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This time for real though!
I haven't done one of these earlier, because frequently asked questions didn't happen that often in regular intervals, but now it will probably come in handy.... anyway, if you can think of anything that might be of general interest and that isn't included in this list, let me know and I'll add it!

Art related questions:

-What brushes do you use?
For digital painting/one layer painting I often use the first brush pack; primarily the square textures ones like "miekka 1".
For Lineart I primarily use the third brush from the fourth "pencil" pack.
When I do my shading I use the brush called "fancypants" from the fifth pack.
I've so far downloaded the first 5 packs of this collection, the second and third I'd call the basic stuff you'd need in terms of detailing brushes, effect brushes etc.

-What drawing program do you use?

Photoshop Elements.10
and for animation I've in the past used photoshop, FireAlpaca and Krita. The latter is the most recent one, and with PS being the only one that isn't free

-What tablet are you using?

A second-hand Wacom Bamboo FUN (the silvery one)

-Are your commissions open?

I usually keep my frontpage updated on the status, so there you'll find the answer,, if there isn't anything mentioned there, then I'm either about the change the status, or I've forgotten...

-Can you notify me when you're open again?

No, sorry. I usually open limited slot lists for my commissions, and those have the potential of filling up in one evening (record-time is 2 hours) I don't want to message people, only for them to see it later whenever they are online again just to realize that the list is closed already. I would much rather go ahead and save spots for people, but that also gets problematic once the number exceeds a handful, so that isn't a proper solution either.
Thus the best I can do is make an announcement journal on the day I re-open, maybe announcing the exact time or something like that.

-Are you accepting art trades?

Right now; no. I limit myself to friends and/or mutuals only, because I try to focus either on commissions and or personal projects.

-*commenting on an artwork* Is that referencing/inspired by X-character from Y-franchise??

If I specifically reference / or take inspiration from something that already exists, I will mention it directly in the description or even the title of an artwork. If I haven't done any of that, then it usually means that any similarities are unintentional :I

-Are you self-taught?

Yup, but that mostly means that I've been slowly collecting new info and skills from all kinds of sources, youtube, tumblr, deviantart etc.… <-youtube playlist of videos I've found informative or helpful concerning art <- my tumblr where I keep tags like "reference, scenery, human, anatomy, urban, mecha, art style, inspiration etc"… <- my dA favs where I collect cool-looking art that inspires me

But here are some of the decisions I've taken over the past 7-10 years that have unknowingly helped me improve:
-switch from pencil to pen when doing mindless doodles during school classes
-accept any challenging commission like I'm some stubborn idiot, even if they're way out of my comfort zone ( might have struggled with lots of procrastination early on, but the extra trouble did pay off in the end)
-starting to experiment with random brushes, playing around, only to later have that turn into my introduction to one-layered digital painting
-And at last, thank you 13 y/old me, for making a deviantart account because "why not"


Some other questions that I sometimes get:

-Are you German/French?????

I'm Luxembourgish with Swedish parents, thus I learned German, French and Luxembourgish in primary school, English classes started when I was a teen, with Swedish being what I speak at home.
There you have it ;> (my French skills are atrocious, and I've never had a formal education in Swedish, so both reading and writing in that language is incredibly weird)

-What music do you listen to? (I dont get asked this that often but I wanted to include it here anyway for anyone looking for new music >w>/~~)…

-Are actually a massive dweeb?

  • Reading: Ready Player One
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Frenchfry207 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
totaly explains everything! nvm on the program!
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
The thing that stands out to me the most about your work is your amazing use of colour, which is something I really really struggle with.
So seeing as you are self taught I was wondering if you have a link to any good resources on that topic other than tutorials on deviantArt? 
Remarin Featured By Owner Edited Apr 16, 2018  Student
There are some really good youtube videos on the topic in case you haven't seen some of them yet!… Here's one that's good to revisit whenever you feel like you need to refresh your mind back to the essentials of color theory stuff.… This one is a bit more focused on color harmony itself, and less theory-heavy, but has a lesson that I'm still working on incorporating more in my own art!

