariel:

This Duran Aeducan (c) Remnantation
Dragon Age (c) Bioware
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Haha, Dwarves are super cool! I love his beard. He looks pretty great in that armour too! I think you're doing a great job, your sketches are lovely. c: