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Long before wars and the insanity that we would come to know to be fall of Naruto.
There was a simpler time. When things almost made sense.
This however is not one of those times...
Life in Konoha was peaceful enough. The resident Uchiha had run to play "find the snake" with Orochimaru. And the loudmouth blonde known as Uzumaki Naruto was off training to not suck anymore. In Suna, highs and lows were experienced. With the fall of the Kazekage.
However a new kage would rise in his place. The newly sane jinchuriki Gaara attempted to make amends for the war brought down onto Konoha by Orochimaru.
It is for this reason that his elder sister Temari found herself running back and forth to Konoha as Suna's new liaison found herself relaxing in a tea house. Enjoying a much deserved treat. Till she came upon an unexpected annoyance.
"Come on already and fight me!" Came the demand from an oddly insistent Tenten
as a tick mark formed on the head of the sandy blonde kunoichi. "For the seventh time no!"
Came Temari's frank reply as she took to sipping her tea and calm herself.

"You can't do that. I HAVE to have a rematch with you!" Came Tenten's rebutt as she leaned in close to Temari's face. Who's fingers twitched with the desire to club the panda headed brunette with a swing of her iron fan.

"What is up with you? Did you swap brains with that bowl headed teammate of yours?"
Temari questioned skeptically at Tenten's unusual behavior with a tilt of her head as Tenten was quick to recoil and retch at the thought.

"What? No! Ofcourse not.. oh god was i really acting like him? No no no they can't be getting to me. I thought i was past this. It can't be happening!" Suddenly visions of Tenten with a bowl cut, green spandex and huge eyebrows plagued her mind
as she grabbed her face in horror. A snap of Temari's fingers shook her from her delusion as she was quick to blink and apologize.

"Alright already, what is this about?" Temari bluntly said as her patience was wearing thin. Tenten however recoiled and blushed. "I..I.." She started as Temari slammed her fan down making her jump. "Spit it out already damnit!" Temari yelled out with a glare.

"I don't want to be tickled!!!" Tenten finally blurted out and panted with embarrassment as Temari could only stare at her as if she grew a second head. Tenten took the opening to continue. "Back in the academy.. I endured a lot because of it. Mainly because of lee..."
                   (Flashback to the academy 4 years prior)
An 11 year Tenten sat calmly at lunch. Reading through a scroll following Iruka's class with weapons and jutsu usage. Going over her scroll she pondered to herself.
'There must be something i'm missing. I keep trying and trying yet i'm still stuck in the middle of the pack. How am i ever going to be as great as Tsunade-sama if i can't even beat my other classmates? I don't even have any special moves like most of the others.
Well at least i'm not as bad as some people.'

She thought to herself as she gazed over at the furious display of her classmate Rock Lee.
Despite his failures. He continued to try and improve.
So engrossed in her pondering that she failed to notice a hand waving in her face as the class genius Hyuga Neji stood before her trying to get her attention.

"If you are done staring at Lee. May i speak to you for a moment Tenten?"
Neji blankly asked as Tenten stood up suddenly. 'Ne-neji? What is he talking to me for?' She thought with a blush before noticing he waited for a response. " Uhm.. sure. what did you want to talk about?" She asked with untold curiosity.

Taking her to the side he spoke to her frankly. "Tenten I believe that given the current consistent scores, that when we graduate. You and I are fated to end up on the same team. As such i would like to get a head start on our teamwork and get to know your style and work mine with you for when we will begin missions."

He spoke with such conviction that her heart could not help but to flutter slightly. Which inwardly bothered her. As she was never one to be influenced and swoon over a guy.
But still she could not deny the possible truth by his words replied as such.

"Sure, let's get to work then. I want to see what i can really do." She shot back with confidence as he gave a simple nod. As if expecting no less of a reply from her as they walked to the training area.

Taking a stance that was the norm for Hyuga's unique Gentle Fist taijutsu.
He waited as she took the basic academy taught stance and nodded. Knowing her lack of clan orientation. "I will have you aid me in the development of some of my clan's strongest jutsu. So brace yourself." He spoke out in warning as he lashed out with jabbing taps that Tenten did her best to avoid.

For her protection. He avoided putting chakra into the strikes. But swiftly picked up pace as his Byakugan flared out to get a more accurate strike. Despite her above average speed. Tenten could not hope to avoid the strikes as they began to tap along her arms and then into her stomach. Said blows ceased however following a uncharacteristically girly squeak as she curled up and fell to the ground holding her stomach.

