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How Can They Be Sooo Happy? by RemirTheShadow How Can They Be Sooo Happy? :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 197 15 One Hex of a Good Time by RemirTheShadow One Hex of a Good Time :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 168 9
Forming Team STRQ
It was another beautiful brisk day along the harbor of Vale. Lovely Fall colors carried off the sea with crisp cool air as the ferry bumped into the dock. The peaceful scene was shattered with the loud revving of an engine. A blur of yellow speeding down the ramp and nearly running into an old couple before it swerved at the last moment. A string of curses and smoke in it's wake. "CRAP CRAP CRAP! Come on Bumblebee!
Give me all ya got girl, I'm gonna be so late! Move it people! My livelyhood is at stake!" Spying the sight of a bulky air boat heading straight for the large black tower in the center of the city. The impatient blond raced through a park and down a flight of stairs. Coming upon the grand tower. He nearly crashed into a portly figure who seemed engrossed in combing his mustache and barely arriving as the a large group of teenagers exited the craft. Slowly taking his helmet off. He surveyed his surroundings. Not noticing the shout of "Respect the moustache!" coming from behin
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Pyrrha's Weak Spot by RemirTheShadow Pyrrha's Weak Spot :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 174 16
Yang's First Haircut
It was a bright and sunny day as a lean muscular figure slowly rode off the platform of the ferry docking at the port of Vale. The hum and rev of a familiar yellow motorcycle took the streets in the direction of the shopping district. If one looked closely. They could see a mop of blonde hair under a cartoonish helmet sporting a bumblebee and the bright violet eyes of a giggling little girl nestled close to his chest as they slowly arrived at their destination. Setting their helmets to rest on the cargo straps. The blonde haired man carefully set down his precious cargo and patted the seat affectionately. "Alright Bumblebee, stay right here while my Sunny Little Dragon and I go for a very special appointment."
Yang did the same and grabbed Tai's hand. "Yeah Bumblebee! You stay here while go for a specil pointment. Then I'm gonna eat lots and lots of noodles, right daddy?" Yang looked up expectantly at her father.
"Yup, just a quick trim and I'll get you the biggest bowl of noodl
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What Is Red Like Roses? (RWBY Poetry Challenge)
I look on in wonder. It is Red like roses.
Tell me Mirror mirror. The question that it poses.
If I were to walk out From shadows. What would I learn?
For every attempt I make. Each time I burn.
I see something shining. For it I may fall.
Reaching for Gold. Is it worth it at all?
I continue to think. This will be the day.
It's time to say goodbye. For I can not stay.
For all that I try. I know I may Die.
Hoping for a Dream come true yet is only a lie.
In All our days. We were caught in a loop.
If just one more time. One more silly Boop.
With you in my life. I was given Wings to soar the open blue.
The Caffeine burning through.
Just once more I wish to see your eyes Shine.
Yet When it falls. I slowly lose my mind.
I keep thinking back. I'm the one this happens to.
I swore back then Not to fall in love with you.
So what is Red like roses is my own blood.
I wonder when It's my turn to lay face first in the mud.
Oh Mirror mirror. How have I grown so old?
When did the days seem to grow so Co
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My Hero Cheerleader Tickle Royale! by RemirTheShadow My Hero Cheerleader Tickle Royale! :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 283 13
The Hand That Warms The White Rose Chapter 3
A rapid series of light knocks echoed in the quiet room. Though hardly as oppressive and resounding as an empty mansion. It was still enough to startle Weiss from train of thought. She half expected Klein to open the door and offer her a cup of coffee and cake.
How she would miss him and Sarlee. He certainly made the finest cakes. 
With but a brief pause she open door to find a familiar figure in the position to knock once more. Nearly falling from her awkward pose.
Ruby was quick to right herself an embarrassed giggle. "Umm hi Weiss.. can I come in"
With a put upon show and an attempted stern look. Weiss was quick to relent with a sigh at the big bright silver eyes before that had begun to fill with tears. Only to magically vanished as Ruby zipped inside with a blur of petals when the door was swiftly shut. A small smile graced the former heiress' lips as we waved away the familiar red pedals and turned to her would be leader with a fixed neutral expression and approached with fo
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Team CFVY Play Time by RemirTheShadow Team CFVY Play Time :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 236 14 Love And Laughter by RemirTheShadow Love And Laughter :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 389 13 That Darn Bumbleby by RemirTheShadow That Darn Bumbleby :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 166 14 Testing The Vibrate Function by RemirTheShadow Testing The Vibrate Function :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 102 13 A Purrfect Storm by RemirTheShadow A Purrfect Storm :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 215 14
The Hand That Warms The White Rose Chapter 2
A mighty "OOOHHFF" was all that could be uttered from the dark haired youth as he gingerly made his way into the dining area. Only to slam into a speeding mass of rose petals collided with his gut and sent the new reincarnate lying on his back. Slowly lifting his head. He looked up curiously in spite of his mildly blurred vision to take in the feeling of two surprising strong and firm nylon clad thighs pressed against his middle. More so the surprisingly light weight feeling of the slightly older and much more red faced teen dizzily swarming on top of him.
Oscar couldn't help the strong blush that crested his cheeks as he looked up pale skinned huntress that had slowly come to engulf his slowly expanding world and show him how amazing people could really be. But more importantly. It was a struggle to control certain urges as a budding 14 year old with very limited experience in close proximity to the female form could attest. He struggled out his words carefully.
"Uhm Ruby? Are you oka
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Pyrrha's Tummy Tickles by RemirTheShadow Pyrrha's Tummy Tickles :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 218 10 Salem WTCH Trials (In Color) by RemirTheShadow Salem WTCH Trials (In Color) :iconremirtheshadow:RemirTheShadow 213 2


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