You might notice that those videos are in a playlist! I've been collecting videos that have been in some way informative, helpful or motivational all on art-related topics. I recommend you browse through and see if there's more that seems interesting, there are some more on the topic of colors as well. I feel like when being an self-taught artist, one important factor is to absorb as many various tidbits of information from whatever sources you can find stuff from. (like, I also recommend learning a bit of information about light/shadow, since we only see colors because of how light affects different objects/surfaces,, so books like… and… are good investments too, even if it's just to cast quick glances at the various light-settings possible, and how they generally affect color)

But there are also, for example, a couple "patreon critique" videos from artists in that playlist too, because there is some real good information to be found in seeing theoretical stuff, techniques and methods being applied - and whitnessing why and how they work with direct examples.
In general, it doesn't hurt to just subscribe to any art-related content creator you come across, even if you've only ever seen one helpful video from them :'0

(and if you're ever having real troubles with getting colors right,, don't forget that people don't usually copyright the colors of their photography. Go find a photo with similar scenes or light-situations, and just color-pick the stuff you need. It never hurts to use reference!)
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ohh sweet! I only know one of the videos, but I'll definitely go through both of em!
Also those books look amazing, gonna need to pick them up soon too!

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and link these :heart:
Apothocareon Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
do you happen to use any specific video editing programs, and if so, any you'd suggest?
Remarin Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Student
I don't know much about video editing, other than the bare minimum required to make sped-up process videos (which takes a couple of clicks)
The program I use now (final cut pro) I've only acquired through apple's family-sharing with my Dad.
It's a stellar program, but I would never go around recommending it since it's like 300$. I personally would never pay that amount just to make small art videos, there are certainly more affordable alternatives if you look for them.

I can't be of much help, sorry D:
Apothocareon Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It's cool! Thanks for responding!
Did2009 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Hobbyist
Hey, I'm having trouble with settling on a program to animate with, I'm used to Photoshop CS6 for painting and editing, but the animation there isn't as comfortable as I'd like it to be... 
Do you have any recommendations for good programs that are easy to animate with?
I've seen you used FireAlpaca and Krita, as well as Photoshop, but which one was the easiest to animate with? Which do you recommend the most?
I'd really appreciate your advice, thanks in advance.
Remarin Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Student
The easiest of the one's I've tried would probably be FireAlpaca. Great to get used to frame-by-frame animation, playing around with rough sketched sequences or even lineart. But it also a bit limited,, it uses its layer-system as its frames, thus coloring something gets a bit trickier and it also does not have a timeline.
I was introduced to the animation-side of this program from this video: it basically explains all it main features in the first 30 seconds, so you'll quickly be good to go :>
Extra info: fireAlpaca offers its own website to turn the animation then into a gif when you're ready to export all the frames as separate images, but it's pretty limited itself, so I recommend using to make it postable online (saving the images in their own folder will make it easier to select them all for the upload)
This gifmaker website lets you dublicate frames, delete them, move them around, change time-length of each separate frame, and general size as well,, so if you notice anything amiss in the last second, you can still edit your animation easily.

Krita is a bit trickier,, it's layout isn't ideal and it took me quite some time to get halfway used to it. Though it does separate its frames and layers, so if you'll have an easier time to do coloring shading etc ((though you need to create each frame separately for every single thing you do,, it's a tiny extra step,, but it's weird needing to imagine frames and layers as separate entities while still being connected)) I think it was this video: that I went to to learn how to use it.

