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Anthro Angel?? Adopt : Set Price (OPEN)

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So, to be completely honest, I love this design. Like, a lot. I made it months ago on a whim to fiddle with the idea of an angel who works through blood magic, got really attached to the design and then never used it. And really, I'd rather see it be used and loved than gather dust, even if I absolutely adore it. ♥


Upon purchase, I will note the owner with the full, unwatermarked image.
If I don't, please nudge me, I probably forgot. ;v;"

Bullet; Blue RULES Bullet; Blue

  • This isn't first come first served. You MUST reply to the "Bid Here" comment or your offer will not be counted.
  • DO NOT hide your comments!
  • Do not offer if you plan on changing your mind.
  • Do not claim rights to this adopt unless you have purchased it.
  • Breedables are permitted of this characters. (If you do, totally tag me, I'd love to see)
  • Please only send payment after confirmation, I don't want any mixups.
  • Small changes are allowed, complete overhauls are not. I would also appreciate being notified of any changes to the design though I suppose it's not necessary. I'm just curious.
  • Please credit me for the design, I did work hard on it.

Design by me (Remenoir/Reixxie)
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