"Tenten are you alright? I didn't use chakra in those strikes, so there should be no damage." Neji asked in concern as he stood over her. Only to find Tenten blushing and looking at the ground muttering an apology as she slowly stood up.
"I'm..fine." She slowly spoke out as Neji stared at her. Seeing through his eye that she was hiding something. "Well what is it?" He asked as she turned away again. Unnerved by his piercing eyes as she slowly blurted out. "I'm ticklish okay!? hmph" She gave a sigh as she sat down feeling like a fool in front of him.

"Ahh" He started out slowly as he too had the good sense to blush lightly at the implication as he decided to change the subject. "Well then.. we'll have to be careful.. I have another technique we can work on anyway."
He finished as he got her to stand and focus.

A few meters away however in the bushes. The bushy black brows of Rock Lee stared off in curiosity. "Oho So Tenten-san is ticklish is she? And she is siding with my eternal rival.
Perhaps i should do something with this."
Later in class. Iruka began to drone on about the history of the 3 shinobi world wars and the founding of the villages. "And it was then that the first hokage died at the hands of-
AIYEEE" Came a sudden squeal from the back of the class as Tenten stood up and everyone began to laugh at her. "Tenten are you alright?" Iruka asked in concern as Tenten looked around furiously before blushing and sitting. " No no i'm fine Iruka-sensei."
She muttered out while trying to hide in her book.

"Okay then. as i was saying. The first hokage was killed by- KYAAAHHH!"  Came another squeal as Tenten whirled around clutching her armpit to find Lee whistling innocently as he looked into his book only to turn at the AHEM from the glaring Iruka.
"I'm terribly sorry Iruka-sensei. It won't happen again." She said with a bow. Sitting back down and now keenly watching those around her.

As Iruka went back to his lecture once more. A pencil falling lead Lee to slip under his desk to find it. The next sound that followed was a high pitched squeal followed by a yell of pain. "AIYEEHEHHE and OW!" as a feather was suddenly slipped into the space between Tenten's sandal to tickle her exposed sole as her foot flexed kicking Lee in the head.

"Lee what are you doing down there!" Came Tenten's yell as Iruka too watched the interaction as he was quick to stand up. " I was just uh.. pencil and you know.." He sheepishly said as he found himself standing outside the class with buckets of water and a sign that said BAKA around his neck.

You would think that Lee would learn his lesson. But the next day a similar incident occured. and not just from Lee. But other kids randomly poking and snickering at poor Tenten when her eyes were averted to someone else.
For several days this horror continued and Tenten could find no escape. Poking to her sides, under her smooth armpits, Even the bold little bastard who during a spar decided to make her submit by ripping off her sandal and tickling her to tears!

 It was after this incident that Tenten found herself taking "sick" to avoid going back to class. It was then that Neji found her furiously throwing weapons at a scarecrow with lee's picture on it. Right in his eyes and his smiling teeth. and a large assortment of shuriken buried into the crotch area.

With a slight hesitation he set a hand on her shoulder as she reacted in shock. Turning to him almost jamming a kunai in his eye socket as Neji noted the furious tears in her eyes.
"Oh.. Neji it's you...sorry" She said as she deflated and sunk to the ground. Pulling her knees up to her chest.

Sitting by her they remained in silence for several minutes before Tenten spoke up suddenly. "Can't i just kill Lee and be done with it?" She asked halfheartedly.
"That really wouldn't solve your problem though. Besides he is too important to die right now." Neji said with an odd note of respect at Tenten stared at him.

"Wait Neji. Do you actually respect Lee and think he is destined for greatness?" She asked in shock. Having spoken to Neji numerous times and knowing his belief in fate.
"What?! Ofcourse not!" Came Neji's angry reply as he calmed. "But if you kill him now.
He won't get his spin off and you won't get your personality." Neji spoke frankly as Tenten's eyes widened and she swore to herself. 

"Oh damnit your right. Well what do i do then?" She spouted out patheticly.
Neji meanwhile was eyeing the target..." Hmm you seem to be pretty good with weapons. Maybe if you get good enough. You can scare him and the rest of the kids off without having to hurt them." He gestured out to the dummy and shrugged.

