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Plants, Fairies,And Legends

So happy I can finally post this.
You know how long I waited to get a commission slot with :iconpirata3:

With a chance like that. How could I not want to see my girl Pyrrha in his style. Likewise I couldn't leave out my bro :icondarkshaquille: So we had to add Ahsoka.
Does it work?.. maybe. They are both sort of sword wielding gingers. I mean it's Pirata. We had to have whom we wanted most and don't they look great. Gotta love Pyrrha's trembling abs as she holds on. And Ahsoka is cool too. XD So thanks Pirata for making our girls look so good.
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Ahsoka seems cursed to this fate by such plant monsters! Seems to be a running theme in this community, and I'm all for it lol

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The Ginger goddess fabled for victory


The Orange outcast who survived because she was too clever

locked in a battle of wits, though i am seeing that Pyrrha's got more chances to win

Any Pyrrha tickling is good tickling.

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As a fan of crossovers and Ahsoka, this is incredible!

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beautiful and really detailed!