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NFL Helmets icons

Well we're in the middle of the football season and things are heating up, so I decided to finish up this icon set. I really hope you enjoy it! :)
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How much are you asking for a non-exclusive commercial license? We'd like to use these on a small sports-themed website.
I just love helmet design. Wound't you do for Formula 1?
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dude...this is great! :D
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10 Star work to be proud of.
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Thank you very much!!! :)
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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Beautiful your highness
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Thank you very much! :D
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You're welcome..
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very nice, go chargers xD
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Thanks a lot, and good luck with your Chargers, but I'm hoping the Packers running game get's going. :)
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Ha...Go Pack!!! :)
Hopefully, you won't mind if I provide a few constructive comments about your work...

Overall, these helmets are pretty good. I'll admit that I'm disappointed in the helmet for my favorite team - the Kansas City Chiefs. The Arrowhead logo is too small (and thin) - as it relates to the overall size of the helmet and also when compared to the logos of other teams.

I would encourage you to double-check the angle (and location) of each team's logo. Some of them are off a bit. For example, the Eagles "wings" logo should join together more towards the front/center of the helmet (where the "Riddell" logo piece is located). The Patriots logo should be smaller in size and moved higher and farther back.

With regard to other logos, several are over-rotated and need to be leveled a bit. The Lions logo should be slightly leveled and moved farther ahead. The Cowboys "Star" logo should be level - exactly straight up and down - not slanted towards the back of the helmet.

Additionally, the white plastic piece on the front of the helmets (used for the "Riddell" logo) is too large. If you look at the modern helmets worn by today's NFL players, that piece is pretty small - only slightly bigger than the "Riddell" lettering.

Lastly, the face masks are too large and shouldn't cover the ear holes.

Please don't misinterpret my comments about your work as being negative in any way. They're only being provided as constructive criticism. I have no clue whether or not you created these helmets from "scratch" or if you had to use graphics acquired from another source. Some of the items I mentioned may very well be out of your control.

I like what you've done and I appreciate your willingness to share it with all of us.

Keep up the great work!
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Thank you for the critique and all though I didn't ask for one I really do appreciate it. I will fix the noted errors when time permits. They were made from scratch so I do have the vectored layers to do so. Thanks again! :)
enjoy this icon.........
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nice work! ;) but where can i get such a rack for my desk?
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