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Robyn Hill: Bringing Laughter To Mantle

And on goes the RWBY hype with the enigmatic. Pragmatic, Sporatic Robyn Hill in a desperate bid to bring in voters. Listens to her right hand lamb Fiona and tries a measure to show her more humorous side. Whether it made a difference in the polls is a matter of debate. But I'm sure some individuals on the internet are happy. XD

Obviously once more done for me by the wonderfully talented :iconwah-ngt:
Not sure who will be next but I'm feeling old school. Maybe some Naruto? Sailor moon? DBZ or even Ranma.
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*I tickle Robyn for 24 hours*

Hmm... I think I should tickle you a bit more more like every day before the election to grantee my vote.
LemonBoi21's avatar

Can't you only vote once?

WarmLillie's avatar
Yes but it’s to show that Robyn really dedicated to the citizen of Mantle and it grantee my vote because I can simply turn the other way and vote of Jacque
LemonBoi21's avatar

Fair point...

Jacque's a b*tch

WarmLillie's avatar
Yes, that’s why it necessary for me to tickle Robyn feet until election. Yes he is but his wife isn’t if you know what I mean... She is a different type of b*tch.
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I'd vote for her gladly! Her toes are so cute! Actually, the whole picture is cute. Those toes just stand out to me! ^^
Noa-live-heart's avatar
That is really cute. ^^
Dragondudde's avatar
She's got my vote.
TicklingOscars's avatar
I hope she doesnt need many votes or she will spend a while there.
Jeffry33's avatar
I like how it looks
TickleB's avatar
Can I RP tickle her? She’d have my vote easy!!
Kazemaru15000's avatar
She would gain my vote for sure XD
cardfightvanguard62's avatar
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