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Psst, I finally went ahead and made a thingie
I'll probably be mostly posting doodly animations there that I feel are a tad too doodly for my dA,, just to give at least some extra content. I'm still going to post nearly everything I'm finishing here on dA, so don't worry about that!
What I can offer is more of the same,, if you need any advice or help on some art related topic, feel free to contact me about it! (you don't need to donate to ask for help, of course!!!!! Just wanna make that clear!!!!)

And every bit of income I currently make is being saved up for University, and whatever "adult-things" I'll have to pay for in the future

Once I have something more tangible (like regular tutorials etc) to offer, I'll work towards making a Patreon as well. But I want to be prepared and ready for the commitment of Patreon, which I'm not yet currently.

In any case, still; thank you for every little bit of support!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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