I now use Krita primarily since it still has the most animation-based features out of all the previous tries (my old photoshop doesn't have any animation features, so I simply just treated layers as frames and went about animating without even knowing what the animation would look like until I was finished) but I still sometimes go through the extra step of editing the gif in Gifmaker, since it's simply much easier to change up the rhythm/timing that way
Did2009 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist
Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I really appreciate the help! It's great to hear your opinion from your experience with these two programs, I'll give both of them a try. I've been looking for good tutorials for animating in those programs too, so I'll definitely watch them. Also, thanks a lot for the gif maker, I've been using some random one I found that wasn't really comfortable, the one you use looks better, I'll try it out too, thanks a lot!
ThelxlBloodlxlPrince Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
You may get asked this a lot, as it’s about animation, but what process do you do to upload it to DA without it looking like a gritty nightmare?
not specifically what program, but do you have a little tutorial or something that goes over what file type you save it as (are they gifs?) etc? I deeply admire how smooth the colors and animations you do come out as, and I keep hitting roadblocks in my own work when it comes to the posting portion of the animation; so any help or pointers on your success in that area would be greatly appreciated!
Remarin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Student
There isn't a lot of extra stuff I do for making it postable :0 I currently use Krita for my animation,, when finished I check the canvas size, for headshots: around 500 pixels is enough (icons would need to be even smaller, and more compressed because of the file-size limit) and for anything showing a full body, around 900 pixels will do the job.
If the animation is fine as it it, I go ahead and render it into animated gif both in full size, and in 150 pixel-size (so that I can have an animated preview thumbnail) The rendering is done still in Krita.
But if the animation rhythm is a bit off (Krita is a bit limited,, to edit the frame rhythm you would have to duplicate each frame separately to have alternating speeds) then I still render the full size, but go through the extra step of editing the gif inside a gif-maker website, like: which lets you edit the length of each frame separately, re-arrange the order and dublicate/delete at will. (it also lets you re-size the gif, so I do the whole 150 px extra save in there after I've done the changes I wanted)

I've used this kinda website with previous animations plenty of times, even when I've done it in Photoshop or FireAlpaca.
The only thing qualitywise would be you can check a box in that website for "reduce gif size" but I've never checked that, so it isn't even a direct action from my part.

Though if this is of any help, I don't know. I'm not yet experienced enough in animation to know any alternatives,, this is how I've done from the beginning :I
ThelxlBloodlxlPrince Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I appreciate the insight! I will have to check out krita and gifmaker and see if it can help the overall quality. I've been stuck with smooth-gradient animations coming out all gritty and horrible so I'm excited to try this out & see if it works with clip studio paint! Thanks for the thorough reply, very grateful!
andyartsies Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Since you use photoshop, how do you make smooth lines and blend really well?
Remarin Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Student
My lineart has gotten smooth over years of drawing :I I don't have any tricks or methods, I've just been drawing
My lines looked like this Commissionnnnnn for a very long time.
With blending, I either do it manually (color-picking the mid-color between the 2 colors I want to blend, and repeat until it looks good) or simply use soft/gradient brushes.
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Edited Dec 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey I was watching a few of your Speedpaints recently and I was wondering how you get to that colour adjustment window where the before and after image pops up. The one where you can adjust colour curves and midtones etc.
Is that only a PS Elements feature or can I find it in CS6 aswell? (German path is fine too =P)
Remarin Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Student
Well there are two kinds of the before and after thingie; so if you mean that's called "adjust color curves" (Farbkurven anpassen) which is located under "adjust color" and that one is under "enhance" (Überarbeiten")
Which funnily enough doesn't change colors at all, but much rather divides the different values/tones of the image and gives a slider for brightest, midtone, midtone-contrast?, and darkest (dont ask me how they work, I just test whatever looks good based on instinct) and which I use to basically make my shading look way better than anything I could come up with myself ;I

And then there's this other one: for a split second there ((when pausing the video you can sift through the video by its frames using comma and period key on your keyboard to go back and forth)) and that one is in the same bracket, and called "colorvariation". Which can vaguely change colors of the bright and/or dark areas ( I use it if I feel that some colors have become muddy, or aren't working well together)

Looking at the CS6 layout, I can't yet tell which one of these would be the equivalent of them… Maybe "curves"? Only it looks like, you'll actually have to adjust the curve itself instead of having sliders to it for you??
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ah I see, thank you very much!
I've mostly used "Color Balance" and "Curves" for controlling the tones and was wondering if there is something simpler, but there doesn't seem to be an easier way.
Still works better than just eyeballing it :P
xxechosanxx Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have other social media ?
Remarin Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017  Student… (not actually active) (I'm hoping to post more regularly, but I struggle x: )
DC-Girl Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
Do you stream your work anywhere, like on Twitch or Picarto?
Remarin Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Student
I did try picarto-.....once :'I I'm mostly just doing youtube videos right now, but I'm not sure if I'll do regular streams anytime soon
LadyKuraiArt Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry for blurting into this comment, but I had the same question and if you ever do feel like streaming on Picarto and would like to Multistream hit me up! :)
I was super scared of streaming at the start (and still am getting nervous) and multistreaming takes off a lot of the pressure :3

