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(I'm just making this so that I can quickly link my answer to people asking about it and don't have to rewrite my same answer over and over,, because it's becoming quite a frequent thing lately)

So here's an important difference:

--If it's my >original< work then you can use my artwork however you like with some basic conditions
((as long as you don't make money from it or some other kind of profit,, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a link to the original post/my front page, or at least mention "Remarin on Deviantart" somewhere))
Claiming that you made the drawing yourself is naturally frowned upon of course ~ ;3

--NOW, if you see an icon/different user mentioned in the description, then there's a high chance that:
>I don't own full rights to give you permission to use those artworks<
because usually that means that the character featured in the drawing >doesn't belong to me, but rather belongs to that mentioned person<
What do you do then? You'll have to ask >them< for their permission to use that artwork! (you can in turn link back to this journal as proof that I don't mind my art being used non-commercially when asking them)

You can even use my artwork for studying, trace over it, copy poses,, but if you plan to post those studies yourself, then it's greatly appreciated if you'd mentioned that you used someone elses -work- as reference!  (Plus I always love to help people out, so I totally dont mind if you tag me in the description!)

How do you know when it isn't my original work? Well it usually would then have:
-someone mentioned in the description
-"C.", "commission", "t.", "trade:", "request", "r." in the title
-or just plain is in my "commission,trades, etc" folder

if you are unsure about a specific artwork, you can usually figure it out with a lil bit of research in the comment section
So when there's someone commenting "you made them / my oc/ my babe/ look beautiful - thank you for drawing this for me" OR anything similar that sounds like that,, then there's a high chance that it was drawn >FOR< them
And if there's simply no clear indicator, you can ask me about it.


Now why is it important to make that distinction you might ask? I still did the work, and have my name on that drawing? Sure, but not everyone wants their character used and seen out of the context of being >their< character. Sometimes characters have a very emotional meaning for people, and also, I do lots of commissions,, so many of those artworks were >paid< for. I can't give full permission for you to use those pieces for the same reason why I wouldn't want to sell prints of those pieces.
I don't own 100% of what is being depicted in pieces that were made for other people.

And you might think to yourself, well, no-ones ever going to notice it,, but like dude. Asking doesn't hurt.
Plus I've already been messaged before by commissioners because they found their commission on other sites (some with credit, some without) and I've been requesting people time and time again, to also ask the -owner of the character- or the -buyer of the commission- for their permission as well,, but those specific cases have never been asked and never heard about that.

((Now for anyone else reading this, let me know if you feel that I've missed something, or need to mention something else))
And I guess if you share this point of view on art-usage, then you are of course free to link to this journal if you get asked about it frequently and dont feel like answering the same stuff again and again
DrakeTheAngel Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
Thanks for writing this, I'm always a little worried someone else is going to post my characters were I don't want them.

Just to tell you though, if someone asks you to use a character of mine. With them being too lazy to ask me, just tell them No.
Katiefrog217 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student General Artist
You might have said it in this post but I didn't see it.

If we have discovered what seems to be theft of your art, is there a specific way you want to be contacted? :? I know some don't mind people asking on their pages, but others like myself prefer to have concerns noted to them privately. Do you have a preference?
Remarin Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student
Well I guess it might just be simplest to do it privately? For some cases I mostly don't care like when it's a really damn obvious deviant "artist" who simply just posts tons of artwork from various other artists ((then it's just plain funny to read the descriptions like "I worked really hard on this one, just came up with it this afternoon ^.^" while there's still your signature right there for everyone to see)) and you'll recognize like 5 different artists by looking through their gallery. Those cases I'm indifferent towards.

If it's an artist copying my work without crediting it in their art, I prefer a private note since I wouldn't want those artists to get bashed, by people who maybe also saw that notice, for ultimately maybe doing something they weren't even aware of being bad x: I often feel like people forget to check the age of the specific artist in such cases.

Which also is the same feeling I get when it's some random roleplaying site who host my art without credit. Some of the sites I've been messaged about seemed to be closed/non-public ones, simply something for fun between friends,, so maybe I would've gained one or two extra pageviews if they used proper credit, but I'm really mostly indifferent about anything that simply is non-profit (no money gain, no fame gain)

But anyhoo, I've until now mostly been messaged via note, and there hasn't really been a case like the copying one (that I can remember) so it's all fine and dandy for now
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