"Tenten sat there pondering his idea as she stared down at the kunai in her hand and with a nod gripped it and threw the kunai straight through the dummy's heart.
   (Cue 80s montage with inapropriate music "I need a hero" playing)
A week later Tenten finally returned to class with a confident smile as she sat in her seat and class began. As if on cue. Lee and his group of newly formed "tickle ninjas" began their game of teasing her. Only to stop suddenly when each and every one found a kunai planted between their legs with a small rip in the fabric. As they jumped up they suddenly found themselves panced and standing in their underwear as Tenten sat smirking as if having not moved. other than grinning evily and spinning a kunai in hand as they ran away to change.

                                                   (End Flashback)
"And that is why i can never let myself be beaten. otherwise it could start all over again."
Tenten finished lamely as Temari sat their silently. oddly subdued by the tale as Tenten waited for her response.
"I.. know exactly how you feel." She finally said. Leaving Tenten in shock. " You? you've gone through this hell too?" She asked pointing at Temari who nodded slowly.

"Not from classes mind you but actually... from my brothers." She said with her own glare. " Ever since Gaara went..'sane' he has been trying to bond with us more. at first i was excited. That is till he decided to start teasing us. And then Kankuro told him i was ticklish..." Gritting her teeth she gripped her tea cup till it cracked.

"Kankuro's stupid puppet strings held me in place and then... Gaara's sand. It went in places i never thought possible." She spoke with a shutter holding herself. " I can't really blame Gaara since he was still new to all this and he did apologize. but Kankuro just had to egg it on." She added with a glare. remembering her panting and dripping with sweat as those sandy fingers like a bunch of cat tongues tormented her.
Sliding along her soles and between her toes. Swirling under her defenseless armpits, Up and down her sides, between her ribs, even teasing the skin in her belly button. No where was safe...

Getting back to reality. She set a glare out at the sun. "If it wasn't for the blonde kid knocking sense into him i wouldn't be going through this.." Turning her glare onto Tenten who suddenly back away as Temari stood. " But he isn't here...So you wanted a rematch huh" Temari started as she grabbed her fan and Tenten broke into a run.
                          ( One humiliatingly short fight later)

Tenten soon found herself bound by a set of stocks and her arms tied high overhead as she remained kneeled upon a table. Her sandals as well as her scrolls were set far to the side of Temari's comfy hotel room. Luckly her room was sound proofed for her own peace and now enjoyment. The odd stocks binding her legs from behind and binding her toes were as odd as the setup as Tenten cried out.

"Why do you even have something like this!" She whined in alarm as Temari smiled.
Kankuro makes a lot of strange things in his off time. He really needs a girlfriend.. But yeah i took this from Kankuro so he wouldn't try anything funny. Who knew they would come in handy." She finished with a shrug as she overlooked Tenten's appearance.

The fear and anger in her eyes and face with oddly appealing as Temari came up behind Tenten where she couldn't see. Even wrapping a piece of cloth around her eyes to keep her from trying to turn her head.

"Come on Temari. You win already. I'll..i'll treat you to all the dango you can eat." Tenten pleaded out desperately. Unable to hear her any longer. " Are you still there? You didn't leave me here did yo- hyaahahahaha no pleehehehse not my underarms! hyehehhehe i tihihikles stop!" Tenten begged as Temari's sharp nails suddenly dug into the ticklish skin of her lovely hollows as Tenten pulled at her bonds. Trying desperately to get away.

"You know this is more fun than i thought it would be." She said in a whisper by Tenten's ear as Tenten tried to turn away. A light blow into her ear earned Temari a whimper as she began to trail her finger slowly down Tenten's arms. Garnering more whimpers and teeth gritting as her head tossed side to side.

"Does it tickle Ten-chan does it?" Temari teases as she set a single finger each into her hollows and began to lightly scratch. a whine grew from Tenten's lips as she tried to resist. Sweat began to grow on her brow and a tear blinked in her eyes as more fingers were set in slowly. One at a time.
"mmmmehehhe nohohoohoo please Temari ayiiieee too ticklish too ticklish!"
Tenten panicly cried like a little girl as Temari teased her mercilessly.
'I can't believe this. Listen to me. a little tickling and i sound like a kid all over again. I'm stronger than this!' Tenten tried to strengthen herself mentally. Her resolve ceased her giggling and Temari pulled away much to he relief.

Said relief was short lived as she felt the same sharp nails beginning to drag down her incredibly soft soles. Light pokes caused her feet to twitch and wrinkle cutely as she squeaked out like a mouse. "Eek no stop! ehehe quit! keehhe STAY AWAY FROM MY TOES!" She screamed out at Temari's light teasing and flushed as she realised what she had just revealed. "Oh no.. don't don't don't!"