Only if you want to of course 
Remarin Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017  Student
It'd probably take off some major stress, yeah :'0 Thank you for the offer!! I'll be definitely keeping it in mind once I try getting back into it!
qonn Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Could i ask why is your work like it is?
For example is there any reason your work is very sharp featured and dark natured/coloured?
Looking at your personal art,all of your work is beautifully dark and very detailed. 
I was just wondering if there was anything private related or just pure interest in a certain show etc that
drives your mind to create those pieces!
Remarin Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2017  Student
I think my usage of often dark muted colors come from a habit I try not to depend too heavily on. Early on, before I really knew how to do backgrounds, I would work a lot with textured brushes, do some vague clouds, and I would always end up adding black to anything that looked not right, or to frame the drawing. Example: That Dream, that Moment You can scroll down my "personal art" folder and you'll find multiple such examples at the bottom (that folder has the shortest scroll-time to reach those, but basically all my artwork back then was very visually dark)
Nowadays I try to avoid relying on only black to make colors pop,, but I gotta admit, that I do struggle with drawing cute and happy scenes :'I it's rare, but I'm always quite surprised when people commission me to draw cutesy characters.

My artwork being detailed might also simply come from my admiration for artwork that you can simple stare at as often as you'd like and discover new things everytime. I like seeing people go the extra mile to add hairthin details to something they want to accentuate.

I'm not entirely sure from where exactly my fascination with darker themes came from,, maybe it's just a technical thing of dramatic poses being simply more fun to draw because of its heightened motion and emotion compared to something static and peaceful.

But by the time I realized that one of the themes I enjoy to dabble in was un-death/mortality (what with my first proper character being a skeleton-demon-dog) I did go to see an art exibition that definitely left a mark in my visual library; Patrick Bernatchez
(some of his pencil drawings are quite nsfw and definitely not Trypophobia-friendly,, just as a warning)
And one of his silent short film featuring this sci-fi horse rider…
I tried finding if it's available online, but all I can find are short promotional clips like this one:

Sometimes though I'd say I simply draw what I find aesthetically pleasing, and 'beautifully dark' is definitely something I enjoy seeing :meow:
If you're interested, you could check my "inspiration" tag on my tumblr…
qonn Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Thank you so much or such a detailed explanation!
i really look up to how you create your work and how you
work a extra mile to please your viewers~
I do enjoy the dark nature of your work, i think its very rare
to see amazing artists create darkness into beauty, keep doing
what you're doing! ~
Lodious Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heyo! I was looking around on your FAQ to see if there was any mention of the kinds of brushes you use, that have that kinda chalky texture in a rectangular shape? I saw you using it in your recent greed dragon drawing for that competition and was wondering where you found that? I have been looking around for a while for some chalky brushes like those but i havent found anything useful atm. Would you mind sharing some of that info? I want to get into digital, and have been trying with the pen and pencil tools, but their edges are too harsh to get the softer edges I want. Any help is appreciated!
Remarin Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Student
Free Brushes 2015
A bucket full of textured brushes here!

I have a folder in my favourites dedicated for brush packs:… Though I've only downloaded the first 5 so far ( I really should get on with it and test out the other as well...)
CodeSixty Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Jag älskar din konst *v*

You know all those languages?! I can sometimes barely keep apart my swedish and english, ending up speaking some kind of mix between them without even realizing! :I 
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Student
Tack so mycket!
And boy let me tell you, it's a regular thing that I'll be forgetting a word in one language like Swedish, then try to swedish-fy a German word that might exist in the vocabulary? The problem is always that plenty of words exist in other languages, like "experiences" is both in English and French, but in German and Swedish it's "Erfahrungen" and "Erfarenhet" stuff like that >:T
Cloudian0 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
Are you on any other sites? I've heard DA isn't actually a very good site for art, but I'm not really sure what other sites would be the competition
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Student
Well DA is very saturated with people, it doesn't have the best reputation to anyone outside it (what with the amounts of fetish art...) I actually don't use the browsing feature at all, to find new artists I tend to look at the "favourites" of people I already admire. And it takes time and patience to grow your "audience", but that's the same with any other site as well unless you get a lucky viral hit. I'm on tumblr but I have trouble staying active with my own posts, I use it more to find new art or references. I'm also on youtube, where my subscriber count caught up with my DA watcher count really quickly but that's probably mostly because I try to post videos very regularly and youtube is a bigger platform in general. I tried FurAffinity but I'd have to re-size all my art to post it there because my files are too big ( is probably just bothersome to me because the fact that I have a loooot of art)
I prefer DA because all these other sites aren't as well fitted for interaction between fans and artists. Here on DA you can comment, send notes, post journals, post status updates,, and most of these things are easily viewable by anyone curious.

