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CFVY Tickle Fight Page 3

And finally the third page of this little romp done for me by :iconabbychuan:
With a test of feet behind them. A final round commences with the challenge of tummies. And somehow the chocolate bunny girl comes out on top. Oh if only Coco noticed her biggest weakness.
Hope that was fun. Maybe I'll 21set up another with Abby if she is still up for it.
We'll have to wait and see. ^^
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Awwww these comics are too cute! the art style is adorable! xD I'd have picked Velvet to be far more ticklish.. but tough girls always have a weakspot xP

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Oh yeah I hear ya buddy. I wanted to get more of them done but I was lucky to get two comics. Sadly the artist left suddenly. So all I have from her is a couple comics and some pics.
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And coco's out!
Runner up challenger, Coco vs Emerald as Velvet moves to the finals!
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When did Em get into this? XD
DarkShaquille's avatar
I dunno, I was making something back then but it's been soo long I forgot what I was doing in the first place XD
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Cute and nice comic,I like how the final round is belly tickle ^^
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Couldn't happen any other way.
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Glad you think so.
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My girlfriend's drawing is really beautiful, I hope you continue to encourage her to ask for more drawings nwn
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Well I'm sure you know that is indeed the case.
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That comic was just all kinds of adorable to see.~
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I'm happy you approve. It was fun making the script for it.
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this was a cute tickle fight comic :D (Big Grin) 
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Glad you liked it.
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