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November 9, 2009
SMOKING KILLS by *BugS22 is an often thought of concept, carried out in a very unique way. It really gets you thinking.
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Guess the picture speaks itself...
Watch your lungs !!

Print available on ;)


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Well yes, there are almost twice as many deaths from smoking per year than there are gun deaths but smoking only kills when you are a chain smoker for decades. Unless you have asthma or some sort of serious condition that effects the performance of your lungs (in which case smoking will indeed kill you) it's not that bad. But moderation is key, just like with alcohol or soda or weed moderation is key. I pay attention to when and how much I smoke so that I don't smoke more than a couple times per week.

While I like this photo from an artistic sense, I can't appreciate it fully since I like smoking and I like guns. It's just about keeping an open mind. I'm open minded of your views and you should be open minded to mine see?
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