There's also instagram and facebook for you to post art, and if you want a more professional art site then there's Artstation for example. (the latter is more like a portfolio site, in case you someday wish to work at a studio as a concept artist, freelancer or designer,etc. Though it's probably difficult to grow audience there without already having worked on official projects??)

In any case, I nowadays call DA my main site, it has all my art since 2011, I do my commissions from here, and talk about new ideas and my art struggles here as well. If I want to know when exactly I started doing commissions, I can scroll down my gallery and find that first piece. I could also go through my journals to find out when exactly I started using paypal too.
The best I can recommend is to simply try out what fits you best :I and if you find artists that are primarily on these other sites, ask them what they think of those too, they might have way different experiences.
Starfacade Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017
You are one of the best dweebs I've ever seen! we can all be dweebs with you :3
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Student
Lucky Star - Konata Thumbs Up
Ame-Onyx Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how do you paint fur and skin?
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Student
Ahh that might be a question that would be difficult to answer with just some sentences alone, but I'll do my best.
Skin is still something I don't really know how to do. I can manage to make cool effects with unrealistic skin tones, like dark blue or grey, but as soon as it gets "fleshy" I just fumble around. I try to keep this video in mind… when painting skin, if that's any help.
For fur, I don't have a set technique, sometimes the style turns out differently depending on what look I want to achieve, but usually I shut my brain off and just do what comes naturally.
Sometimes I paint the contours of separate fur tufts:
Lime by Remarin There's a short process video in the description for some of the fur painting
Sometimes I paint singular strands of fur:
Rivulet. by Remarin And it's up to you when to stop going smaller: RODH. by Remarin
But I usually do a mix.

In any of the examples, you want to plan ahead, and put some thought into designing the flow of the pelt; in what direction does it grow? Where can I alternate between smooth-flat and fluffy-spikey. Does the silhouette look nice? (the last piece^^^ has a messy silhouette for example, but that's also the oldest one of the 3)
Then you first want to put down the main shadow shapes or at least keep them in mind. You might shade every strand individually, but in the end, if the light source comes from above, the underside of the furred body should be darker than the upperside.
Divide the pelt into sections, then divide those sections into clumps of fur, and those into strands, and those into hairs (you can stop at any stage though)

But alas, like I said, I usually shut my brain off while painting nowadays and just do what feels right. Sometimes it doesn't turn out well, because I shut off my brain too early, should've planned properly, and now need to redraw the whole thing. But it usually works for me because I've already done a fair share of fur painting, so that I can mostly feel things out.

A short disclaimer: I draw strands one by one ;I I've never really come around to really figure out how to properly use fur-texture brushes. So you might find out that this style doesn't fit yours at all. One way or the other, you'll have to experiment with stuff.
Morosi Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Switching from pencil to pen for doodles and sketches has been one of the best decisions for my art. ;; It makes you less lazy and you focus on every stroke.
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Student
It basically forces you to think or visualize what you want before putting the pen on the paper :'I
Morosi Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
mawbit Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
things get awkward when people draw up similarities between personal works and official stuff...
I feel you there XD
Remarin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Student
Until now it's usually been games or stories I've never played/watched gameplay of, or sometimes even never heard of x:
mawbit Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That sure beats being told that your art looks like it was inspired by a franchise you've actually interacted with XD
Hopefully people read your faq from now on and you won't get any more of those comments
Minckies Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awh~ I love posts like these from artists that I adore! 
You inspire me daily, and I wanna be as good as you one day! 
MC-STEEL Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"been wandering around aimlessly for multiple years only to finally start figuring things out"
Thank you for reminding me I'm not the only one. Hug
Psydrache Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, schön, kann man mir dir Deutsch reden, das macht alles viel einfacher :)
Angalalove Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
AHHHHHHHahah..... I'm still aimlessly wandering :T
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