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Remedy 25 Anniversary by evilowlloki
Control Alter Item Rubber Ducky by GoGoPangolin
JesseFadenShootin by GoGoPangolin
Jesse Faden 2 by tsunderekatsu
Max Payne Series
Happy birthday, Max Payne by devilhs
Max Payne by XJustyX
DWOAH: Max Payne vs Michael De SantaDeadliest warriors of all historyMax Payne vs Michael De SantaWalking cases of badass depressionMax Payne info:Height: 5 foot 10Weight: 170lbsWeapons: Dual Beretta Pistols, Dual Ingram Machine Pistols, M500 Pump Action Shotgun, AK-47, GrenadesStrengths: Can be considered one of the most underrated badasses in gaming history, Peak human strength (Can carry multiple Weapons without being hindered by their weight, Can kill with melee strikes with his Guns), Extreme durability (Can survive dozens of bullets and several explosions before dying, Survived what should have been a lethal dosage of Valkyrie), Peak human speed/Extreme reflexes (Is capable of shooting Grenades, Molotovs and even Rockets out of the air, Can focus to the point that time slows for him), Is a master marksman, Can heal via painkillers, Is considered to be the ‘father’ of video game bullet time, Has killed hundreds of Gang Members as well as taken out Aesir Corp and a corrupt Police Station single handedly.Weaknesses: Thanks to heavy usage of both alcohol and painkillers Max has developed a strong addiction to both (Though he overcame his alcohol addiction), Is depressed to the point of being suicidal leaving him completely uncaring whether he walks away from a fight or not.Michael De Santa info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 210lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Golf Club, AP Pistol, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Tear GasArmour: Kevlar VestStrengths: Is easily the most skilled and experienced out of the GTA 5 protagonist trio, Peak human strength (Can carry multiple Weapons without their weight hindering him, Can kill with melee strikes with his Guns, Can kill with single strikes of his Melee Weapons), Extreme durability (Can survive dozens of bullets and several explosions before dying, His durability is increased via his Kevlar Vest, Survived being tortured), Peak human speed/Extreme reflexes (Can focus to the point that time slows for him), Can heal vian food and alcohol, Has killed countless Gang Members and Police Officers in his time.Weaknesses: Is incredibly uncaring about his own life prioritising his family above all else (To the point that he will happily give up his own life and betray his partners to ensure his family’s survival), Is incredibly melodramatic which can lead him to make rash decisions, His focus can only last for 30 seconds at a time.Battle begin!“A damn bank security job, oh how the mighty have fallen” Max grumbled to himself as he stood near the tellers of the Los Santos National Bank, counting down the minutes until he could take his break and pop some much needed painkillers.“EVERYBODY ON THE FLOOR THIS IS A ROBBERY!!!”.Jumping at the sound of the shouting Max turned his attention to the front entrance as a balaclava clad man burst in firing his AP Pistol into the air “nobody god damn move and no one gets hurt!” Michael barked before noticing Max near the tellers “you! Be cool and everyone walks away just fine!” he then barked, aiming his Pistol at him.The moment Michael aimed his Pistol Max’s instincts kicked in, promptly drawing both of his Baretta’s whilst barking for everyone in the bank to hit the floor or get out as he then dove forward, focusing to the point that time seemed to slow for him as he took aim and started blasting both Pistols at Michael.Taking four bullets straight to the chest Michael cursed loudly as he started shooting back at Max, scoring him in the shoulder as Max landed on his front and combat rolled out of the way of the rest of Michael’s bullets “damn it I said be cool!” Michael barked as he emptied his Pistol clip into the floor with Max narrowly avoiding them.Reloading as his rolled Max rolled into a crouched position to take aim with his Baretta’s, forcing Michael to backpedal and take cover behind a pillar as the bank goers rushed out of the door.“Why can’t any of these go smoothly?!” Michael complained holstering his Pistol to pull out his Assault Rifle, cocking the Kalashnikov Rifle before pulling out a Tear Gas Grenade as well, popping the pin and throwing it from behind the pillar, the Grenade bouncing along the floor a few times before detonating flooding the entire lobby with burning Tear Gas.Coughing as his throat and lungs started to burn Max realised that he needed to get out before he was fully blinded, firing several shots at the nearby window to take out the glass before diving through it whilst Michael headed out the front entrance, having to wait for the Gas to dissipate before he could go back in for the money.As soon as he entered the street outside Michael was put until fire by a spray of bullets, Max having swapped his Berettas for his Ingrams making the Heister cursed as he frantically ran to take cover behind a car taking several bullets to the arms and legs.