She suddenly felt the feel of little nails slowly teasing at her adorable toes playfully wiggling them as Tenten tossed her head and pulled in vain at the stocks. "HYAHAHAHA NOT MY TOES HEHEHE I HAHATE IT!" Tenten continued to squeal at rather light teasing.

"My goodness you are a horribly ticklish thing if you are squealing this much and i am just teasing you. What happens if i step it up a bit and tickle you for real." She added with glee as fear grew in Tenten's eyes.

"No don't do it please. I'll give you anything. All my mission money. My weapons, my AAAAHHHHYEHAHAHAHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY POOOOHOHOHR TOES!! PLEEHEHEHASE STOOOHOHP" Tenten's horrifying squeals echoed out as Temari wiggled her fingers between her bound toes as Tenten thrashed and pulled in vain to escape.

Tears pouring from her eyes as she panted when Temari pulled away to give her a break moving to her blindfolded face and slowly rubbed her cheek.

"Aww my poor Tenten. Did i make you cry? I'm so so sorry.." She spoke out with a fake pout while Tenten panted and glared at where she heard Temari was.

"You are sooooo dead when i get out this." She threatened foolishly as Temari smirked. "Oooh someone still has some spirit left. Let's see what we can do about that."

The fear returning to her she whimpered as Temari's fingers slowly made their way down her arms again. Causing her to pull uselessly and giggle. As they came inches from reaching her armpits. She suddenly grabbed and squeezed at her exposed sides. Getting a shriek of surprise from the brunette as pulled and twisted.

Tenten's squeals only served to delight Temari further as she reveled in her sadistic game.
"Oh listen to that beautiful music. But i think you need some tuning."
With her driving smirk she plunged her fingers into Tenten's rib cage. Poking and dragging at the taunt flesh earning high pitched squeals. Then with those squeals she would reach down and tease the soft skin of her belly. Changing the pitch to deeper laughs as Tenten did her best to curl in and escape the dreadful sensations.

With her twisting and squeals. It was indeed a kind of music as Temari delighted in her new instrument. Tickling Tenten till she was hoarse with laughter.
Panting in exaustion, a smile still on her face. Tenten looked to Temari through the blind.

"Are..*pant" done *huff* yet?" Tenten let out as Temari looked at her curiously.
"You.. your enjoy this aren't you? yeah i thought so. You actually like this. Just too scared to admit it." Temari added with a big smirk as she tried to deny it.
"Your nuts! I hate it. I can't takhehehaahahhaha nohohoho not again!"

Tenten's squeals renewed as Temari went back to tickling down her soles. "Admit it or i go back to the toes." Temari threatened as Tenten shook her head.
She insisted as Temari slowed the tickling. Only for Tenten to continue squealing and denying it. " IHAHAHTE IT I CAN'T STAND IT I..."  

"A smirking Temari cupped her chin. You are a cute little liar you know that.?"
Fingering Tenten's lip she leans in slowly, overcome by her desires.
But all bit of fun was ruined when a green blur smashed through the door.
"Fear not. the green beast of justice with save you!" Declared the spandex clad Lee as he stood there with a mask over his eyes and a green cape tied to his neck and rippling muscles. A large BG adorned his ripped chest.

"Oh Rock Lee-sama! You have come to rescue me. You are my hero!" Tenten declared as Smiled and longed to jump into his arms. Behind him Neji and Sasuke appeared in bright colored costumes looking on with pride. "You are incredible Lee-sama. We wish we could be as awsome as you!" Neji and Sasuke said with wide smiles. "Yes Lee-kun... you are truly the manliest of men... so sexy" Sakura said suddenly as she appeared in skimpy clothing and a massive barely covered chest.

"Fear not ladies. for their is enough Lee to go around ohohoho"
"Lee-sama Lee-sama! Lee.. Lee!!!!!"
Lee was suddenly started and tried to quickly wipe the blood from his nose as Tenten stared down at him in confusion and exasterbation. "Lee what the hell are you writing? Neji and Guy-sensei are waiting for us for the next mission" She spoke in annoyance as she grabbed his notes and began to skim as he jaw dropped while keeping him at bay with her foot. 

"Seriously what the hell is wrong with you Lee?" She questioned as she balled up the paper and threw it away as Lee pleaded with her.

