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White Rose: Sleeping In Page 5

And the finale. Yes once more done by :iconabbychuan: so there is no confusion.
I only wrote the dialogue.
It seems the tickle fight is a draw and now they are tired. But in the end young miss Rose must show why she is team leader. XD

Yeah no preamble here of holding off on posting. Just all out sharing the fun.
Hope you guys like and big thanks to Abby for getting this done. ^^
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And then they had foot fetish sex!

PiplupBoi7's avatar
I just now noticed that AbbyChuan deactivated
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Yeah a lot of people have been asking me what happened to her. I'm as in the dark as everyone else.
PiplupBoi7's avatar
That's sad. I really liked her art.
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Same. I have a comic commission I'm waiting on from her too so that is quite a blow for me.
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And thus the two friends collapse into an exhausted heap. I see that little smile Weiss, don't pretend you didn't have fun.XD

Even though they're tired though, it looks like neither of them can resist giving each other a few more tickles. And Ruby even uses her feet to tease Weiss's own beautiful pair. Weiss oughta get her back by trapping Ruby's larger foot between her own smaller feet and giving her one heck of a toe tickling.:D
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I never understood how you can tickle feet WITH feet.
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While obviously no where as effective as fingers. Most anything brushing against the foot can produce a reaction. Toes can be rather dexterous and can tickle if dragged along the sole.
symbiote12345's avatar
Ah I see. Thank you for telling me. For it was. FOR SCIENCE!
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This is the most adorable WhiteRose thing I've ever seen! ^-^

The-XPS's avatar
I ship these two together, and this is adorable, and I approve of this massively.
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This whole thing was adorable

GreenJack21's avatar
I'm still pretty against the whole shipping thing (bad memories), but if it's just another name for friends getting together (for these two in particular at least), then I can stomach it better. XD
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