“Shit! Shit why does it always hurt so bad? Why can’t I be used to this shit by now?” Michael groaned as he took cover, pulling out a bottle of Pisswasser from his jacket and popping the top off before downing the beer to numb the pain of his bullet wounds as more bullets struck the car that he was hiding behind.Riddling the car with bullets Max then reloaded his Machine Pistols before pulling out a Grenade, popping the pin before throwing it behind the car Michael was using for cover forcing him to run from it, swearing loudly as he ran before he was thrown off of his feet by both the detonation of the Grenade and the explosion of the car it caused.Landing hard on his front Michael quickly rolled onto his back and sat up to shoot back at Max, riddling the front of the bank with bullets as Max dove out of the way, time slowing for him again as he jumped allowing him to plant several more bullets straight in Michael’s torso which yet again he seemed to survive.Rolling as he landed Max decided that he probably needed more of a kick to his shots to put Michael down, swapping his Ingrams for his Shotgun, loading and cranking it before heading in Michael’s direction when another Tear Gas Grenade landed in front of him forcing him to back off.As Max backed away from the Tear Gas Michael took the chance to run around it to side swipe him, swapping his Rifle for his Golf Club as he rushed in closer, swinging his Club hard across Max’s face sending him spiralling on his heels as well as making him waste the first slug in his Shotgun.Grunting as he spat out a tooth Max cranked his Shotgun and turned to aim it at Michael only for his Gun to be knocked off target by his Golf Club making him waste the second slug before he raised the Firearm to block another hit from the Club.Both men grunting and straining against each other Max lunged forward to headbutt Michael, making him stagger before striking him hard across the face with his Shotgun, his balaclava snagging on the Gun causing it to be ripped off by the action.“Damn it! Now I really have to off you!” Michael barked as he dropped his Golf Club and pulled out his Grenade Launcher, the very sight of it sending Max running for cover as the Criminal spun the barrel of the Launcher before sending several explosives after the ex-Cop, the Grenades flying through the air before exploding on the concrete and tarmac around Max as well as detonating the parked cars that littered the streets, the ex-Cop having to duck and weave and dive over the cars that spend around him as their drivers tried to avoid the explosions.“You should have just been cool! I would have let you walk away!!!” Michael shouted over the explosions before exclaiming as he suddenly took a bullet to the shoulder, Max having swapped to his AK-47 and jumped over a speeding car, focusing to slow down time to take aim at the Criminal.Recoiling from the shot Michael quickly righted himself and used his own focus, aiming his Grenade Launcher and firing the rest of the Grenades as Max emptied his AK magazine at him, shooting all but one of the Grenades out of the sky, one managing to flew through his Bullets to hit him straight in the chest whilst the last one was shot the moment it left the Launcher causing it to explode right in Michael’s face, both men being sent flying by the explosions.Landing hard Michael wheezed as his body burned, the Criminal groaning as he slowly sat up and peeled his jacket open, his Kevlar Vest now heavily damaged and slightly melted but thankfully it had taken the majority of the blast saving his life.Max on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, his body extremely bloodied and burned from the explosion and having been thrown several dozen feet away the ex-Cop struggled to drag himself away from the burning wreck of a car he had landed against whilst trying to pull out his bottle of painkillers from his pocket, coughing up blood as he then looked up to see Michael staggering towards him with his AP Pistol drawn.“I really didn’t want to do this man but I got a dumbass kid I gotta put through college so…” Michael started before sighing and planting a bullet between Max’s eyes “yeah…”.Winner: Michael De SantaNow this was a fight that I was stuck on with who would possibly win and whilst I understand why some of my readers voted for Max let me explain why I went with Michael.When it comes to categories Max and Michael tie in nearly every one of them making it very hard to decide who comes out on top so in the end I went with Michael’s larger arsenal of Weaponry and access to Body Armour to give him the win.
Payne by DanDarkDesigns
Alan Wake Series
Alan Wake by walterjohnhunt
20210919 144558 by V-lom
Alan Wake by GameOverDarkside
Champion of Light by Saikkunen
Quantum Break
Remedy - Sci-Fi by DarkDetective786
Little talk by seraphcorpse
COM: My Mind is in Tact, I assure You by Galaxiesgoat
Quantum Break - Jack Joyce by Aleoo-Whiter
Control - Oldest House Christmas by Berserker79
Jesse Faden by GameOverDarkside
Commission: Control by FlareFoxDeviant
Swift Platform VHS tape by STan94
Remedy Connected Universe
Jesse VS Mr Scratch [Trade] by SeaCat2401
Fanart - The Remedy-verse by Crazon
can I know you? by evilowlloki
Alan Wake x Quantum Break: Book Con by toteczious
Toast and Alan Wake (playermodel) by TimeyStuff
Jesse Mask by RamArtwork
Six Fanarts Challenge by Ukugan
6 Character Fanart Meme by VelocityRapter64
Cosplay and Photography
Control | Jesse Faden COSPLAY | Part 6 by FrauHaku
Control | Jesse Faden COSPLAY | Part 8 by FrauHaku
Control | Jesse Faden COSPLAY | Part 3 by FrauHaku
Control | Jesse Faden COSPLAY | Part 10 by FrauHaku
Sam Lake, Remedy Team and the Cast
partir avec moi by evilowlloki
Inktober 2018 #8 - Petri Alanko aka Lowland by SeaCat2401
Fred Berman by Zhinarkos
Coffee is the Remedy by SeaCat2401
Photomanipulations and Screenshots
CONTROL mod:  Remove large rocks from Shield by immersion456
Death Rally + Remedy Mobile games


Alan and Dark Presence  by TheSafeSpace
Control Poster Fanart by spartansniper619
Jesse Faden by AuroraFoxx
40 - White ring by KingOfRocket
Johnny Dressed as Alan Wake by JustBored3

Mature Content

Director Farron - (Control Fan Art) by KaelenFarron
Pinkie Payne - The cake is lie by RubleGun
Alice wake? by Pandapaw5160
Cosplay and Photography
Max Payne by SovietDOOMer
LOL, Young Max Payne by proSetisen
Max Payne Slow-Motion by StevenCojo
Depression (Max Payne Cosplay) by StevenCojo

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