"But Tenten i have so many ideas! My next story stars the hip and evil Kakashi and his army of flower clones who try to take over the world. So all the great nations come together to fight this threat. Lead by the enigmatic and youthful Guy-sensei.
We fight bravely against the army and then Neji and i learn we are the reincarnations of brothers who must always fight and be eternal rivals and then their are giant monsters and ghosts and aliens and the moon falls and Sakura-san and i fall in love and kiss as we float in the air and THUNK" 

Any further rambling was cut off as Tenten smashed Lee in the head with a massive spiked flail that she quickly resealed and began dragging Lee away by his hair like a caveman might his woman.

" I swear Lee, you can be such an idiot with that imagination. This is the real world.
none of that fantasy nonsense could ever happen. Now pull yourself together and let's get on with our mission while we still have some youth!"

The End.
So what is this but a wierd story i wrote based on an old request from :iconkwtsag: who knows who he is.
I went nuts on this and any flaws can be atributed to the story. Read and understand so i don't spoil it. So when i wrote this i had no idea how to fit it into Naruto.
So i just mixed in the Rock Lee spin off series.
I think it works that way.

The image belongs to :icontgohan: as it seemed to fit best for this. 
So there. Like it ..well you better like it. I don't write these for my health! So comment damnit!!!

© 2015 - 2022 RemirTheShadow
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TickleWizard's avatar
She has only herself to blame for making such a cute little tickle target!~
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Tell that to the kunai pointed at your crotch. XP
TickleWizard's avatar
.... Tell that to the feather pointed at her toes ;P
DivJustice's avatar
A nice story, specially because of the continuous 4th-wall breaking, the tickling itself feels a bit brief but gets somehow compensated with the silly and unexpected ending, quite foreshadowing if you ask me.
TiedupTemari's avatar
This was pretty enjoyable, keep up the good work!
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Thanks bud. Try the Ramen story if you want absurd humor.
TiedupTemari's avatar
AS soon as i have time i will. That story took me like half an hour. That ADD though.
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Took longer to write. Short as it is.
TiedupTemari's avatar
Yeah, I suck at concentrating when i read. As I have said many times. Good story though. I tried to read the Korra one, but there were some heavy spoilers and no warning. So I ran away and tossed it from my memory.
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Ah sorry bout that.
TiedupTemari's avatar
Don't worry about it. The internet beat you to it.
zeke2426's avatar
bardockx7's avatar
Another good concept, I liked the flow of the story, but it needs a little clean-up grammar wise.
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Really? I thought i fixed it all.
bardockx7's avatar
I probably should have said that differently lol. I din't mean that there were any misspelled words
or anything like that, it's just that I've read stories from oneortheother, RLinksoul, and Ramona122003
and I've come to a certain standard is all. Like I said, yours, content-wise, is good, I like it. And
Ten-Ten is a character who doesn't get shown much attention(and when it is a story just
for her it's usually bad) so I commend you for that too. Sorry for the inconvenience lol. 
RemirTheShadow's avatar
So my story is of a lesser writing capacity then. Or something of that sort.
I am just trying to get my facts straight so i can hopefully continue to improve.
I know i am a pretty good writer. Though i am just starting out as an actual writer.
I am still better than most. But far from the best. Good but not great.
So i hope to be great one day and need such comments to help me improve.
bardockx7's avatar
Yeah, and I'm glad to know that you're someone who understands
constructive criticism, I've talked to other people before who can't
understand that I'm just trying to help them get better. 
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Yeah that is the whole point. If you had simply said "You suck! Your story is terrible." Then that would just be bashing. So tell me what you think can help me improve then. You weren't specific on what i can try to do.
bardockx7's avatar
Well, I can't really find a way to put it other than: Look at some of your other work (both dragonball stories and Ika musumi stories
for examples) and look at how you wrote those compared to how you wrote this one. This one seems rushed and a sloppy while those look like you took your time. That's the best way I can say it. One question though, was this a story you created during your early years and held on to or no? Because I thought about that as I was looking through your works today to help explain my critique.
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Actually no. I wrote this the same day i posted it. I didn't think it came out like that. I don't see it being that different. It may be because i wrote it during the day with distractions and was trying to force it out.
But yes i didn't think the structure was subpar compared to my other works.
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I commented via skype. ^^
RemirTheShadow's avatar
I know. I was there. XP
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that was a really fun read. definitely what I would expect from your style. and thanks a lot for doing this
RemirTheShadow's avatar
Should be even better now. I fixed all those errors. God damn i had a lot.
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